QR Codes: Innovative Way for Small Business Marketing

Oct 18, 2021

Throughout the years, technology played an important role in transforming lives and making it easier for everyone. Moreover, the technology made it possible to have tools that can provide information or take you to different sites just through your fingertips. One of the most significant inventions is Quick Response codes or what is usually known as QR codes.

Quick response code is a type of barcode that allows any digital device to scan. It composed codes of information that whenever someone scans it, will automatically lead the person to a specific site or info. This is commonly used by marketers and advertisers to interact and provide information to their customers. 

In a fast-paced and now more cautious world, because of the pandemic, QR codes play a vital role in the business world. Not only because it is instant and fast, but it also lessens physical interaction as consumers are able to get info just by scanning with their own devices. To know more about ways on how you can maximize the use of QR codes, here are some ideas you can use:

Take your customers to a specific landing page on your local website

As a small business owner, you can use QR codes in directing your customers to your local website. This allows your customers to easily go to the landing page that you want them to see. You can direct your customers to articles or videos within your website that can convince them why your product is worthy of their money. You can also use this especially when you want to increase your traffic on a specific page of your website. This is best when you have online promos or sales because this will help you increase awareness. This could also help you convert your potential target market to customers. 

Scan information about your product or service

Another thing you can do with QR codes is to provide more information about your products or services. This can be a good use to interact with your customers more effectively. Whenever your customers scan your QR code, they will be able to see the benefits that your product offers. You can also use this to lead them to an ad or page where they can see the actual product you are offering. In this way, you get the attention of your customers and make them engage in your product or service. This is helpful especially if your product has a lot of technicalities or you are selling a condominium. QR codes can help you minimize having a lot of info in your creative and instead attract your customer to interact more with your offers. 

Direct your customer to contact you

This is very beneficial for small business owners because it helps your customers to easily contact you. Customers nowadays are more engaged with businesses when it’s accessible and easier for them to reach you. Having QR codes can attract your customers to inquire and probably buy from you. This is also helpful if you are a condo owner who wants to promote your place as an Airbnb or an agent who wants to sell a place. You can create posters with your QR code on it so that when a potential customer sees your poster, they can easily contact you. This can also help you to track and build a database of your potential customers. 

Show your business location

Just like directing your customers to contact you, you can also use this to direct your customers to your location. Since a lot of people are getting info now online, you can have posts where they can easily scan the QR and send the location where your business is. In this way, you make it easier for your customers to locate you. One of the evident characteristics of consumers nowadays is their need for convenience. Whenever they encounter trouble in locating you, it’s easier for them to lose interest and not purchase anymore. With that, QR codes will help you whether you have a small store in a province or promote a condo living in the city. This is also essential for tourists who are not aware of the location.

Use as a marketing tool in directing your customer to your Social Pages

Social media is one of the most helpful tools in building awareness for your business. With the use of QR codes, it will be easier for your customers to look for your pages. Instead of typing your business name, you could easily redirect your customers to your social media accounts and follow you. You can also use this whenever you run a digital ad, you can use this to engage your customer and easily track who among are potential buyers. 

Use it as a payment method

With the emergence of digital payments like Gcash, online banking, PayMaya, etc.; customers are now looking into payment methods where they can just transact it online. Additionally, the pandemic made us more cautious when it comes to face-to-face interaction. QR codes can lessen human interaction when it comes to payments, therefore, minimizing the risk of transferring viruses as well. You can also use this idea if you are an online shop, some banks can generate QR codes nowadays. This will help you and your customers avoid wrong transactions of sending payment. 

Direct your customer to your checkout page 

Almost all businesses now are available online especially when the pandemic started. A lot of businesses had to transform their physical stores and make them available online. With that, you can use QR codes to help your customer easily go to your product and checkout. There are a lot of e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada, with numerous products online sometimes it is hard to look for your product. But through links coded to your QR codes, it will be now easier for your customer to find yours. 

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