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Ways to Design Your Condo for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many of us are already preparing to host thanksgiving dinners and get-togethers to celebrate the season.

Thinking of which décor to buy to warm up your condo for Thanksgiving? How aboutredesigning your condoaccessories in line with the theme?

Get your condointo Thanksgiving vibe with these simple design tips that will help transform your condo spaceinto an autumn-inspired haven for you and your guests.


Holiday-scented candles

Candles can set the mood, add a touch of natural light and when placed as décor, they can be that small detail that can make a big difference in the room.

You can be creative in using candles as décor by displaying them in stands or holders that can serve as accent to your condo whether you place them on side table, coffee table, or dining table.

You can also add other autumn-related elements for a more Thanksgiving feel!


When we think of Thanksgiving and fall season, we are reminded of pumpkins, so incorporating them into your condo décor scheme is a no-brainer!

After all, there's more you can do with pumpkins than just displaying them around your home. Paint them gold, brown, or white. Then, write your favorite Thanksgiving-inspired words, from "Grateful" to "Family." Pumpkins aren't only reserved for Halloween!

In case you have no time to do this, you can check out different trendy pumpkins available online like the ones in white that perfectly blend with neutral decorations and furniture.

Try to display your pumpkins on your kitchen counter space or night table for additional drama.

Rustic Wreaths

Wreaths are not only perfect for the Christmas season but can also be used as a Thanksgiving décor.

Try hanging white, rustic wreath with some pinecones on your condo wall. It is not only a unique Thanksgiving element but also a perfect transition through the seasons. Be a little more creative by taking off the bow and replacing it with metallic acorns!


When it comes to the holidays, Thanksgiving decorations are a must. They’ll help turn your dinner into a festive event. 

Start by dressing up your table with fall centerpieces. You may add a centrepiece on your dining table to add a touch of holiday to your condo space or create a feature piece that extends an autumn touch to your living area.

Try using synthetic leaves, berries, and other pieces that can be perfectly put together or look for a cornucopia bursting with brilliant orange flowers that can be packed away and used year after year in new ways when you are decorating for Thanksgiving.

Fall-inspired mason jars

Mason jars are fun and easy to transform into inexpensive Thanksgiving table decorations. Add pumpkin spice candles or dried wildflowers to them or top them off with an orange or brown bow for a charming touch!

Let’s get a little more creative by mixing and matching different elements to bring in that Thanksgiving vibe. Start marking little swaps of certain pieces throughout your condo space with décor that is more synonymous with fall and you’ll surely get into the Thanksgiving spirit in no time!