How To Make Your Condo Unit PWD-Friendly

Aug 17, 2021

As the Philippines, along with other countries, progress in promoting person with disabilities (PWDs) inclusion, sectors like real estate also give importance to this matter. Thus, as someone who is investing in ready for occupancy or pre-selling condominiums in the country, you have to take measures on creating a PWD-friendly, safe and comfortable condo design. Being the leading real estate arm in Baguio, Manila, Taguig and other key cities in the Philippines, Vista Residences condominiums shares with you some ways below on making your condo unit PWD-friendly.

Make your condo’s bathroom design safe

One thing you must consider in your condo living space is to have a safe bathroom. The first feature in the bathroom that you must have are support bars. For these bars to be good for handicapped, they must have round edges. It should not have a pointy direction so that no one will get hurt. You may install it on the nearest wall in the showers or on the back of the handicap toilet. 

The second thing is all about making your bathroom accessible. Get rid of compartments in your sink. If left unmoved, these could block the ways of the wheel chairs. Thus, PWDs cannot comfortably use the toilet area. Next, faucets must also be single-lever type in order for PWDs to easily use them. Also, an elevated toilet and an automatic flush are more PWD-friendly as opposed to the standard types. And lastly, there should be a sitting chair in the bathroom. Just make sure that when these seats get wet, they will not be slippery.

Create an alternative switch button

Most condo units in Baguio, Manila, Taguig or in Cebu are known for their inclusive condominium designs. To help the PWDs in accessing the switches for electric appliances, condo administrators installed two-way switches. These alternative switch buttons help PWDs to no longer stand up in the dark to switch off the light of their room. They just have to press one beside their bed. As a condo owner, one thing you can do is keep these two-way switches or use remote-controlled appliances so that anyone can access everything with ease.

Have appliances that are ready to maneuver in your condo

For your condo living to be conducive for PWDs, you should make your appliances easy-to-use. It is imperative that the appliances are PWD-friendly so that they can finish their household chores easily and independently. One thing they want is to have a cooking stove that requires minimal effort. An example of this is to buy a cooking stove with a knob in front rather than those with knobs on top. Next thing is to have a front load washing machine. This kind of washing machine will no longer demand them to have their laundry while standing up. And lastly, always vacate the lower bank of your refrigerator. It is for the PWDs to easily access the refrigerator without reaching the top shelves.

Safe wheelchair ramps in your condo

Nowadays, PWDs use wheelchairs with advanced technology, such as the stair-climbing wheelchairs. However, not everyone has the luxury to purchase one. That is why facility owners believe that what PWDs need are practical ways. And one of the ways is using more simple ramps. In condo living, you make sure that you have a ramp to and from the building for the convenience of everyone, especially PWDs. You make sure that they can easily and freely move and get around in your condo. They will not be needing more assistance later on.

Replace doorknobs in your condo with lever handles

The best way to make your condo’s doorknobs PWD-friendly is by getting rid of it. Replace it with lever handles, which are more accessible. PWD’s or those people who have weak grips, will now push down the lever instead of having a hard time with grabbing the door knobs. They can easily open doors without hurting their wrists. These kinds of handles are much easier to use and come in many different styles.

Adjust your door to the wheelchairs

Here in our country, sliding doors or a door that swings outward is a minimum requirement for PWD-friendly places. You consult with your condo administrator to check if you can proceed to this kind of needed adjustment. As a condo owner, you should decide carefully on how your door will look. Again, it is important to consider the size of the crane, wheelchair, or any mobile equipment. With this, aside from the convenience that it can give, the chances of an accident happening can also go down.

Good and safe condo flooring

Another thing to consider in a PWD-friendly condo design in your home is to ensure that your flooring is safe for everyone. Always make sure that the space is big enough for them to move in. For PWD’s to not trip over the floor, cords and electric wires should be tucked behind cabinets or any furniture available.  Moreover, decorations like curtains should be placed higher so that no one will also trip through the floor.

In terms of the floor, another condo tip you have to put into practice is that it should be slip-resistant. You buy a carpet or anything that will secure you from a slippery floor. You also try to purchase a rubber mat for your bathroom. In case your floor becomes wet, people will not slip.

Use lower tables or chairs in your condo

Your table or chairs in your condo, especially in the kitchen, must be reachable by height. To do this, look for chairs or tables that have comfortable height for PWDs. Moreover, you also have to make sure that all your areas in the house must have a space for legroom for PWDs with wheelchairs. These can help them exponentially in making their daily tasks and rest more possible.

With all of these ways, tips and tricks, here at Vista Residences, we do not only offer condo for sales in Baguio, Manila, Taguig or in other key cities of the country, we also offer assistance on how to make your condo inclusive by making it PWD-friendly. With the condo design we have, we can help you decide on how you can make your condo living safe and beneficial for everyone.

Vista Residences is the condominium development arm of Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc. Since its launch in 2003, it has become a formidable player in the fast-growing vertical development sector of the real estate industry. It continues to address the rising demand for condominium living with over 50 projects across the country’s key cities and business districts. It offers ready for occupancy condo properties around the metro cities in the country and investment-ready homes through its pre selling condo properties. You may choose in its condo in Quezon City, condo in Manila, and condo in Pasig. It is also present in other central business districts in the country such as Makati and Taguig.

Now that Vista Residences is expanding, you can also experience a cozy and premium condo living as it now has its condo in Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, Davao, and Baguio.

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