Top 7 Board Games To Have In Your Condo For a Fun Game Night

Mar 13, 2023

Since the Pandemic started, most people resorted to at-home amusements when all the outside establishments closed up. Aside from watching TV, using iPads, and spending hours over the phone, some households went old school and played board games for extra fun! Although we have more freedom now, it is still amusing to continue having a family game night occasionally. After all, nothing beats the excitement of winning a party game against family and friends! With that said, if you want a list of board game must-haves and are on the hunt for fun board games to play with friends, you have clicked on the right article!

Family Board Games to Play in Your Condo

Nothing is better than scoring bonus points, and a game wins over a party game at home. With that said, here are seven board games that will make your game night extra fun!

Monopoly Board Game

Generally, there will only be two options for how you view Monopoly - either you love it or hate it. But either way, everyone undoubtedly has Monopoly memories!

Since this board game was released in 1993, the timeless thrill and excitement it gives people are still felt until this decade. Given that, whether you are playing games with younger children or versus your friends, Monopoly is a fair party game as it is about the economy and one entity owning a multitude of properties. Not only that, but this is also a dice game, so you really have to play with your wits at hand and with luck involved! Furthermore, multiple players compete in this family board game. For instance, Monopoly can accommodate 2-8 players all at once. On that note, get ready to be pushed to the edge as you play a long game of selling and buying properties in this classic game.

A Game of Chess

You only need to compete against one player in strategy games like Chess. With that said, if you want to train your brains over a quick game, pull out a chess game board and have a night that is equally fun as your other game nights!

For a brief intro on how the game works, you need to protect your King above all else. And to do that, you have to utilize all the 16 pieces you own inside the board game. Furthermore, each chess piece has its specific way of moving along the boxes on a game board. Given that, you undoubtedly need to strategize and think ahead in this board game. Notably, younger players and adult players can fight to win a chess game. So whether you want to play multiple games over speed chess, that is all possible with this great game!

Pandemic Board Game

If you are not much in a competitive mood, this board game would be perfect for you! Notably, Pandemic is a cooperative game that allows multiple players to work together and win against the game. To illustrate, 2-4 players can team up and find a cure for diseases spreading all over the world. And contrary to what you might think - this is not only an adult board game! Indeed, children eight years old and above can play these kinds of board games, as indicated by Z man Games, which made Pandemic. Without a doubt, your board game night can never go bad when playing this 45-minute-long game! What is more, each player will have a specific role to play. For instance, one player will be a medic, while the other players will be a scientist, dispatcher, researcher, and quarantine specialist.

On that note, get ready to put on your medical caps and experience all the fun of solving a worldwide pandemic inside your condo. Get ahold of one now before it is too late! After all, the Pandemic is one of the most popular board games right now.

Clue: A Great Mystery Party Game

Without a doubt, playing an interesting mystery board game is one of the best ways to spend your next fun evening with friends and family. Notably, Clue is one of the best board games to ever exist, as it has been mystifying countless homes since 1985. Given that, this is the way to go if you wildly enjoy a dash of mystery in your classic games!

This board game can have up to five players or even six! However, the only con is that the more players compete, the longer the game takes. And for a brief description of how the game works, the game board revolves around a murder mystery. In line with that, the players move from room to room, hoping to find out how one was killed, where it happened, and who did it. And since the players do not score points in this game, the winner is crowned as soon as one player gets the right accusation.


The best party board game, Twister, gives a different escalation of fun when introduced to a crowd. With as simple as spinning through a wheel of colors, bursts of laughter will undoubtedly fill your condo as the players struggle to reach the circles on the floor! So if you are looking for fun board games to play with friends, include this on your list!

Ticket to Ride: Europe

A fantastic family board game that is fit for adults and children alike is what Ticket to Ride boasts about. Notably, the players each have to build train routes on the game board to earn points depending on the lengths and destination! Furthermore, this new edition, Ticket to Ride: Europe, allows players to roam around the beautiful streets of the European continent, starting from Edinburgh to Constantinople, while also traveling from Lisbon to Moscow! The player with the most points wins, so try to collect train cards and connect cities on your ticket cards. But on top of everything, this game can accommodate up to five players that are above ten years old.


One of the best board games at home plays with words. For instance, Boggle is an excellent board game that tests the players' wits and vocabulary. However, unlike Scrabble, Boggle takes a shorter time, where the players need to find as many words as possible within three minutes. And once the timer runs out, the players will recite each word they find and cross out any word that others also have. But a pro tip: try to find longer words! For instance, lengthy words will get you a higher score compared to three-lettered words. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins.

With this amazing list of board games, you will have nothing short of a fun and interactive game night inside your condo! What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and family now, and have a blast with these exciting games suitable for everyone.

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