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Alternative Air fresheners at your Condo

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A fragrant condo unit is always more appealing, improves one's mood, and makes being indoors significantly more pleasant and soothing. The simplest approach to freshen up your condominium is to utilize standard air freshener items found in retail and general shops, supermarkets, and shopping malls.

Regrettably, these sorts of air fresheners include a large number of dangerous and poisonous compounds – many of which are detrimental to humans. These chemicals and poisons have been linked to a variety of severe health consequences, including asthma attacks, migraines, newborn sickness, trouble breathing, and mucosal symptoms.

Commercial air fresheners include harmful chemicals that conceal offensive odors. Rather than masking the unpleasant stench, they mask it with a sickeningly overpowering fragrance of fake flowers or fruits. Numerous air fresheners, such as those attached to the rearview mirror of your car, really function by coating your nasal passages with harmful chemicals and impairing your sense of smell.

Therefore, we recommend that you get a natural air freshener that is made from natural components that have not been changed by human hands. They'll not only leave your condo unit smelling great, but they'll also contribute to your general health improvement. Plus, it will also make you productive while doing your tasks inside your condo.

The following are the best green air freshener ideas and remedies that are simple, inexpensive, and efficient, and employ common household products:

Essential Oils

Natural deodorizers, essential oils have none of the unpleasant hidden toxic chemicals and compounds found in commercial solutions. Essential oils are really plant-derived chemicals. Each plant has its fragrant fragrance for a more natural scent inside to enjoy a different kind of condo living.

Even better, you can manufacture your air freshener using these oils. You may use this sort of air freshener on your sofa or a rug, particularly in areas where your guests congregate.

Aromatic Flowers

Flowers are a common ingredient in natural room deodorizers. They keep your home smelling fresh and, with their immaculate hues, offer a touch of décor. You may even grow fragrant flowers indoors and outdoors if you offer them with the necessary care throughout the year.

Among the greatest floral selections are jasmines and fragrant orchids. Scented orchids are diverse in terms of scent and color, while jasmines bloom at night and have a pleasant perfume. Infuse any space with an herbal aroma by arranging freshly cut herbs such as geranium, peppermint, rosemary, and lavender in tied bouquets or tiny bud vases.

Additionally, peonies and hyacinths are fragrant indoor garden plants that flourish in the appropriate conditions. Use high-quality potting soil and then treat the plants with an organic, flower-enhancing fertilizer to achieve the greatest results.

Simmer Pots

Another option to improve the scent of your home is to boil citrus fruits such as limes and lemons with various herbs such as rosemary or mint. The delicious aromas of boiling pots fill the entire unit, much like when someone prepares a delectable dinner in the kitchen.

You may experiment with a variety of fragrant herbs, spices, and fruits in your simmer pot. If you're unsure where to begin, try the combination of vanilla, rosemary, and lemon, which is the perfect balance of fresh and sweet.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another great natural deodorizer that deserves to be included on our list. Additionally, it successfully masks strong scents, particularly when stored in a small, open jar in cupboards, the refrigerator, or even the bathroom. Additionally, you may use baking soda with other essential oils or dried flowers like lavender or rose to enhance and lengthen the scent.

Indoor herb garden

You'll discover that the majority of culinary herbs are quite simple to cultivate indoors. Indeed, a kitchen herb garden will instantly fill the room with a nice aroma. Apart from the kitchen, these herbs can be used in other places where foul aromas are prevalent. Numerous plants cleanse the air by decreasing allergies and pollutants found inside.

Indoor plants cannot just help to make your condo smell good, but they can also add to your condo design. Now that plants are in demand, make use of it and utilize its full potential inside your ready for occupancy condo.


Consider the possibility of utilizing coffee to fight smells. Whether you grind it, brew it, or bake some beans in the oven, the aroma will invigorate your senses and absorb strong aromas like onions and garlic. Consider placing a couple of bowls of freshly ground coffee on the table. Alternatively, insert coffee grounds in the bottom of a fresh waste bag to absorb unpleasant odors, such as those from the trash, before they permeate the entire room.


Vinegar kills germs and naturally disinfects the air. Fill a spray bottle halfway with white vinegar and halfway with water and spritz it into the air to refresh any space. Alternatively, a basin of vinegar can be placed in the kitchen to eliminate cooking odors.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Diffusing essential oils, many of which have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral qualities, helps clean the air as well as refresh it. Simply bring a pot of water to a boil, remove from the heat, and add a few drops of lemon or eucalyptus essential oil. The aroma of the oils will permeate the entire space.

These are just some of the alternative air fresheners that you can use to make your condo smell good. Making use of these will not just reduce the chemical consumptions of your condo life, but it will also help to save the environment and your budget.

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