Freelance Jobs You Should Try Inside your Condo

Sep 09, 2021

Lockdowns are one of the banes brought about by the pandemic. Because of stringent region-wide lockdowns, establishments like malls, restaurants, and gyms have limited access. Other areas like sports centers, offices, and schools have either limited access or completely shut down. Even travels are prohibited or at least with heightened restrictions these days. For the latter two examples, offices and schools, their respective higher-ups have opted for a remote setting or a work from home (WFH) setting when conducting their business. In other words, lockdowns ensure one stays restricted to his/her home. 

While staying at one’s condo, for example, getting a job can enhance one’s condo living. Being locked up at home can most likely deprive one of productivity and socialization. When getting a job, one begins earning some extra cash while meeting new people along the way. This will help one navigate through the pandemic with fewer problems. 

Now the questions that beg to be asked: What jobs are available? What job can I do? 

These questions are important to ask so that one can adjust his/her condo design according to the job he/she applied to. Vista Residence condos have ample space to make freelance working more conducive. 

If you are finding a job at home, here are the different jobs to apply for when working freelance. Jobs will fall under different categories. 


Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the more common freelance jobs available. It is quite vague since many types of writing can fall under freelance writing. The different types include journalism, blogging, academic, among many others. Using blogging as an example, a blog can be used to feature a property company’s condo for sale. 


Copywriting involves mainly advertising writing. One may be tasked to write texts for commercials, content for websites, or captions for social media posts. This can easily be done at home since a company can just contact its freelance employer about when the company wants in terms of copywriting content. The employer then writes from home then sends his/her work. 


Nobody is perfect — everyone will make mistakes when it comes to writing, especially when it comes to typos, grammar, and on worse occasions, accidental plagiarism. Unfortunately, this is seen as a hassle; something nobody really wants to do. For anyone with the tolerance, or even joy, to read through papers and check errors, proofreading is ideal. 


Graphic Design

Companies are always in need of talented creative designers. They would rather employ on a freelance basis instead of hiring a full-time graphic designer. For anyone with a design background, and willing to make design content like posters, pages, or for example, a brochure containing a property company’s condo for sale, graphic design is always available, with a WFH setting available too. Keep note that a graphic designer’s qualifications are mostly proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 


Have an in-home studio and/or a professional camera? Try Photography. Look for freelance openings who are looking for photographers to capture and showcase their works or products. For example, independent Facebook sellers can hire a photographer to take pictures of a preselling condo then display the pics online. 


Personal Trainer

With gyms either completely closed or with limited accessibility, home workouts are the new trend. For those working out at home, they need someone to guide them in their workouts to either keep them engaged and inspired or to correct their forms. For WFH Personal Trainers, include vast spaces, some dumbbells, and a yoga mat to one’s condo design. 

Nutrition Consultant

Regardless of the situation, there will always be a majority group of people who have weight goals or want to eat better — just become healthier in general. This job requires education and experience in Nutrition to qualify as a credible and reliable consultant. A consultant gives their opinion on how a client can improve his/her nutrition through a phone call or a video call. Eating well and helping others eat well is perfect to add to one’s condo living. 



Tutorial and review centers are closed, but the demand for homework help and test reviews are still more or less the same. After online learning, grade school and high school students who are used to tutors assisting them after class look forward to joining another Zoom call with a tutor to help them. Tutors are usually finished with primary education and have a passion for teaching. 

Virtual Assistant 

Virtual Assistants (VA) work like secretaries. They find a client, negotiate a price, and the client can ask the assistant for any help. A VA must be attentive to any request made by the client and ready to research for anything useful to accomplish tasks given by the client. The difference between a VA and a secretary is that communication is strictly online and the hiring is on a freelance basis. A sample request that can be made by a client is to look for ready for occupancy condos, compare the details and price, and make a suggestion. 


Computer Science and Information Technology are two fields that are always in need of programmers due to the niche market of programmers and the high demand for computer coding and software specialists. Laptops and/or computers are essential to one’s condo living so owning one with experience in programming should yield freelance job offers. Anyone can write codes anywhere so just do it at home. 

There is a bevy of job opportunities available. So the most important step when finding a job is to recognize one’s abilities and limitations. That way, one will be able to know what specific jobs one qualifies for. Then, through LinkedIn, Google, and even Facebook, job notices will be posted there so grab the opportunity when it is right there. Why not reach out to start up companies?

The jobs above do not match up with one’s skillset? Qualified but not talented enough? Go online to either find jobs that fit one’s skillset or look for online courses to hone one’s craft. Stagnant condo living can be boring and even dangerous, so it would be best to use this time to be productive and earn some income. 

Vista Residences is the condominium arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., which offers ready for occupancy and pre-selling condominium projects in Manila and Quezon City that are strategically located within inner-city areas, in close proximity to premium universities and developed business districts.

At Vista Residences, unit owners can take advantage of the property’s centrality. The properties of Vista Residences are strategically located near the country’s premium universities and CBDs, making them an attractive investment for both local and foreign investors.

Vista Residences has ready for occupancy condo projects in Manila such as Vista Taft, Vista Heights, Vista GL Taft, 878 Espana, and Crown Tower University Belt. It also has pre selling projects in the said area which include Vista Recto, Plumeria Heights, Tennyson Heights, Bradbury Heights, Sky Arts Manila, and Kizuna Heights.

Living in Vista Residences enables you to enjoy convenience, where everything is pretty much within walking distance or a few minutes away from the property; comfort because the project features and amenities are designed to deliver comfort at all times, which makes condo living a worthy investment; security that is 24/7 and CCTV monitoring, which makes the residents safe and secure within the property.

In line with Vista Residences’ thrust to offer convenience among its residents, it also features an AllDay Convenience Store and Coffee Project in all its projects.

For more information on Vista Residences, email [email protected], follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.

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