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Aug 26, 2021

When you are a young adult, it is easy to feel like you are invincible, like you are already on the top of the world, and nothing can stop you. Although, as often as you feel unstoppable, there will be times where you can’t help but feel a little down in the dumps, but that is normal! What’s important is what you do to overcome your off days. 

What are some habits to start as a young adult?

Portions of Youth 

What are these habits that we have talking about? These habits compass your life that are categorized into four portions: well-being, relationships, career, and money management. Yes, we cannot take into account other factors of human life due to its complexity. However, we should not forget that having these habits that advance your life each day in all those four portions is a great place to start, to build a life that is very fulfilling; that you can be proud of for the rest of your life.  \

Health and Well-being Habits

Regular exercise - This might be common knowledge. However, it is often taken for granted. It is important to remember that regular exercise and work out improves your overall wellbeing. It helps you sleep better, increase energy, boost your overall mood, and improve memory and brain function. Most importantly it helps to relieve you from stress, anxiety, and depression.

Set an appropriate diet -  Sounds difficult? Well truth be told it is.  A healthy diet also means replacing junk food, soft drinks, and sweets with more nutritious and organic options.  Having a healthy diet as a habit has many benefits, such as reducing the risk of cancer, heart diseases, and obesity. It can also increase positive emotions and overall mood. 

Relationship based habit

Maintaining and fostering all relationships - There is a value in conscious effort in maintaining a positive relationship with important people in your life. Let go of the people that are meant to let go of, the people who hinder your self-growth, and people who compromise your well-being. While keeping the positive people in your life that bring you joy, assurance, comfort. Easy to say, but hard to maintain? Yes. As soon as you start following your life journey and your career, it will be difficult to maintain these relationships. That is why you must make a conscious effort. It is often said that no matter how well you do in the other three portions of your life, it would not be as amazing and as fulfilling as it should be if you do not have constant people to share it with. 

Career-wise Habit

Career Sideline - Having a career sideline or hustle as a habit can help you develop a strong work ethic; this will help you identify what you are passionate about. In addition, this habit will help you build confidence in yourself and your abilities. Having this as a habit will help you a lot. Just remember to find a side hustle that brings you joy and will fuel you to move towards your career goals. 

Money Management Habits

Learn more about Finance - Considering the current circumstances, learning and studying finance as a habit is a must. After all, studying finance can help you prepare you for the tasks in your everyday life, since finance revolves around planning and analyzing data and trends. In other words, this will help you practice effective personal financial decisions as it ensures financial decisions in a personal life that are supported by rationale, data, and evidence. This will ultimately make you feel more confident and secure in your life choice. 

Saving and Investing -  After learning more about finance, that is the time you can start making bigger decisions when it comes to saving and investing. By investing at an early stage, you will be able to understand the pattern of financial independence and financial discipline. Remember, developing a habit of saving and investing will help you reach your goals in the future. 

With the situation now, a lot of people, especially young adults, have been going through a big rebuilding or personal growth phase recently and honestly, building new and healthy habits are essentially the cornerstones of our lives. Overall, lots of things you do have an impact on the quality of your life, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Building these habits sooner will really give you a positive impact in life.

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