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Informative YouTube Channels for Home and Condo Living

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YouTube is jam packed with a lot of cool channels for a wide variety of topics you can think of. From design to cooking, strategies to entertainment, so many cool channels can be found on YouTube, and another great feature about it is that it’s free! Yes, you can get all kinds of information for free anytime, so this is a good platform you can take advantage of especially on residential living and design. Having good design for your home regardless of its size can make a huge difference for your living experience; and although consulting an interior designer may just do the thing, it can be pricey. So, here are some of the best YouTube channels for home and condo designand living!

Slater Young

Slater Young (aka "The House Hacker") is a popular YouTuber who is most famous for his DIY videos. He's an expert on carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and most other DIY trades. Slater Young graduated Civil Engineering at the University of San Carlos in Cebu, Philippines, so you can say his content and expertise are reliable and worth the screen time. Slater has some pretty cool channel guides on everything from building climbing walls to making outdoor decor. He also has fun with various ways to entertain the kids, especially being a dad. That is why his channel is perfect for parents and for families that want to elevate their living experience with their families. Slater is also relatable because he wouldn’t be called “The House Hacker” for no reason, the guy will walk you through common problems you may face in your home, -- whether that’s a condo unit or a house-- and being a Filipino, you can be assured that the products he uses in his videos are available to you at your nearest store. So if you’re a family guy like him, or just someone who loves dealing with every home hack, his channel is for you.

Megan Batoon

The Megan Batoon channel features great tips for interior design, organizing, decorating and home improvement. She's well known for her YouTube challenges and making YouTube videos for home based businesses. Megan has dabbled into a lot of redecorating, renovating, and makeover in every room in her house all on her own! And it's not just those easy DIY decor content, this girl brings in her power tools and really goes at these home and decor seriously. She is also one of the hosts for the Netflix Original show, World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals, where she features and talks about budget- friendly design and living tips that homeowners can surely pick up a thing or two from. The series showcases rental homes, which can also lead you to potential ideas for great opportunities like starting an air bnb for properties you might already have!

Oliver Austria

"What's up, Ma dudes!" is what you are greeted with when you visit Oliver Austria's channel. His channel consists of architectural content that focuses mainly on the technical side of building and designing a house. This structural information can also be applied to your own homes for tips and tricks to make your living better. Having good architectural and structural design is a must on any residential and/or nonresidential property. it changes your living experience significantly. But aside from architectural points, Oliver also discusses indoor designs especially on space functionality. So if you want more of that kind of content and information, Oliver's channel is for you.

Gila Salvador

Gila Salvador is a home designer who has been documenting her experiences of renovating or designing a place on YouTube for the past two years. She also provides tips on home living and general aesthetic maintenance. Her channel centers mainly on design but can somehow guide us through practical aspects of living, whether it is for a large space, small space, or just a simple sleeping space. Her channel will guide you on maximizing your space to make it look good and comfortable all at the same time!

Adam Chernoff

Adam’s channel is for home design and DIY enthusiasts, especially the ones who are into woodworking! His channel caters to people who are passionate about carpentry, furniture making, and home renovation. He gives out some very useful information regarding tools, materials, how-tos, and guides. Think of Adam’s channel more of a tool shop with all the handyman tools you can put in your toolbox! You can check out his more elaborate DIY project guides where he details the process of how to build something on your own. From bookshelves to coffee tables to desks, this guy builds it all himself on his own!

Desi Nelson

Desi Nelson hosts a popular show on YouTube, featuring her daily life and the information she finds around the house that you should know about. She also discusses trends in interior design and home renovation. Her content strives to share information regarding a lot of ways to increase efficiency and convenience in our daily lives. She has a very useful channel for everyone who is curious about interior

design and home renovation because it contains a lot of tips regarding what you should do during your next remodeling or renovation project!

Martin Gauslaa

Martin Gauslaa focuses on the non-traditional form of home design. He dabbles in unique forms of furniture, interior decor, and DIY projects. His channel is not only interesting because of the interesting furniture he makes but also because his videos are very well-produced and edited. He uses multiple cameras to capture both exterior and interior aspects of his home life. Plus he has some fun with his YouTube videos like playing around with his cats or making DIY projects that would be useful for you (if you like that kind of stuff then this is for you).

Rob Green

Rob Green’s channel is a one-stop shop for everything that is home and garden related. He has a wide range of information and contents that caters to homeowners like asking for advice, choosing the right product, and ideas on how to make life easier around the house! He has compiled all his knowledge on any topics he wants to discuss into video guides. His videos help you understand the different options you can choose from when buying something (whether it's a tool or furniture) and how you can make things better in your home.

