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Nov 01, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the small businesses in ways that no one could have anticipated. Local businesses tried, and still stries, to stay afloat regardless the situation. These businesses have been the drivers of a healthy economy in the communities. However, from the buzzing streets once filled with local stores are now empty today. Many stores have closed down due to the risk of bancruptcy. 

On the other light, many local businesses rises when quarantine started, urging the people to start something from their home and use different platforms to sell their goods. Whether someone is craving for coffee, or searching for furniture and decorations for their condo design, everything becomes available because of the rising local and small businesses. But it is up to the community and local customers to support these local businesses in order to keep them going.

Why support local businesses?

Supporting local businesses equates to supporting local economy, because there is more money that stays in the community when purchases are made at locally-owned businesses. By supporting local businesses, local entrepeneurs are given a lifeline in tough times. In addition, a pure uniqueness and genuiness of local products can be experience in supporting local businesses. These business owner pour their heart and soul to deliver unique services and products to the community, hence, their efforts should be reciprocated through the little help and support from their neighbors.

Local businesses are dependent on the community they belong to, whether they are supported or their products and services are patronage. Little effort creates a big difference, not just to the business owners, but also to the community. So in order to become a hero of hometown shopper, here are ways to support local businesses around the area.

Ways to support local businesses

Shop local, be local

It’s tempting to order whatever that people need in large online companies. But before purchasing on big companies, always check first if local stores offer the same product or services, and always opt to shop local first. 

For instance, condo owners are revamping their condo design to elevate their condo living, they can search online local stores for available furnitures or decorations that would fit their liking. Same is through when they are still looking of rready for occupancy condo, they can look into local stores what they can get from these small-scale businesses as an accent to their home.

Another example would be supporting local farmers. Since there is a limited movement in the community due to the government-imposed guidelines for quarantine, there are applications that can be used to purchased fresh vegetables from local farmers. One example if the Session Groceries, an application that support local agribusiness and promotes sustanable lifestyle. This does not only makes their condo living efficient, but it also makes them healthier.

Promote them on social media and help them boost their online presence

This does not cost anyone any peso, but it will create a big impact to the local businesses. Follow favorite businesses online, like and share posts that interest you, and help them reach new audiences. Online presence of local businesses nowadays is important because it becomes an instant form of word-of-mouth. Sharing photos, videos, or positive reviews in their page and/or personal profile would ripple positive effect to the businesses. Never underestimate the power social media hold, one of the followers could be the next customer just because they saw it from someone’s post.

Recommend their services/products to peers

By simply mentioning the name of the shop where you purchase your new decoration in your living room, or the food you ordered for your visitor, or the shop where you had your car washed, would really mean a ot for these local businesses. Sharing your experience with the local store’s services and/or products to peers can also help local businesses gain exposure.

Offer your skills and help them with their small-scale business

With many brick and mortar stores shifting online, businesses need help in promoting their goods online. If gifted with skills in video editing, photography, music, marketing, etc., it is best to offer these skills to local businesses and help them promote their business in the community. They can make a promotional video, online posts, jingle, or help them with their marketing strategy, in order to help these local businesses. People can offer these voluntarily and free of charge, or they can negotioate with the owners on what they can give in exchange to rendering their skills. 

Tip generously

When visiting local stores, whether you want a sip of brewed coffe from a local shop, or order food from native restaurants, or avail food delivery from locally-owned shops, it is best to tip generously. With the tight employment conditions in these trying times, people are working multiple jobs to meet ends. Hence, giving them small amount of tip for their services would be of great help for them.

Shop gifts from them

Now that holiday season is here, it is best to hoard holiday gifts from the local shops, instead of buying to large corporates. Most local shops can customize their products and services in accordance to the client’s preference.  

Make your support personal

Make it a habit to support local businesses and make it personal and part of lifestyle. Leaving notes, emails, or messages to the owners and letting them know that they have excellent service would also boost the confidence of the local business owners.

In these times of uncertainty, always extend help to local businesses, not as mere customers, but as caring neighbors. It is best to look for local businesses around the condo, or to ready for occupancy condo that people are looking, and support them as well. Communities are stronger together, especially when everyone gets support from each other. Anyone can make a difference, even with little help. Now that the list of ways how to support them is given, may this not be the end of it but may it take real actions to support small busineses and put these tips to good use.

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