Top 7 Best Insulated Everyday Tumblers for 2022

Oct 15, 2022

Are you tired of bringing a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee to work, which turns bland and lukewarm too soon? Then, this is your sign to get an insulated tumbler that might be precisely what you need. These days, insulated tumblers are overwhelming the world. There's this saying from a social media influencer sharing her mom's lifestyle – there's no more necessary accessory than an insulated tumbler. But first, what is this famous insulated tumbler, and why does the world gets overwhelmed by it? 

What is an Insulated Tumbler? 

An insulated tumbler can be made from stainless steel, glass, and plastic. It is a container that keeps your drinks either hot or cold for longer, compared to when it's only in a cup, a simple container, or a water bottle. Using a double-walled or vacuum-insulated design, your drinks can stay hot or cold for longer hours than usual.  

Insulated Tumbler vs. Regular Tumbler 

Insulated and regular tumblers have two main differences: whether they come with lids or not and the amount of insulation they have.

Insulated tumblers have come up with the lid and are designed to keep the liquid inside them longer, whether hot or cold. On the other hand, in comparison to insulated tumblers, regular tumblers may not come with them. Moreover, regular tumblers tend to be thinner compared to insulated ones. In conclusion, to do their jobs well enough, regular tumblers, for most purposes, don't need as much insulation. On the contrary, insulated ones offer more protection against the loss/gain of heat or cold, generally thicker due to extra layers or materials.

Best Insulated Tumbler Brands in the Philippines 

In the Philippines, there's a wide variety of insulated tumbler brands on the market. Hence, the following are the 'people's choice' and the best tumbler brand these days, as it highlights the quality of the best-insulated tumblers in the country.  


It is considered one of the country's best-insulated tumblers. One of the best features of the brand, it can keep your hot or cold beverage for hours as it has a double-wall vacuum insulation technology. It was indeed the best-insulated tumbler for hot drinks, as hot drinks can last hot for up to 12 hours. In addition, it is also one of the best-insulated tumblers with a handle as it has an easy-carry wide handle design. It is not removable, as the handle is permanently attached to the bottle. It is also leakproof as the silicon ring prevents it from leaking, and it is sweat-free as well. Moreover, Aquaflask is eco-friendly as the bottle is 100% BPA-free and 100% recyclable. It has six (6) different sizes available, 14oz, 18oz, 22oz, 32oz, 40oz, and 64oz.


Like the brand mentioned above, this brand also has a technology that can keep your drinks hot or cold for hours, as it has a double-wall vacuum insulation technology. It also has no leaking, so even if you're driving, it's safe to use, and the designs are perfect for your condo living.

Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler

The brand is known for excellent customer service and high-quality products. Their best-insulated tumblers won't rust or break as plastic tumbler can, as it is made from stainless steel. It also features a built-in straw on the lid, which is excellent for a kid like you, and they can use it for drinking it from the water directly without taking the cover off.

Fjbottle Thermos Flask

Like the brands mentioned above, it's made of high-quality materials and has the same features that make your drinks remain cold all day long without spilling or leaking. It is designed most specifically in the mind of outdoor enthusiasts.

Apart from the brands mentioned above, here are the top picks for the best-insulated everyday tumbler recommended for you!

Aquaflask Tumbler 22oz

When it comes to the best-insulated tumblers for hot or cold drinks, the best ones are made of stainless steel. Aquaflask has high-quality tumblers. It has a double-wall design that keeps your drink cold or hot for 12 hours and up to 24 hours cold. It is a plastic-free design that makes it perfect for everyday use. It is sturdy enough to carry as it has a handler, and you can take this all day without falling. The 22oz/650ml aqua flask is leakproof and made from stainless steel.

Healthy Human Bottle 

The Healthy Human Bottle features a pop-up lid with a silicon band. It is a reusable water bottle designed to be carried wherever you go. It is 100% BPA-free so it won't leach any harmful chemicals. It has a 5-layer TempMax Technology that will enable your drink to stay longer, whether hot or cold. Wherever you are, you can comfortably drink your hard water, coffee, or tea without any hassle of carrying multiple mugs. It also considers one of the best-insulated tumblers for hot or cold drinks.  

Starbucks Thermos Flask

Starbucks Thermos Flask is very affordable, BPA-free, and leak-free. It features a non-slip bottom and smooth mouth lid so you can enjoy your drink wherever you go. This thermos tumble will keep your drink warm, regardless of the time of day and night.  

Stanley GO Bottle with Flow

Stanley GO Bottle with the flow is the best stainless-insulated tumbler for some. It will keep your drinks hot for 8 hours. For cold, it will last for 12 hours, and ice is up to 36 hours. It has a proof design that you will never have to worry about on your clothes or laptop. It comes with a handy carrying loop and doesn't sweat as it also has a double-walled design.

Hydro Flask Tumbler

Hydro Flask Tumbler has leak-free, odor-resistant, and dishwasher-safe features. It also helps prevent condensation so that you don't have to worry about your hands getting sweaty every time you drink. This tumbler is perfect for adding to your daily routine as it has a capacity of 21oz and is easy to carry with its 350g weight. You can also easily add ice cubes as it has a wide-mouth lid. Even kids will prefer to bring this tumbler as it is very manageable and more accessible for them to lift.

Fjbottle Thermos Flask

If you are into sports, Fjbottle Thermos Flask is the best for you. It has a concave surface, is easy to carry, and is leak-free. It is made of Tritan American Bottle material, which means it is wear-resistant and super durable. You can surely count on this thermal bottle for your rigorous exercise schedule.

Kool Desk Tumbler with Straw             

The Kool Desk Tumbler with Straw is the best-insulated tumbler for hot beverages, especially when you are into coffee. The cup holder is so compatible, and it also has no plastic odor. The 3-way lid can help you either sip from the top of your drink or drink from the straw, waiting no more to get your hot drink to cool down enough. You'll find it easy to put on hand most of the time as the cup holder has a compatible design. Moreover, this is a good tumbler for you if you're looking for more portable.

Whether you're working or studying at your desk or outside or doing outdoor activities, having a handy tumbler can add convenience to your life. One thing is essential, depending on which one you choose, all these tumblers can help you keep well hydrated

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