Top 7 Places To Go To Intramuros Manila Near Your Condo in Manila

Sep 29, 2022

Intramuros, also called the "Walled City," is a city full of culture and history. You might wonder whether you're still in the Philippines with its cobblestone streets and intact architecture from hundreds of years ago. Because of this, many tourists and locals who visit the city never skip an Intramuros tour.

Grand cathedrals and colonial homes are the remnants of 300 years of Spanish rule that can be found between Intramuros' walls. While it is possible to roam the streets on your own, taking a historical Intramuros walking tour is the most excellent way to learn more about the nation's past.

It didn't become unsightly, though. Despite the Intramuros development it has since received, the place is still a must-see location in Manila because of the history hidden behind the ruins. Historical ramparts, strongholds, and gates are still visible today and are a staple of walking tours and cultural events for tourists who want to learn about the nation's past. 

Explore your memories while discovering the history of the architecture. When preparing for your trip to Intramuros, save this guide.

1. Manila Cathedral

As the country's first cathedral, the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros is the Premier Church of the Philippines. The tourist destination in Intramuros we see now is not the original building. The cathedral has gone through a lot, but it remains. It has witnessed a history that is deserving of being told to future generations, with its ups and downs as well as battles and love stories. Unquestionably, the Manila Cathedral is among the famous Manila tourist spots. 

2. Fort Santiago

Being the oldest Hispanic stone fortress in the Philippines, Fort Santiago Intramuros is a popular Intramuros tourist destination. Fort Santiago Intramuros is surrounded by gardens, historic theaters, dungeons, and kalesa, which will keep your eyes and ears occupied as you absorb the history. The good news is that the government has allowed the public access to its dungeons, allowing people to examine the spaces that served as storage vaults and powder magazines for the Baluarte de Santa Barbara, a 1592 stone building. Japanese soldiers utilized the dungeons to house political detainees and resistance fighters during World War II. When you're in Intramuros, make sure you don't miss this.

3. San Agustin Church

The San Agustin Church in Intramuros is yet another must-see location. It is the only church in Manila that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest stone church in the Philippines. The artwork that was painted on its ceilings will wow you. San Agustin Manila, also known as the Church of the Immaculate Conception of San Agustin, was constructed in 1595 and is a popular Manila tourist spot. Retablos (altars) in the high Baroque style and wall buttresses dividing crypto collateral chapels are a few of its notable characteristics. Its trompe l'oeil ceiling paintings are what set it apart. 

4. Casa Manila

Ever wonder how the wealthy lived in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era? Visit Casa Manila to learn more. This tourist destination in Intramuros's primary draw is a completely furnished house turned museum that depicts colonial life in the Philippines. Although every nook is lovely and suitable for Instagram, guests are not permitted to take pictures. Only walk on the carpeted surfaces to avoid damaging the wooden floors inside. The bathrooms in Casa Manila include some of the most opulent furnishings. Toilets were reportedly constructed in groups of two or more in the past to allow people to sit next to one another and converse while using the facilities. You can never leave this place as one of the significant parts of Intramuros tourism. 

5. Baluerte De San Diego

Baluarte de San Diego is another site that displays the lovely façade of Intramuros, Philippines. This was used as a chamber for drowning victims during the Spanish era. Baluarte de San Diego is now encircled by beautiful gardens furnished with lush vegetation, walks, fountains, and a charming pergola that will make you think of a fairytale landscape. Due to this, it has gained popularity as a venue for weddings, family gatherings, and other special events.

6. Light and Sound Museum

Only groups of 10 people are allowed entry into the Bagumbayan Light and Sound Museum, in contrast to other museums in and around Intramuros Manila that can accommodate hundreds of tourists simultaneously. This Intramuros attraction is ideal for anyone who enjoys learning about history or wants to broaden their knowledge. Its one-hour program, which mixes various visual effects, soundtracks, and other technologies to tell the tale of Jose Rizal from his early years to his execution, might be the ideal delight for you. 

7. Barbara's Heritage Restaurant

Aside from satisfying our appetites for history and sightseeing, Intramuros Manila is a great location to find the best restaurants in the city. Barbara's Heritage Restaurant Intramuros is one among them. Barbara's is the ideal spot to go if you're seeking authentic Filipino food to complement your historical day excursion. Try everything on their expansive buffet while taking in demonstrations of ethnic dances. Additionally, Barbara's is a beautiful location for a romantic date that will give you the best nighttime vibe in Intramuros.

Due to the Intramuros development over the years, a lot is going along the attractions or any other neighborhood city in the Metro.

The capital city, however, never ignores tourism, so if you're a backpacker with some extra cash or a seasoned traveler who has saved up for a week-long adventure, there's likely to be the perfect accommodation option for you both inside and outside Intramuros.

A condo in Manila is widely available around Intramuros. It is a cost-effective choice for lodging for tourists because many of these condominiums may be rented out for various purposes. You might also check a condo in Manila called Plumeria Heights. Rizal Park, Intramuros, and Manila Ocean Park are within a short distance from this condo in Manila, where visitors and locals can go for leisure activities. Near this condominium are several shopping malls, including Robinson's Manila, University Mall, Green Mall, and Mall of Asia Arena.

Intramuros' elegance and timeless quality are still being upheld and strengthened through current repairs and enhancements. If you look forward to something, it's always a good idea to return and absorb our history.

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