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Nov 07, 2021

If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to get up earlier each year, you've come to the correct place. You may not be a morning person if you snooze your alarm clock, plead for five more minutes of sleep, let the sunrise from your condo living hit your face, and refuse to speak to anyone until you've had your first cup of coffee. But that's all right! Your DNA may have a role in whether you're an early riser or prefer to sleep in. While there isn't much you can do about your biology, you can develop good habits that will help brighten your mornings. Here are twelve tactics to try right now.

Develop a Soothing Nighttime Routine

It's not as simple as turning out the lights to go to sleep. Create routines that convey a bedtime signal to your brain if you're seeking to break a lifelong habit of nocturnal activity. Gentle stretches, meditation, deep breathing, aromatherapy, reading books, journaling, and other calming rituals can all help you build a pleasant and peaceful nightly routine that promotes an earlier sleep cycle, especially if you do it in a perfect place like a condo in Cebu, for example. 

Get a Good Night's Sleep

When it comes to getting enough sleep the night before, you must begin the process the night before. It's not just how much time you spend in bed that matters; it's also how well you sleep. Getting your body ready for deep relaxation could include implementing some self-care techniques before bedtime and adding a sleep-supporting supplement like magnesium to your regimen. Magnesium works by producing a sense of calm in the body, relaxing you into a deep and regenerative sleep.

Stay on a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Having a consistent sleep routine, whether you are an evening or morning person, makes it simpler to achieve the required seven to nine hours of sleep every night and feel more refreshed during the day. Sleeping in on weekends has been shown to disturb your circadian rhythm, so it's important to set regular sleep and waking timings and stick to them every day.

Gradually Shift your Bedtime Earlier

Imagine waking up in the morning with a great view of your condo in CDO. Isn’t it worth it to wake up early every day? Start adjusting your bedtime earlier in 15-minute increments if you've established a consistent sleep regimen. Adjust your alarm clocks to wake up 15 minutes earlier at the same time. Make the shifts gradually, allowing at least a few days between each one.

Track the Positive Impacts

You may notice changes in your energy levels, productivity, or mood when your sleep cycle transitions. Make a note of these changes as you notice them because reflecting on the good effects might help you stay motivated on days when you're tired or confused. 

Reward Yourself for Reaching Incremental Targets

People who pursue long-term goals are more likely to stay motivated if they recognize tiny victories along the way. Consider strategies to reward yourself for completing difficult tasks as you prepare your strategy for becoming a morning person. Use your daily or weekly accomplishments to micro-motivate like adding a Netflix and chill moments in your condo living experience. 

Develop a Morning Routine

Filling your morning routine with activities that make you happy and invigorated may push you to get out of bed. This may entail sipping your favorite morning coffee while watching the sunrise at the veranda of your condo in Cebu, or spending some time outside with your cherished pet. While hitting the snooze button is enticing, it may be harmful. The body begins automatically preparing to wake up two to three hours before your typical wake-up time, and using the snooze button may confuse the internal body clock. In an ideal world, those who get enough sleep won't even need an alarm clock. If you do need to set an alarm, studies show that more melodious alarm noises make it easier to wake up from sleep inertia. You may also use light as a natural alarm clock by leaving the curtains open or utilizing a dawn simulator to slowly pull you out of your slumber.

Exercise Regularly

Maintaining a regular exercise regimen has been shown to aid in sleep improvement. Morning and evening exercise, according to one group of researchers, have a particularly profound effect on the circadian rhythms of night owls and may help them shift their sleep cycles forward by 30 minutes. If you are worried that you might get covid while exercising outside, the condo living experience assures that all amenities are safe and well sanitized. 

Shift Mealtimes Earlier

Your hunger is tightly linked to your circadian rhythm, and the time of your meals can influence this rhythm. It is normal for night owls to eat later in the evening. You can help your body adjust to an earlier habit by eating at a time that corresponds to a morning person's schedule. If you keep your meal times the same as before, you may find that your body is still carrying out parts of the digestion process when you're trying to sleep. This makes adjusting to your new routine more difficult. It may also cause your body's sleep-wake cycle to be out of sync with your eating cycle, which can have a detrimental impact on your metabolism. 

Be Careful With Coffee 

Caffeine use up to six hours before bedtime has been shown to interrupt sleep and make it difficult to fall asleep. Limit your caffeine intake to the early hours, don't exceed 400 mg of caffeine per day, and drink your last cup of coffee at least six hours before bedtime, if not earlier. Night owls who can't adjust to a morning routine now have more options thanks to increasingly flexible work hours. However, if you continue to feel drowsy, speak with your doctor. Other variables, such as an underlying sleep disorder or a health condition, could be contributing to your sleep problems. Your doctor can assist you in identifying any lingering concerns and assisting you in enhancing your sleep.

Give it Time

It's not going to happen overnight for you to become a morning person. It may take longer to change your sleep patterns if they are deeply ingrained. When hitting the snooze button on a weekend morning or while on vacation is entirely acceptable, try to stick to your new routine as much as possible. Over time, that consistency will yield better results. 

Enlist the Experts

Consider consulting with a specialist at a sleep clinic near you if you're not getting the results you want. The sleep study can help you better understand your body's demands and patterns if your sleep is disrupted, you have insomnia, or you wish to work toward a modified sleep schedule. You should start by seeing your primary care physician see if a medical ailment is causing your sleep problems.

These tips will not just help you become a morning person, but will also make you productive as you start a day earlier than your usual.

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