Where to Party at Night Near Your Condo in Cebu?

Oct 12, 2021

Ending your Friday nights with a bang is a fun way to spice up your tiring week. Moreover, if you live in a place like Cebu, where there are countless places to go, it is pretty essential to get your party shoes on! What is more, this second-largest city in the Philippines offers the same electrifying excitement that we feel when in Manila. 

With that said, whether you are looking for nightclubs or live performances, Metro Cebu has got it all for you. Not to mention they also have Irish pubs you can go to for a casual drink with friends, which is perfect if you want a cozy and friendly atmosphere. 

So, if you are traveling in Cebu with no clue what to do in the city, continue reading! This article will help you spend the best nights in the stimulating city of Cebu.

Karaoke Lounges

Of course, with Filipinos, you can never go wrong with KTV! After all, the Philippines is known to be the home of some of the best singers in Asia. However, singing is not only for those who are great at it - for those who are frustrated singers, I am with you! Let us not mind other people and sing on top of our lungs. Additionally, singing is an excellent way to let off some steam. Whether you are recovering from a breakup, or you are as jolly as ever, music profoundly understands.

With that said, it is common to opt for Karaoke Lounges when feeling different kinds of emotions. Thankfully, the wonderful city of Cebu has a lot to offer in terms of KTV. But, the top three most distinguished among all are Song Hits!, Red Box Karaoke, and K1 Family KTV.

Song Hits! has three branches situated on Juana Osmena Street, Banilad Town Centre, and One Mango. While K1 Family KTV is located at Crossroads, Banilad, and Red Box Karaoke is situated at The Terraces of Ayala Centre Cebu. Given that, you have many options to choose from regarding the proximity of these KTV lounges to your condo. 

And with Vista Residences' pre-selling condo in Cebu, you will enjoy KTVs and more as the Suarez Residences is strategically located in the heart of the city! 

The Distillery

When looking to spice up your condo living, The Distillery will help you with that! With their many branches in the Philippines, this bar will surely give you nightlife like never before. Moreover, the bar promotes itself as "a haven for liquor connoisseurs", and with this, you can expect the best-tasting drinks to enjoy. 

Additionally, they offer a quite extensive list of whiskeys, international beers, and other booze you and your friends will find enticing. But best of all, The Distillery allows you to keep your bottles! What a fun addition to your condo design, right? 

With that, this exquisite bar is ultimately suitable when bonding with friends. After all, there is no better company than booze when enjoying countless stories of your colleagues. You can visit The Distillery at Unit H Crossroads Mall, and they are open every day!

Jazz n' Bluz

For those of you who enjoy live performances when chilling over a glass of booze, Jazz n' Bluz would be perfect for you. This bar offers jazz performers, elegant wines, and quality liquors. With Jazz n' Bluz's vibe, you will enjoy hanging out with friends or taking out your partner on a date night.

Moreover, the bar offers delectable regional cuisines and drinks at a reasonable price. But best of all, the local jazz performers and live bands will most certainly entertain you for the whole night. With that said, you will not have to worry about spending your evenings cuddled up in your condo in Cebu. 

Jazz n' Bluz is open daily from 6 pm to 1 am, and they are located at 1 Paseo Saturnino. And another tip, when visiting the club, make sure to try their steak as it will add the best finishing touch to your night of fun in Cebu.

Night Clubs

Indeed, when talking about nightlife, clubbing and partying will always be the best. So, whether you want to dance your stress out or drink until you drop, Cebu will take care of that for you. With the city's countless nightclubs you can choose from, I am sure you will find one that suits your vibe and is convenient to your location.

OQtagon by J. Ave is one of the most go-to clubs for Cebuanos. This club in Ouano Avenue, Mandaue City, will make you go crazy with the latest lighting and sound technologies they offer. What is more, you are assured that only the best resident and international DJs entertain the guests. Capacity-wise, OQtagon nightclub can accommodate 2,000 guests in their VIP lounges, cocktail tables, and sky lounge!

Right at the heart of Cebu City, Club Icon offers a world-class clubbing experience! When coming to this club in Cabahug Street, you can expect nothing less than a luxury. But worry not - as this club is still affordable! Given that, the Icon attracts a variety of tourists ranging from locals, Koreans, and Westerners! Overall, if you are into dancing to electronic, trap, and hip hop, you will have a fantastic time at Club Icon with your friends.

Morals & Malice

Morals & Malice are somewhat two different places, and I love how they incorporated it in their name! The Morals venue is more about coffee, breakfast, brunch, and cocktails. Whereas at Malice, this is where things get real, as they offer craft cocktail culture. But what is remarkable is their wide variety of dishes that will please your taste buds. 

Moreover, you will relish this exquisite lounge when hanging out with your friends with the venue's ambiance. Morals & Malice is located at Tinderbox, Banilad Road, and they are open from Wednesday until Sunday. Get ready to sip on the most incredible cocktails and bond with your OG circle of friends for a pleasurable evening in the beautiful city of Cebu.

With these places to visit, indeed, you will fall in love with the nightlife in Cebu. What is more, you can expect a different level of enjoyment with your condo living when going to the places mentioned above. 

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