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Oct 28, 2021

During this pandemic, more and more Filipinos turned to alternative transportation - bikes. In the market, a brand new bike can be valued for as low as 3,000 pesos. While bike maintenance is way cheaper and less in frequency if used properly. It’s also so easy to maintain personally as long as you have the tools. 

Last November 2020, The Department of Transportation (DOTr) secured funding amounting to 1.3 billion pesos to be used to build and set up bike lanes all around Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao. If you recently went around Metro Manila, bike lanes are easy to spot as they are on the outermost lanes beside the sidewalks. It this very important for the government to designate lanes for cyclists to ensure the safety of the riders. As the majority of the students and workforce are in a WFH setup, bikes are normally used for short-distance travel for errands, or long-distance travels for full cycling enthusiasts.

Aside from avoiding traffic and the risk of exposure, cycling also provides cyclists with several benefits.

Cycling is healthier than riding cars

Cycling in itself is already a good cardio exercise. In the long run, it lowers an individual’s risk for heart and blood complications. It’s not just healthy physically, it’s also healthy mentally. Regular exercise stimulates the production of the ‘happy’ hormone called serotonin. The riding experience itself also provides a good and relaxing scenery that can break the monotony of life-work routines. 

Cycling is good for the environment

For every 7-kilometer bike ride, it will save 1 kilogram of carbon emissions compared to a car with the same distance traveled for 5 years. 

Want to start switching from cars to bikes?

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind before you make the switch:

  1. Are you physically fit? Our dependence on the convenience a car brings is a very important factor to consider. Before cycling, you must consult a doctor if you are physically fit and capable. It’s important to do this especially if you or your family have a history of cardiovascular diseases or other chronic diseases. 
  2. Personal conditioning. Just like any form of exercise, it would help you adapt faster in cycling if you prepare yourself with other cardio exercises like jogging, walking, or jump ropes. An instant change in physical routines can be dangerous especially if the change is drastic.
  3.  Proper diet should be observed - again depending on the status of your physical health. For the majority, it is advisable to eat complex carbohydrates like oats, potatoes, or kamotes as they are a better source of calories and is easier to be broken down by the body resulting in a more efficient and healthier energy source. 
  4. Wear protective gear! When riding a bike in the city, it is important to wear protective gear. The basic gears to wear are a helmet, knee, and elbow pads. Other gears are optional but also add protection like a mouthguard and polarized eyewear. 
  5. Proper accessories and maintenance. If you tend to ride at night, it’s important to not only wear bright-colored clothes, it is also important to add reflectors or LED lights for better visibility for other drivers. Before you leave and use the bike, do a quick check on tire pressure, and break lines. 
  6. Stay hydrated. Turning to this active lifestyle, the mere 8 glasses of water will not suffice. A cyclist should be able to drink 1.5 liters to 2 liters of water per day. This is because of the body’s increased activity and needs to excrete sweat while cycling. 
  7. Know the safest and best routes. Knowing your routes is very important especially living and cycling in Metro Manila. We may have designated bicycle lanes but we’ll never know when and where a reckless driver might appear. 
  8. Do your research. This article does not cover everything you need to know about cycling.

When was the last time you exercised? Were you able to maintain it? A lot of people may answer that it’s been a while since they last exercised and were not able to maintain. If there’s one key thing to remember when you want to maintain one habit - consistency. We must find a way to integrate a healthy lifestyle into our day-to-day routines. Who knows, your answer for a monotonous and a want for a healthier body might be cycling. 

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