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Condo Tips: Mistakes to Avoid During the Holiday Shopping Season

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The Christmas season is finally here! Apart from the good food and festive decorations, holiday shopping is also part of the Filipino yuletide practices. Overspending during the holidays is a common habit and one that seems likely to continue. It can be especially tempting to spend wildly, considering that everyone is physically-distanced. 

Here is a list of mistakes to avoid during the holiday shopping season to save your budget and sanity in the process. 

Not budgeting your expenses

It may appear simple, but many people approach the Christmas season with a list of people for whom they need to buy gifts but no predetermined budget for their expenditures. Make a list of everyone you need to buy for, as well as anyone you owe Christmas tips to and any additional costs you expect to incur. Pick a bottom-line number that you won't go above with that list in hand. 

Maxing out the credit card

Just because you have enough credit on your card to make a purchase doesn't mean you should. Remember that all payments must be paid on time, and even 0% financing deals are only worthwhile if you can pay off your balance in full within the specified time frame. 

Availing products with deals and discounts

It's easy to get caught up in the holiday mood when you find an item at a wonderful price. However, just because there’s a discount, bundles, or deals does not imply you should get it. Purchase only what you require. Go ahead and buy a TV or a bread maker if they're on your shopping list and within your budget. Alternatively, if you see a wonderful offer and can make a substitution to fit the item into your list, that's fine, but don't buy the stuff you don't need just because the price looks reasonable. 

Forgetting other holiday expenses

While gifts may take up the majority of your budget, don't forget to account for all of the other holiday costs. Keep in mind that travel between Thanksgiving and Christmas tends to be more expensive, with everything from airline to hotel rooms costing more. It's also crucial to account for anything from decorations to family photos, as well as any other expenses that aren't part of your regular household budget.

Buying for the sake of buying

If you spend less than you planned because of fantastic offers and smart purchasing, don't feel obligated to spend the rest. Get what you require and have planned for, and store the rest for the inevitable rainy day. 

Buying to impress

It's tempting to go out and buy costly gifts for everyone on your list, whether they're your parents, a significant other, or a close friend when you have some money to spend. But be careful not to overdo it. Most people in your circle of friends and family would prefer a thoughtful gift over one with a steep price. 

Cramming your holiday shopping

While it's not always true that the early bird gets the worm when it comes to holiday shopping, you can't count on costs dropping as the calendar approaches the end of December. Do your homework and figure out how much the things on your list should cost, then cross them off as you go. Look for bargains and do your homework to find out when specific things go on sale, but don't wait too long or you'll end up spending more than you anticipated.

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