Condo Investing | Tomas Morato: Quezon City’s Shining Gem

Jul 06, 2021

Quezon City is one of the largest and most populated cities in Metro Manila. Being the most populous city in Metro Manila, it has a very diverse cultural and ethnic background, a robust and booming business district, and can be said to be the center point of the Philippine entertainment industry as it is home to the two major broadcasting stations in the Philippines, claiming the name Philippine’s Hollywood. It is also home to many pre-selling and ready for occupancy condo projects to compensate for the large population in the city.

With the city being as big as it is, there are many different spots in the city which are known or famous in different areas. One of the most known areas in Quezon City that is located in the city’s South Triangle business district, and known for its undeniable business opportunities, exceptional dining experience, and fun nightlife is Tomas Morato.

Famous for its long row of entertainment spots like bars, clubs, discos, karaoke, and comedy bars along with almost unlimited dining options, Tomas Morato is the perfect spot to go to and have fun. Tomas Morato is also in the middle of the two major broadcasting stations, ABS-CBN and GMA, so it also became the go-to spot for local celebrities. That’s why there is not a dull moment when you come to Tomas Morato.

To help with getting started to fully experience Tomas Morato in the best way possible, Tomas Morato offers a variety of places to go to and enjoy one’s time. These bars are best for young professionals and college students who want to unwind and relax in the bustling city or the largest city in Metro Manila (Due to the pandemic some establishments might be closed or not 100% operational)

Here are the Top Resto Bars in Tomas Morato Quezon city

Taggo Bar 

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If someone was looking for a place that laughing out loud and listening to good music is the vibe, then Taggo Bar is the perfect place to be. With some of the funniest comedians performing, Taggo Bar also invites guest celebrities, dancers, and singers to provide the whole package for its audience.   


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Looking for that indulgent and delicious taste of Filipino food, Empacho is the perfect restaurant that serves rich and flavourful dishes that feel like a guilty pleasure with how much it satisfies one’s cravings.

Some of the recommended dishes are Balut Tempura, Crispy Pork Kare-kare, Empacho’s Lechon Belly, and many more.

Vitto’s Wine Bar

For a more mature and sophisticated vibe, visit Vitto’s Wine Bar. Named after the character Vitto from hit film classic, The Godfather, Vitto’s Wine Bar is dedicated to serving quality bottles of wine. The speakeasy bar where one can also get cocktails and spirits 

Guilly’s Night Club

For the night owls and party-goers, Guilly’s Night Club is the perfect place to let loose and kick it on the dance floor. With state-of-the-art lights and sound systems enjoy every moment of being under the spotlight. Guilly’s also keeps it fresh with different themes each night like “Ladies Night” and many more. 

There are still many more different spots to enjoy in Tomas Morato. It is almost impossible not to find something new to do when visiting the area.

The best and easiest way to enjoy what Quezon City has to offer, just like in Tomas Morato is having a place in the area. You won’t just have access to the entertainment spots but also enjoy the booming business district of Quezon City.

To help with that, Vista Residences Inc. offers Ready-for-Occupancy (RFO) projects in the area. Worry less about what to do after enjoying the different spots, since there is an easy-to-access condo right in the area. Vista Residences offers premium comfort and convenience to all its resident so that they may enjoy their time as much as they can

Vista Residences condominium properties are strategically located within inner-city areas, near popular entertainment spots, developed business districts, and prestigious universities. One of which is Wil Tower by Vista Residences. It is one of the ready for occupancy condo properties in Quezon City.


“Urban Sanctuary in Harmony with City Life”

Every city has its rhythm that seamlessly blends to an urban beat. Wil Tower by Vista Residences serves as the urban sanctuary in harmony with city life. Not only is it walking distance from Tomas Morato is also stands proud within the three central business centers – Quezon Avenue, Timog Avenue, and EDSA.

It is a 42-storey project located at Eugenio Lopez Dr., Quezon City. Launched in November of 2009 and Turned over last December of 2016. It offers studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom units. Wil Tower is home to many known and up n’ coming celebrities since it is near both ABS-CBN and GMA broadcasting stations.

It also has many amenities that include a swimming pool, kiddie pool, function room, playground, fitness center, and many more.

Other Vista Residences condos for sale in Quezon City include The Symphony Towers located at Timog Avenue and Pine Crest located in New Manila. Then, Vista Residences also has other projects in Quezon City that are in Katipunan, which are 309 Katipunan, Vista pointe, and Hawthorne Heights.

Having a condo in Quezon City is definitely be a good investment with all the major projects that are going on in the city, like the Build, Build, Build project. Also, the prices are still considerably lower due to the current situation.

One might ask if it is a good investment to get a condo during the pandemic while almost all establishments are either closed or just 50% functional. But it is already certain that this pandemic and this lockdown won’t last forever. When everything goes back to normal, businesses will start to open and prices will slowly but surely rise again. That is why now is the perfect time to invest.

If you are looking for the best property to invest in and experience a premium condo living in an ease of access location, check out the condominium properties of Vista Residences. It offers pre selling condo and ready for occupancy condo around the metro cities in the country. It has a complete set of amenities perfect for the ones who are looking for a place to de-stress from the busy corporate life.

For more information on Vista Residences, email [email protected], follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.

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