Condo Tips: Best Gifts to Give Your Parents This Holiday Season

Sep 19, 2021

With all that life throws their way, sometimes parents don't even know what they need and want. New parents might need a smart cleaning product or an item that helps them to stay organized.

On the other hand, older parents would simply want to bond with their children and grandkids as they get older, thus, a relaxation treat or a sentimental gift that's personalized is something that they would surely appreciate.

Regardless of whether you're shopping for mom or dad who definitely has it all, you can still make them feel special and show them how much you care with any of these practical Christmas gift ideas.

Bed Tray

Surprise your parents with a special breakfast in bed with this bed tray. If they're lucky enough to be able to sleep in late, they will need this tray to enjoy a morning treat specially prepared for them.

Domesticity takes pride in handmade home accessories (including wooden bed tray) lovingly crafted by Filipinos. Their home décor items are made of materials indigenous to the Philippines, with the hope to bring more warmth and cheer to every Filipino’s home.

Indoor Plant

When you’re a parent, it is expected that your life becomes hectic and stressful, which means any moment of relaxation and meditation is welcomed. Make your parents’ quiet time more enjoyable and peaceful with a gorgeous indoor plant.

It’s usually food, trendy clothes, or expensive home items that first come to our mind when we think of gifts to give our parents. But if you're looking for something more unique this year, we suggest going for indoor plants. Aside from making spaces look beautiful, adding greenery to one's home comes with health benefits such as lifting one's mental health and social life. Plants also purify the air, and can even help you enjoy better sleep and relaxation.

Family Name Sign Wood

Give your parents a reason to be even more proud of their family (and family name) with a personalized wood sign, which you can hang on the wall or display on a table to add character to your space.

Essential Oil Diffuser

No spa day this pandemic? No problem! With an attractive essential oil diffuser, you can encourage your parents to carve out time for an at-home spa day.

Essential oils smell great, can reduce stress, and help your parents sleep well at night.

Check out AMARA, which offers grade essential oils in its purest form along with the safest skin care alternatives that are natural and free from toxic ingredients to make sure your family stays healthy and beautiful.

Wireless Charging Station

In this digital world, almost everyone in the family has his or her gadget. We have lots of things to charge.

You can give your parents a wireless charger that has enough capability to charge a phone, smartwatch and wireless headphones all at once. How cool is that?

Back and Neck Massager

If you feel any pain in the neck, massages can definitely do wonders to help relieve the tension. When not properly addressed, neck pain may lead to other problems in your body, that is why it is important to get a back and neck massager that you can easily use at home.

Your parents deserve a massage after a long day of work or chasing around kids or grandkids. Not only does this offer a deep pressing and massaging, it also gives you warmth and extra relief.

Bedside Caddy

Parents are keen on having extra storage and these bedside caddies can hold reading glasses and books in adult rooms, remote controls on the sofa or bottles of water in a kid's room. There are even holes that charging cables can run through to make it a charging station

Personalized Throw Pillow Cover

Homes tell a story, which is why you should give mom and dad one of these popular family name throw pillow covers.

Not only do they look amazing, but they are an item of home décor that will hold very special meaning. These pillows look right at home anywhere, whether it’s on a sofa, chair, or bed.

Since it’s a family pillow case, you can have everyone's name spelled out on the front in your choice of font.

This Christmas, get one for your family, or send one to your grandparents with all the grandkids' names on them. What’s more personalized than that?

Fresh Delivery Kit

What do parents really want? A day (and night) off from figuring out what food to prepare for the family!

This Holiday season, why not give your parents the freshest locally-grown produce? Future Fresh can deliver them right to your doorstep! You can also avail of their online gift card which can be redeemed to get the premium greens and herbs from them.

They also have Fresh Picks subscriptions which will be delivered to your home depending on your chosen schedule.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

If your parents can't bear the idea of drinking coffee that's gone cold, then it is best to give them this smart mug, which keeps coffee hot while on its charging coaster.

This high tech mug allows users to download an app to control the temperature or program presets.

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