Vista Residences Partners with Streamtech for Quality Condo

May 23, 2021

This pandemic has made a big impact across the world as it has challenged, forced people, and industries to work under pressure. Establishments and institutions are forced to make drastic decisions and changes, due to the increasing percentage of the virus spreading across the Philippines, which eventually is forced to lockdown. This resulted in numerous challenges and this adversity took the lives and dreams of the people.

Internet access has become the key for every problem. As society gradually adjusts itself to the new normal, businesses have become reliant on technologies and internet connections for their ventures. Due to unceasing online lectures, virtual conferences, and meetings, the internet has become essential for students, employees, and individuals. Because of this, the work-from-home arrangement has even prompted a good number of condo residents to utilize their condo space for their working station.

With Internet access, everyone is open to opportunities. It is also the home of many creators and influencers from TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Other companies like Netflix and Iflix even took this opportunity to provide their customers with unlimited movies for entertainment thru the use of internet. Virtual games have also become popular as people are not allowed to make social gatherings and activities. In other words, the internet has become the new social gathering platform where all people can connect virtually.

Over time, the Internet has evolved, and with internet access, you can practically do everything from online shopping, online booking, food delivery, paying bills, investments, and many more. With the ever-expanding technological advancements, within no time, the internet will be the backbone of an individual’s success.

Vista Residences is the condominium development arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. Since its inception in 2003, it has established itself as a formidable player in the real estate industry and has been providing top tier quality condominiums for almost two decades now.

Vista Residences offers ready for occupancy condo units and pre selling condo around the metro cities in the country. With its vertical home, it makes the lives of the clients and residents much easier since everything they want is within reach. They also offer high-class properties in prime locations near the country’s prestigious universities and established business districts. Rest assured that the condo design and interior is worth investing and your condo living experience will be a memorable one as all amenities are already provided for you.

As demand rises for internet connection and has become the number one essential for transactions, Vista Residences has partnered with Streamtech for a quality condo living experience.

Streamtech is the telecommunications subsidiary of Villar-led Prime Asset Ventures, Inc. (PAVI). It is a multi-system operator (MSO) offering cable TV services, cable internet, and digital video broadcast. Streamtech’s current portfolio of services include fixed broadband for residential customers and small- and medium-sized enterprises, and direct internet access

Streamtech offers reliable, high speed internet connection for home or business and levels up your home entertainment experience. Vista Residences condo unit owners and tenants can choose the perfect duo for their condo unit with Streamtech’s product bundles such as Plan 1499 (Up to 20Mbps + Cable TV), Plan 1999 (Up to 25Mbps + Cable TV), Plan 2499 (Up to 50Mbps + Cable TV), Plan 2999 (Up to 75Mbps + Cable TV), and Plan 3999 (Up to 150Mbps + Cable TV).

Not only that, Streamtech offers a variety of bundles and plans that suits your lifestyle, besides offering home fiber plans they also offer SME products and services ideal for small to medium businesses and it enterprises products and services that offer the highest level of fiber internet and data services ideal for well-established businesses. Streamtech even offers other products to improve your experience and to level up the game with Extendifi Wifi Extenders, ZPack Vlogging Kit, ZPacks Gaming Kit, and DigiClass for your online class.

Vista Residences stays true to its mission in providing quality and comfortable condominium home, equipped with top-notch amenities and services for the convenience of every investors and owners. With its continuous strive to provide their preferred second home in the bustling cities of Metro Manila and nearby provinces, they make sure that every investor will get the satisfaction that they aim for their investment.

Their partnership with Streamtech only made the condo life experience on another level. This also implies that Vista Residences is optimistic to be digital and more technology-based in the future to be ahead from other developers.

This pandemic has made a lot of changes such as through the way we socialize with other people. Given the protocols, people are restricted to make physical interaction with other people, resulting for them to stay indoors. However, being stuck inside your homes does not connotes loneliness and boredom. Thru Streamtech, you can still explore the outside virtually and still connect with the ones you love. Not just that, a strong internet connection can even improve your skills as everything is now available online. Try to take this opportunity to hone your talents and prepare yourselves for your future. Besides, staying indoors will make you feel safe especially in this time of pandemic.

Young professionals living in condominiums of Vista Residences are equipped with fast internet connection which is essential for those who are working from home. Learning at home is also guaranteed with Streamtech as students can attend their online classes without interruption.

Indeed, Vista Residences is ready to take the challenges brought about by the pandemic, with the help of Streamtech. In this time of digitalization, Vista Residences is equipped and ready for the needs of its investors and clients.

If you are planning to invest in a condominium, Vista Residences has ready for occupancy and pre selling condo in Quezon City, Manila, Taguig, Pasig, and Mandaluyong. As they continuously expand their successful list of properties, Vista Residences now offers a convenient condo living in Cebu, Davao, Baguio, and Cagayan De Oro.

For more information on Vista Residences, email [email protected], follow @VistaResidencesOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, or call the Marketing Office at 0999 886 4262 / 0917 582 5167.

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