How to Keep Your Condo Smell Good

Jun 06, 2021

Out of the five human senses, did you know that scent is the one that is most closely linked to memory? Aside from the important role that scent plays in alerting us during dangerous scenarios such as fires and gas leaks, the scent also plays a very crucial part in helping us associate our emotions with beautiful memories, experiences, and places. 

Part of condo living is making sure that your condo unit not only looks pleasing and easy on the eye but also has an environment that is inviting, calm, and relaxing. Aside from decorating the interior of your ready for occupancy condo, one of the things that you should pay attention to as a homeowner is how to make your home smell divine and how to maintain it. 

If you are currently thinking of ways to make your condo unit look, feel, and smell good or looking for ideas on where to start, check out these 8 secrets to make your home smell fantastic all the time: 

Make use of natural air fresheners

If you are living with an infant, a pet, or simply have a sense of smell that is sensitive to too much fragrance or potentially harmful ingredients, there are various ways on how to make natural air fresheners. 

A great example is a coffee. Aside from being a go-to drink to instantly give you a jolt of energy, you can use coffee grounds to eliminate odors and make different parts of your condo unit smell great. 

Meanwhile, if you want to zap bacteria on different surfaces and disinfect the air at the same time, you can create your disinfecting spray by mixing one part white vinegar and four parts of water in a spray bottle and spritz away whenever or wherever you need it. 

Set a cozy ambiance by lighting up scented candles

Scented candles have been gaining lots of popularity since the pandemic began and for good reason. As most people have been spending time indoors at home for the past months, there has been a need to create an environment that is conducive for relaxing especially on stressful, anxiety-filled days. 

With lots of scents to choose from, having different types of scented candles in tow will let you fill your condo unit with a pleasing smell, depending on your mood. Also, lighting up candles make theambiance softer and cozier by providing soft lights in your living room, bedroom, or even your bathroom. 

Place diffuser sticks in your rooms

If you prefer to not have an open flame at home, diffuser sticks will be your best bet. These natural sticks that are dipped in a jar of fragrant oil subtly add various layers of scents to your home over time.

You can opt to pre-purchase diffuser sets with different scents to choose from or create your own by combining baby oil, alcohol, and a few drops of essential oil of your choice. 

Burn incense

Whether done during a meditation session or during your idle time, burning incense is another option to quickly infuse a pleasing aroma into your condo unit. The use of incense started centuries ago and is still preferred by many due to its simplicity and availability of a large scent selection. 

Switch on an essential oil diffuser

Aside from making a room smell good, diffusing essential oils is known for its health benefits such as improving quality of sleep, alleviating stress and anxiety, improving cognitive function, and so much more. 

With a myriad of benefits, diffusing essential oils such as lavender and chamomile will not only help you relax but also leave your condo unit smelling great. 

Melt wax cubes using a warmer

Melting wax cubes through the use of lamps gives you an array of options as wide as scented candles without the need to have an open flame. Wax warmers make a room smell great by melting small pieces of wax and diffusing their smell during this process. 

Aside from being widely available online and in specialty stores, wax cubes provide a more affordable alternative to purchasing large scented candles. 

Regularly use fabric spray on hard to wash furniture and drapings

Aside from making use of different items that add a layer of smell in your home, making sure that fabrics such as seat covers and curtains smell clean also plays a role in making your condo unit smell nice. 

As for washing these items could be a little tricky and tedious, you can opt to regularly spray your couch, curtains, and other hard-to-wash items with a fabric spray. Nowadays, aside from offering fresh scents, fabric sprays are also formulated with antibacterial solutions to ensure cleanliness in your home. 

Bring a slice of nature in by placing indoor plants in your living area

Unleash the plantito or plantita in you! Indoor plants do not only add a touch of color and more life to your home, but they also act as natural air purifiers that cleanse and filter the air that you breathe inside your unit. 

The idea of taking care of a plant might sound intimidating and might make you think that it is a high maintenance venture, but worry not – not all plants require you to have a green thumb or specialized knowledge. There are lots of options if you’re looking for a low-maintenanceplant to place inside your condos such as snake plants, peace lilies, and rubber plants. Aside from this, you are also helping the environment as you continuously grow plants.

Maintaining a pleasant smell in your condo unit might seem like a lot of work but given this wide variety of choices, you can now easily decide which of these options will work best for you given your budget, lifestyle, and spare time that you can allot for maintenance. 

Whether you have a condo unit in Makati, Mandaluyong,Taguig, or anywhere in the country, there are endless options in purchasing or creating these items to make your Vista Residences condo unit smell terrific all the time. 

Vista Residences is the condominium arm of Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. Since its launch in 2003, it has become a formidable player in the fast-growing vertical development sector of the real estate industry. Vista Residences continues to address the rising demand for condominium living with over 50 projects across the country’s key cities and business districts.

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