Reasons Why You Should Live In A Condo Near Your Work

Oct 07, 2021

For some experts today, the most incredibly appalling part of their work-life is the everyday drive between their home and office. It sure can be stressful, especially if you're in the busiest cities of the Philippines. In addition to the fact that these commutes burn through a ton of time, every day, but it's additionally incredibly costly and tiring. The vast majority who have long drives to work are left with little energy and excitement to do different things throughout everyday life, before and after their work hours. 

That's precisely why living near your workplace may be the answer. And to make that even better, perhaps looking for a ready for occupancy condo would do just the thing to take that everyday commute stress away from you. With Vista Residences' ready for occupancy condo units, you'd get to experience the benefits of living in the heart of the city while, of course, being near your workplace. There are undoubtedly many benefits of living close to your work environment other than the one mentioned. Here are some of them:

It saves a great deal of time

This is one of the most self-evident yet additionally one of the main advantages of living close to your work environment. The number of hours that you will save because of a faster and simpler drive amounts to a lot of time. You can utilize this time in countless alternate ways. 

It works out to be a lot less expensive

A more limited, faster, and simpler drive additionally converts into lower fuel costs and less expensive public travel passages. For example, suppose your condo in Makati is near enough. In that case, you could likewise consider strolling down to your office (which has its own arrangement of advantages for your wellbeing and the climate). Get that cardio pumping! 

You can save the planet in small ways

Going eco-friendly is the best way to push ahead nowadays. More limited drives and less traffic certainly affect the climate, as they assist with holding the contamination level in line. Carpooling is another eco-accommodating choice you can try out, especially when you live in a condo near your workplace. There are a lot of alternatives you can find when going to and from your workplace when you live at a condo in the heart of the city. 

Lessen the chance of getting in an accident 

It doesn't take a mathematician to sort this one out. Less time spent in your vehicle means less chance to become involved with a mishap. Hopefully, that doesn't happen to you if you ever use a car or ride-share service. But ultimately, living in a condo near your workplace means your workplace is just a few walking distances away. 

Get a good deal on gas 

Contemplate how much cash you go through on gas every month. When you save on gas, that means you can spend the money to treat yourself to things that would otherwise be spent on the ever-expensive gas prices in Manila and other cities in the Philippines. Not only that, let's say, for example, getting a condo in Quezon City would allow you to enjoy the entertainment districts, go into restaurants nearby, or perhaps get a much-deserved spa treatment to relax and unwind during weekends. 

The opportunities are even more endless when it comes to condo living with Vista Residences. When you avail a ready for occupancy condo with them, you are strategically situated near the business and entertainment districts. You don't need to spend too much on gas because they're just a few distances away from each other. Isn't that neat?

Lessen stress 

Indeed, your drive influences your psychological wellbeing. Drives can be unpleasant, segregating, and change your day directly consistently, especially if the traffic annoys you from getting to work on time. 

Become a more reliable employee 

When it's easier for you to get to work, you'll surely get there quickly and easily on time. This means fewer late starts as well as fewer absences. Not only are you doing yourself a favor, but you also make your supervisors and other workmates happier. 

Moreover, you can also get to your workplace if they ever need you in an emergency. Talk about being reliable! 

Boost your productivity 

In case you're feeling better, or when you're in a good mood when you arrive to work, you're bound to think more productively and clearly as well as being useful for the duration of the day. 

Further develop work-life/home life balance 

At the point when you live a short distance from work, taking your mid-day break at your condo turns out to be way more straightforward, and you can prepare and cook more suppers at home. It also turns out to be more practical to return to your condo on schedule, especially if you have children living with you. You can take the children to extracurricular exercises or perhaps even be able to help them in their studies! 

Deepen on your relationships 

Whether you are married or in a relationship, spending quality time with your loved one can make or break that relationship. That's especially true for couples who tend to spend too much time on work and only being able to come home late at night. One study has connected longer drives, or long commutes tend to increase the chance of getting separated. But that can be avoided when you live at a condo near your work. For instance, if you live in a condo in Pasig, you can get home earlier and spend time with your special someone. Heartfelt connections to the side, when you will get to know each other, you have more opportunities to show your loved ones the adoration they look for and merit. 

It is helpful for your wellbeing

Riding a bike or strolling down to work is an extraordinary method to pack in a day-by-day portion of actual exercise, which offers various medical and health advantages. This is, obviously, just attainable on the off chance that you live close enough to your work environment. 

You can strike the ideal balance between serious and fun activities: With constant, cash and energy that you save because of living close to your work environment, you have the chance to strike a brilliant balance between serious and fun activities.

Increase overall quality of life 

In fact, accomplishing any of the above would work on your personal satisfaction, yet it is essential to remember repeating it here on the grounds. Something as straightforward as commuting to your workplace shouldn't hamper how cheerful you are. 

Indeed, it's not difficult to discuss cutting your drive time, but it's harder to really do it, right? Primarily if you work in the city, even if you don't have any desire to live there.

You can have the best of both worlds with Vista Residences. If you're looking for a ready for occupancy condo to live near the heart of the buzzing city, consider taking a virtual tour at Vista Residences. Living and working in the city can be tricky sometimes, but it doesn't have to be that way. With smart decisions for making your work-life better and choosing the perfect ready-for occupancy condo, you can pretty much enjoy your personal lifestyle while still being effective at work. Moreover, one should check the property upon turnover to see if it fits one's lifestyle. 

If you are looking for a new home and condo, Vista Residences is the best option for you! Vista Residences is the condominium arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. that offers rent-to-own, ready for occupancy and pre-selling condominium projects in Manila, Makati, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Ortigas, Baguio, Cebu, and CDO that are strategically located within major cities, in close proximity to premium universities, transit oriented locations and developed business districts.

At Vista Residences, unit owners can take advantage of the property’s centrality. The properties of Vista Residences are strategically located near the country’s premium universities and CBDs, making them an attractive investment for both local and foreign investors.

For more information on Vista Residences, email [email protected], follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.   

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