Best Indoor Workouts to Try this 2023 Inside your Condo

Jan 21, 2023

Looking for an indoor workout routine to start your 2023 fitness journey, or perhaps the best workouts to try this 2023 inside your condo unit? If so, you're on the right path! 

Going to the gym after spending the day in the office and battling unpredictable traffic on practically every major road network and thoroughfare requires an ever-increasing amount of effort and patience. There are times when you just want to exercise in your own time and place without having to pay a monthly fee or face other gym-goers' judgy eyes. 

Nowadays, you can practically do everything without going outside, from ordering take-out meals and watching the newest film or television program, to paying all your dues and browsing a condo for sale in the Philippines –– all from the comfort of your condo unit. The same applies to working out inside. Although most condominiums, if not all, have gym facilities as amenities for the residents to use. But sometimes, you can't just use the condo's gym for a reason. 

However, it is still very possible for you to work out inside your condo, even if it doesn't offer a free gym or if you simply don't like to utilize it for one reason or another. To start working out, you don't even need to invest in pricey equipment or weights. All you need is a small amount of room, equipment you already have in your apartment, the exercises on this list, and a firm commitment to working out frequently. 

If you're seeking a 2023 fitness goal and the best 2023 workout plan that won't require any equipment, read on!

What's your 2023 Workout Plan? 

To make sure you can maximize your exercises and reach your 2023 fitness body, there are a few essential things to take while setting up a workout plan. 

Specify your goals 

Start by establishing clear, doable objectives for your workout program. Think about things like your present level of fitness, any health issues you might have, and the amount of time you have to devote to training. After this, you'll be able to maintain your motivation and commitment to your goals.

Schedule your fitness routine

Make a plan for your exercise and follow it. It's critical to frequent schedule exercise because consistency is the key to reaching your fitness goals. To help them become a habit, you might want to plan your workouts around the same time every day or week.

Warm up properly

To assist your body get ready for exercise, warm up before each session. Your risk of injury can be decreased with a quick 5-10 minute warm-up that helps to raise your heart rate and loosen your muscles. Simple warm-up exercises that involve gentle stretching and/or low-intensity cardio can be performed. 

Look out for your technique

To prevent injury and get the most benefit from your activities, pay close attention to your form and technique when working out. Consider asking a personal trainer for advice or conducting internet research to discover the proper technique if you are unsure how to carry out a particular exercise.

Don't forget to cool down

This crucial stage aids your body's shift from an active state to a resting state. To let your heart rate and breathing return to normal, a cool down program often consists of mild stretches and/or low-intensity cardio.

Workouts to try this 2023 inside your condo unit

Core Workouts 

You may find it challenging to complete the majority of exercises if your core is weak. But don't worry! The benefit of focusing on this area first is that all you need is your own body weight!

Start your core workout with forearm planks, side planks, push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts, and mountain climbers, all one minute each or until failure. Tip: move slowly to gain muscle and move quickly to shed pounds. Don't forget to use a mat for increased comfort. 

Cardio Workouts

Cardio exercises strengthen your heart while also helping in weight loss. Your condo unit is a great spot to execute burpees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, and place-based running, all of which are fantastic cardio exercises. You could also use the jump rope or sprint up and down your stairs if your condo has a loft. 


All you need is a yoga mat to perform this well-liked indoor exercise. You merely need to choose the type of yoga you wish to practice from among the thousands of How-To videos that are available on YouTube. Not flexible enough? Make yoga a habit. You'll be able to perform a split in no time if you hold the same stance for a few minutes every morning.


To do Zumba, all you need to do is follow someone who is dancing! Just visit YouTube, search for a video, and have fun. Why not bring your friends and family if this aerobic workout makes you feel more like you're at a party than anything else? Why not make the most of your space and turn working out into a bonding activity?

Benefits of Working Out Indoors

Exercising indoors has several advantages. Other than the seclusion that comes with having your own place, working out indoors has many benefits.

  • Convenience and hassle-free - There's no need to waste time getting ready for the gym, traveling there, and then driving home again after the workout. 
  • Privacy - When you are doing your 2023 workout plan, sometimes you just want to be alone to get into your groove. You want to concentrate so that both your body and mind are in tip-top shape. 
  • Cost-efficient - Saving money is one of the main advantages of working out in your condo unit. You will save money because there is no membership fee, no parking or gas costs, and no need to purchase trendy gym clothes.
  • Safety - Since you are in the comfort of your home, you can refrain from all kinds of viruses and illnesses you might get from the gym. 

With all of the rooms you have in your condo, there are countless things you can do. Having your own home is the greatest place whether you want to put your health and wellness first and take a break from stress and problems.

So, there is no longer any reason for delaying getting in shape, given that condos are made to accommodate all of your exercise needs! You just need to find the energy to work out at home, and let's not forget how amazing you'll look once you achieve your 2023 fitness goal!

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