Expressing Beauty with Arts on Your Condo Wall

Jun 01, 2022

As beautiful as our life is, the arts we always want to showcase and portray. Be it through our lyrics, music, poems, dances, or color. It is always comforting to be inside these spaces right inside our homes. Been a fan of going to museums or art galleries? checkout these artist you might want to consider in investing for an artwork.

We all know that art is an expression of life. As we may have always heard, "there is nothing wrong with art," mainly because you can never be wrong every time you make your expression. One may seem basic to some but extravagant to the eyes that see its value. One may seem flawed to some but seamless to one who made it. That's practically how life and artworks. But isn't it awesome to build a home where your eyes can quickly meet the art you love? 

Likewise, there are a lot of different ideas on how to choose the perfect painting you can hang on your room's wall as condo decors. And if you are planning to buy or currently searching for some, you can consider the paintings for sale in Manila. 

You will never be wrong if you are eyeing Amorsolo, Luna, Burlongan, and many more for the value of the workmanship they created. But you can choose from many different artworks by many of our new and modern Local artists. 

Here are some artists and paintings you might want to consider in looking for something to own for your condo according to your preferences:

Paulo Vinluan

If you are a fan of abstracts, you will love Vinluan's artworks.  

He graduated from the University of the Philippines and the Pratt Institute; this artist is based in New York. His pieces are often exhibited at Finale Art File and Silverlens in Manila. You can also find his works in galleries in Singapore and Hong Kong. His works have always dealt with the ludicrous and surreal. He always put life and narrative through his works with his very unique and own style. Ranging from Php 15,000 to Php 300,000 plus, you can pick one of Vinluan's masterpieces.

The painting shown in the photo in the cover of this blog is one of Vinluan's artworks. 

Lui Medina

She can be your best choice if you love seeing landscapes, topographies, and maps in paintings. 

What is distinguishable with her artworks is how she uses landscapes as the main structure of her works instead of using the subject she is painting. She experiments and plays with form and figure to explore how topography can be easily molded into other objects. Lui mainly uses graphite for her work and has exhibited locally and abroad in countries like Taipei, Indonesia, and Singapore. Moreover, she also recently finished a residency at Fusion Inaudita in Italy.

Numerous vital galleries and museums such as Artinformal and Makati have featured Lui Medina's work in the past.

Faye Pamintuan

Have a colorful home with Pamintuan's colorful works. So if you love decorating your condo or place with many different colors and putting vibrance to the atmosphere, Pamintuan is your go-to. 

Faye Pamintuan graduated magna cum laude from UP Diliman's Fine Arts program with a major in Painting in May 2018. She continues to exhibit her work in galleries throughout the metro.

She constantly travels from Manila to Texas as she considers them both home. And all these changes in surroundings have become her inspiration in her masterpieces. Pamintuan's paintings are highly color-centric: she begins her process by making gestural stains with acrylic paint on her canvas to dictate the piece's central theme.

Ricky Ambagan

Who loves the sophistication of oil paintings? You will love to hang Ambagan on your wall if you are one. 

Ricky Ambagan's inspirations are the memories he has from his childhood. He realized that his artworks evolved from abstract to something more impressionistic with a touch of academic painting. His artworks are notable for giving nostalgic effects to his audience that will perfectly fit a classical home. He has exhibited and won numerous art competitions locally, and his works have also been exhibited in Art Trek Singapore.

Ambagan's paintings are also for sale in Manila and at many other auctions around the country, from Php 20,000 to Php 300,000. 

Constantino Zicarelli

If you want to fill your house with the minimalistic elegance of pop culture, you can look for Constantino Zicarelli. He is working in sculpture, installation, drawing, and painting. Zicarelli has done exhibitions in Manila, Malaysia, Singapore, Norway, and New York. Moreover, he received the Cultural Center of the Philippines Thirteen Artists Award in 2012 and the Ateneo Art Awards in 2017 and 219. He was awarded a residency at Liverpool Hope University in 2018 and La Trobe University in 2020.

Considered a deviant artist, his work has evolved from oil paintings and mirror installations that center on the dark side of pop culture into elegant graphite drawings and wooden assemblages that make references to science-fiction. Constantino Zicarelli's pieces have been displayed in the Philippines and abroad, in Kuala Lumpur, Brooklyn, etc. He has won his fair share of accolades, including the CCP's 13 Artists Award in 2012. He also got Ateneo Art Awards' Fernando Zobel Prize for Visual Arts in 2017, which granted him a residency at Liverpool Hope University last year.

Zean Cabangis

Another candidate for minimalistic yet sophisticated lines of art is Zean Cabangis.

Cabangis loves to travel, and his adventures are his inspirations in his masterpieces. You can see his works as a bit abstract in nature but looking closely and keenly, you'll notice the familiarity of Canagis' works with some landscapes he went to. He usually uses planes and heavy lines to redefine the spaces and structures in the artworks he portrays to create new and imagined places. His painting can be seen for exhibits and are on sale in Manila, like Artinformal. He has also had his work exhibited in Art Basel Hong Kong and galleries in Singapore. Moreover, he was also part and an artist-in-residence at the Southeast Asia Art Group Exchange Residency in Indonesia in 2011 and received the Thirteen Artists Award from the CCP in 2015.

They are just a few of hundreds of Filipino artists we can support when buying or investing in their arts. It is a perfect choice to have their artworks in your condos and home because it symbolizes our appreciation of art and the artists and patriotism as we support our own people's skills. 

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