Brian Dean

Brian Dean is a YouTuber that focuses on DIY projects, renovations, and useful tips that you can use in your home. He has a wide variety of videos that are made to be entertaining but also informative. His channel is very user-friendly because he breaks down his videos into sections including the tools you need, the materials you need to start with, the things you need to watch out for so everything will go smoothly when you’re doing it yourself.

Brian’s channel is great for people who are just starting out in home renovation. He has a wide variety of content that caters to a wide range of people and this is also a great resource for any full-time homeowners who want to do a part-time project on the side.

Megan Draper

Megan Draper is a DIY YouTuber that has her own podcast with her sister in which they discuss home renovations, DIY projects, and craft ideas for women. She also does live show with her sister in which she creates a craft project for them to do together. This is great because it allows you to get to know more of Megan’s personality and you get the feeling of her studio space.

Beth Chandler

Beth Chandler is another YouTuber that focuses on home renovation, interior design, and DIY tips. She has an amazing personality that is reflected in her videos. She has created a YouTube channel that allows people to feel like they are hanging out with her. Her videos are very personable and intimate because she gives us the chance to experience the moments of renovating or designing a place alongside her.

She also provides tips for DIY projects based on different home needs. She does all of this very articulately, making sure she says the right things for us to understand it better or make things clearer with simple terms or examples.

The Brothers Green

The Brothers Green is actually an air-conditioning installation company, but they provide the best DIY projects for free! They have created so many videos in which they share their experiences in installing air conditioners and other plumbing projects. They also give us step by step instructions on how to install these with their DIY YouTube videos.

This is great for people who are just starting out renovating or building their own home because you can get the professional experience with The Brothers Green’s YouTube videos.

House & Home

House and Home is a Canadian television channel that hosts renovation shows and other lifestyle shows. They focus on how we can successfully live in our homes and communicate with each other, what we can do to make each other feel better or happier, and inspiration about home life.

DIY Network

DIY Network is a YouTube channel that has videos about DIY projects and things we can do in our homes. They have everything from videos about home décor, home improvement, and renovation to video tips for various different types of people. Their goal is to help people discover new things to do in their home without having to pay someone else to make it happen for them.


HGTV is a channel that covers all types of renovation and home improvement projects. They cover all types of things such as home décor, home improvement, and renovation. They show people how to make their homes look better and make their lives easier.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has her own YouTube channel so she can teach her viewers about how to do things in their homes and the best ways for them so they would be more efficient at it. Martha Stewart has a great personality that is reflected in her YouTube channel. She focuses on the things that are very useful for us to do at home to make our lives easier or even more beautiful. She also teaches us how to make different things that are important and necessary for general home knowledge.

Josh Templeton

Josh Templeton has an amazing DIY YouTube Channel that inspires people to live a healthier and more efficient life at home with their families and friends. He provides how-to guides and other handy tips that we can use to make our lives easier and better at home. He also has a series called "How to Buy a House" and he teaches us how we can buy our first house or renovate the one we already have. He has everything from guides on how to clean things around the house, DIY recipes for different things people store in the kitchen pantry, and even gardening projects.

Franco Hernandez

Franco Hernandez is a YouTuber that focuses on home renovation and small building projects. He shows people how to do things that they can’t do on their own and things that we could do that we never thought we could. He provides videos and tutorials about everything from installing and cleaning appliances and air conditioners, fixing plumbing problems, painting walls, and much more. He has a wide variety of videos so you can pick up anything you want to learn about because he covers all the basics.

Charles McBryde

Charles McBryde has a YouTube channel with DIY projects for home improvement and renovation. He provides videos about how to do things by yourself without having to pay someone else to do it. He teaches us how to clean, repair, and paint things around the house so that we have a better home cleanliness. He also provides videos about small building projects that are easy to do by yourself if you have the right materials or equipment.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot has their own YouTube channel that shows people how to fix things around their houses or any other thing that they need for their homes. They show us different types of tricks, how to do different things for our homes, and simple DIY projects where we can do them by ourselves without having to pay a professional. Their videos provide a variety of different types of home improvement and renovation projects so people can find what they would like to see about in a video.

And that's your 20 informative YouTube channels to help you with your home and condo design and living! These channels cater to different home topics, so you have a lot to choose from depending on what you need. And always remember, whenever we consult free videos from sites like YouTube, keep in mind to always be vigilant of the reliability and credibility of the different channels and their contents. Have a happy and safe binge watching!

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