Why is Condo The Best Home Choice for Young Professionals?

Nov 01, 2021

The soonest millennials ang younger ones joined the workforce, the world felt the need to understand their buying behavior, values, and life choices. All people are products of their times and the information instilled in their mind. Society at large could mold the mind so that it’s in sync with the current world trends.

In terms of real estate properties, young professionals prefer condo living and the reasons will enlighten curious minds about why. Young professionals now have the most access to information which gives them the advantage of making informed decisions especially when it comes to jumping into investments just like choosing a home. 

Understand that young professionals spend their time differently than students, or people who are about to retire. Time is spent more on building themselves than settling down to have their much-needed rest from the bustling environment of the metro. In this sense would answer the whys of choosing a condo over a suburban house:

Acquiring a condo is a solid investment

Young professionals have the largest population that have access to multiple modes of media that aims to boost financial intelligence. They know enough that building their portfolio of investments allows them to achieve higher goals and be at ease in considering having a family in the future. 

It is only right that they are in the process of acquiring assets, and as always, real estate properties are automatically on the list. Their purchases are now focused into seeing tangible results—just like eventually owning a home.

Besides having tangible assets, buying properties located in sought after locations will create steady cash flow by opening the doors to long-term or short-term rentals.


For starters, condo is more affordable than a house especially for a single person, couples, or a new family. Owning fancy amenities is a little challenging when buying or having a house built, so pools, gyms, and function rooms boosts the beneficial points of having a condo over a house. 

Affordability also includes the fact that ease of access to the workplace, and centers of businesses and trades saves a person a lot of money in the long run—not to mention this is automatically a sound investment to bring in cash flow.

Time value of money and increasing need for convenience

Younger professionals are taught to increase numbers when it comes to productivity. Everything is ought to be quick when doing all the work. So, it wired the minds of younger professionals to value every minute. Hours of commute does not match the common lifestyle preferred by the younger generation in terms of wanting work-life balance. 

Younger professionals do not prefer convenience just because they need instant gratification. The demands in the workplace, and competition towards great opportunities is tenfold higher than the past decades. The advent of information and fast improvements in technology makes most of their skills to be easily dispensable after a few years. 

The more they have access to good schools, and great companies to work with, the less expense they will have. The better for it is for their career and financial growth. Hawthorne Heights by Vista Residences is one perfect example. This is a pre-selling condo in Katipunan, Quezon City which offers 19.50 sqm and 21.00 sqm studio units, one-bedroom units ranging from 37.60 sqm and 43.14 sqm perfectly fitted for students and families. This is strategically located near Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, and University of the Philippines-Diliman.

This group of professionals like to keep themselves in shape so a gym and pool as part of a condominium amenities is perfect to keep their bodies and minds healthy despite all the rush and pressure at work. 

Walkability to the workplace is now of higher demand instead of buying houses in suburbs—it saves them time that they can spend on more important things. Vista Shaw in Mandaluyong city, gifted with the green view of Wack-Wack golf course sets the bar to professionals who are often in business trips.

Too busy for property maintenance and security

Traditionally, property owners are required to maintain their property. And this is something a busy young professional would fail to do. Which certainly makes condo living experience the solution. Part of its ownership includes maintenance services that are above standards. These services are intended to ensure satisfaction towards using exclusive amenities like pools, gyms, function rooms and hotel-like lobbies. 

Choosing a condo means less upkeep than choosing a house where owners need to tend to all issues on its gutters, getting leaves off the roofs, landscaping, etc. Another good way to save effort and resources. 

24-hour security is another benefit that takes ones worries away about leaving town for weeks or even months. Or if parents need to leave a few teenager children for a few days, the kids are perfectly safe. Another convenient fact, if the owner decides to leave the unit vacant for a longer time, Vista Residences’ Leasing services is available so there’s money back guarantee for leaving the place vacant while spending it on vacation or business somewhere else.


Another way of feeling safe in a home is knowing that the community is a great place to spend social activities with. Most Condo Property Management teams organize exciting activities for residents to get together. This is great for new parents who are starting to raise their children. Surely, movie nights, barbecue, and family days will be well spent.

Amidst busy lifestyle, people need to spend time in creating genuine connections. Since condos are in prime locations, having easy access to museums, cafes, and weekend bars is surely a plus. Young professionals are at the height of their careers and are at their pace in building a network of people to surround themselves with.

All real estate investments are considered sound especially when the economic health of the area is considered, and Vista Residences gives every condo owner that assurance. It makes it all worth it for young professionals who are on their way to riches. 

Vista Residences is the condominium arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. that offers ready for occupancy and pre-selling condominium projects in Manila, Makati, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Ortigas, Baguio, Cebu, and CDO that are strategically located within major cities, in close proximity to premium universities, transit oriented locations and developed business districts.   

At Vista Residences, unit owners can take advantage of the property’s centrality. The properties of Vista Residences are strategically located near the country’s premium universities and CBDs, making them an attractive investment for both local and foreign investors.

Living in Vista Residences enables you to enjoy convenience, where everything is pretty much within walking distance or a few minutes away from the property; comfort because the project features and amenities are designed to deliver comfort at all times, which makes condo living a worthy investment; security that is 24/7 and CCTV monitoring, which makes the residents safe and secure within the property.

In line with Vista Residences’ thrust to offer convenience among its residents, it also features an AllDay Convenience Store and Coffee Project in all its projects.

For more information on Vista Residences, email [email protected], follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.

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