5 Essential Appliances for Your New Condo Unit

Feb 18, 2021

Living independently for the first time is a big decision to make. But before you can even move into your new condo, you have to do a lot of assessing and planning, before packing your stuff. You might be asking yourself if you can really handle the finances on your own like the electricity bill, monthly amortization, and condo dues. You might also be thinking about the condo furniture and appliances that you will be needing when you move into your new condo.

Condo living is popular especially for millennials and young professionals because of the convenience it provides aside from the 24/7 security, lifestyle amenities, and easy access to different establishments like convenience store, coffee shop, restaurants, and shopping centers.

These might also be your reasons for buying a condo of your own and when it is time to finally move into your new condo unit, you might be feeling excited and stressed at the same time.

It is normal to be filled with excitement and anticipation as you enter the door of the newly turned-over condo unit that you can finally call yours. Making your way through the condo unit, you can already imagine how the interiors will look like. Will it be Scandinavian, Boho chic, contemporary or Japandi-inspired?  You might also be thinking about all the furniture pieces and appliances that you will be needing to complete the look.

Condominiums have limited square footage compared to other real estate property types. Thus, you need to be able to maximize your condo space and carefully choose the furniture, appliances, and other accessories for your new home.

Here are 5 essential appliances for your new condo living.

For Kitchen Area

Condo living promotes independence and responsibility to end-users like university students and young professionals. This starts from grocery shopping, preparing, and cooking your own food, to dishwashing and cleaning.


Condo units are usually turned over with outlet provisions in a suggested area where the appliance can be placed. In this case, refrigerators are usually placed near or beside the sink. Before buying, it is very important to take note of the measurements, giving space for when the refrigerator door/s swing open. Allotting at least one-inch allowance around the refrigerator is also recommended for adequate airflow.

Did you know that ice-makers and dispenser increase a refrigerator’s energy use by 14-20 percent? So, try considering refrigerator units without these features to save electricity consumption.

When buying a refrigerator unit, look for the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) certified model as it goes beyond the general appliance efficiency standards. Also, according to constellation.com, the most energy-efficient refrigerator style is a top-mount freezer with a separate door to keep a constant ideal freezer temperature.


Condo living means having easy access to a number of food and non-food establishments. However, constantly buying food from these restaurants will consume all your budget. Thus, cooking your own food is the more practical way to go.

Cooking your own food will help you control what you eat, and ensure that everything is prepared safely. Also, we do not want to spend thousands of pesos buying a refrigerator to just store water and leftovers, right?

Stoves and ranges may be ran by electricity or LPG. The kind of stove you will buy will depend on the provision inside the condo unit. Generally, gas stoves or ranges are more expensive than electric stoves but consumption of electricity is more costly than LPG.

To increase energy efficiency, it is discouraged to place the stove and refrigerator beside each other. This is because the heat coming from the stove will make the refrigerator work harder, thus the increase in energy consumption.

For Living Area

Air-conditioning Unit and/or Fan

Most condo units in Metro Manila do not have the luxury of having huge windows that can swing open to let fresh air in. This makes the use of air-conditioning unit and electric fan a necessity. Provisions for air-conditioning units have already been considered even from the planning and design stage until the condo unit is turned over.

Just like refrigerator units, air-conditioning units are being certified by Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is advisable to get inverter-type units whether for window-type or split-type air-conditioner to make your electricity bill manageable and environment-friendly.

Having electric fans in your condo unit can also help you prevent your electricity bill from shooting up. After a few hours of using the aircon unit, you can turn on the fan and it will still make the room cool. Choose fans that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling to save space.


Entertainment is a necessity when coming home from a long day’s work. This makes everyone stay sane and feel relaxed. This is why having a television in your condo unit is always a good idea.

Unlike smartphones, televisions do not quickly get an upgrade. But when they do, the innovation surely is remarkable. Take a smart TV for example. This is a good investment in your condo especially if you want to watch your favorite YouTube videos and Netflix series on a bigger screen. All you need is a stable wifi connection and you are good to go!

For Bathroom

Washer with Dryer

Buying a washing machine and dryer is recommended if your condo space permits. Although there are available laundry shops around the building, it is not cost-efficient in the long run.

A lot of factors must be considered before buying a washing machine – the space allocation where it will be placed, the right washer capacity, water pressure, and the type whether fully automatic or inverter, among others. Keep these in mind so you can invest in the right type of unit.

Condo living is easy when you have the right appliances with you. Remember these tips when purchasing appliances for your condo units and everything will surely be a breeze.

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