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Different Color Schemes for Your Small Condo Space in Manila

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Living in asmall condo space in the city need not be boring. Why not try to design and decorate it according to your personality to make your living space one big art project that reflects who you are.

Here’s a quick guide to different color schemes you can try for your own condo unit.

The Green Office                                          

The color green helps promote fresh ideas, induce focus and refreshes one's mind. You can choose a lighter shade of green for that coziness in a space feel and replicate this look with a soft green hue that will still reflect natural light.

You can also make your condo office nature-inspired by bring the outside in and make your space vibrant and refreshing with some easy-to-maintain indoor plants.

The Orange Dining Area 

The color orange promotes social interaction, inspired by the combination of energy from the color red and the cheerfulness of the color yellow. Orange also stirs enthusiasm and a sunny disposition which lead to happy conversations while enjoying hearty meals with friends and loved ones. 

To get a more sophisticated-looking and dining area-worthy light orange, pick a hue that has some brown in it. Make it work by keeping the other colors in your condo space light and neutral. Try to limit the number of attention-getting dining accessories too so as not to make the space look overwhelming.

The Blue Bedroom 

Blue represents sincerity, calmness, and reliability. This color expresses inner security and confidence and promotes mental and physical relaxation - hence, the perfect color choice for one's secluded retreat.

The bedroom is the most private part of the house where we all seek peace and re-charge after a long exhausting day.

Blue is also the color of the spirit, which promotes contemplation and prayer. It reduces stress and quiets the nerves, the same calmness we feel whenever we look at the cloudless sky.

Try designing your bedroom to flow from the blue and white palette to softer tones of aquas and creams.

Lavender Living Room

Lavender, which is a mixture of purple and white inspires selfless love and encourages sensitivity and compassion. The same hospitable way we welcome guests into our living rooms.

Try to use greyer tones for furniture and brighter ones for clothes and lighter ones for the walls. This can be further improved by adding fuchsia or scarlet whether it be in the form of a frame on the wall or cushions.

The Yellow Kitchen

The color yellow stimulates the left side of the brain which is its creative hemisphere. It is the color of new ideas.

Having a yellow kitchen boosts one's creativity to come up with new recipes. Yellow brings about clarity of thought as it helps us focus and recall information.

You will find many colors that look great with yellow. Try it with splash of blue or green accent pieces to balance out the scheme. A grey background pulls the bright shade back for a more sophisticated look.


Whether you already have a ready for occupancy condo in Manila or still planning to get a pre-selling unit to invest in, let your imagination run wild. Grab that book of shades and explore the colors that best fit your personality! After all, your property should reflect who you are!