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Nov 02, 2021

Young people reach the point at which they want to live independently and enjoy their freedom by moving out of their family homes and living on their own. For most Filipinos, this usually occurs after graduating from college. 

Others may move out upon starting a job, which allows them to pay for rent and other living expenses, while some may not transition to living independently until they are ready to move in with their spouse. Meanwhile, other individuals may wait until later in adulthood for a variety of reasons, and some may remain at home with their parents or other family members indefinitely, either by necessity or by choice.

Moving out is a “big deal” especially for Filipinos with close family ties. It can either bring positive or negative consequences, so it is important to think through the steps of that transition before beginning the process. 

Whether you want to try living on your own for the sake of freedom, a young adult beginning your first job, or an adult preparing to make the switch to independent living, you should consider some factors to prepare you for the big move, including financial and emotional readiness, and overall preparedness. If you’re considering moving out but aren’t sure whether the time is right for you, this article is for you.

The desire to move out is natural and common. If you know individuals who never experienced the desire for independence, they will surely never leave the comfort of their family homes and establish their own residences. Remaining “at home” with your family and loved ones indefinitely might limit your career paths, relationship building, or personal growth.

It might be wise to start evaluating yourself and your readiness to move out as early as now. 

You are financially independent

If you have a job or another source of income, you can consider it as a significant step to establish your own household. You have to assess your financial capability since you also need to be able to pay for the utilities, food, transportation, insurance, and any other necessary items. 

It's good to have or to be working toward 3-6 months of savings in the bank in case of emergencies. This helps ensure that you are ready and remain independent in the event of unforeseen expenses.

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You are financially responsible

Aside from having money coming in, it is also important that you're capable of managing it in a way that shows you can prioritize your needs over wants and that you can make financially responsible decisions. When you are responsible for your own home and living expenses, you need to learn to pay your obligations first and spend on luxuries later.

You can maintain a home

You should know and be willing to learn how to keep your own space in good livable condition. This does not mean you need to know how to complete big home repairs or renovations, rather, you are able to do household chores, maintain cleanliness and order, and organize your things and keep your home functional and safe.

You are emotionally independent

Since you will be living on your own, it is important that when making decisions, you should be confident that you have the ability to make them on your own. You may find consulting with close family and friends on significant life decisions to be very helpful and valuable, but you will need to be willing to carry the weight of your decision and be ready with all its consequences. 

If problems occur in your own place, you will need to be responsible and take charge of solving them. Even if loved ones offer you some help, you have to have the emotional maturity to resist relying completely on them to solve the problems for you.

Asking help for the transition

No matter the circumstances, moving into your own place is a big life transition, that entails full responsibility, exciting changes, and challenges. You have to know that it is natural to ask for help and support in making this decision. 

It might be best for you to seek the advice of family and friends who have already experienced moving out, because they can provide valuable guidance and advice. It is also good to have a helpful checklist for home essentials so that you can ensure that nothing will be missed out and for you to have a sense of your starting costs and needs. 

While these are all important, you also have to prepare yourself to move out and live independently. Make sure that you look after your mental and emotional wellbeing even before doing such a major life change. You can read through various resources, or seek a more proactive way to support yourself throughout this time of transition by connecting with a mental health professional. 

Regardless of the emotions that you might feel about the plan of moving out - having the guilt over leaving family members, anxiety about your own future, uncertainty over your decision making - getting yourself ready can bring you clarity and confidence. 

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