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Top Condo Trends That Will Rule 2021

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2020 saw its fair share of condo interior design trends that made young people think about what they really want to do and get out of their condo spaces.

We have seen everyone fell in love with natural materials and patterns with free-form shapes as well as fiber art and indoor gardens that added character to condo living. No wonder, these trends have taken the millennials’ creativity to a greater level by balancing aesthetics and functionality.

This 2021, have you ever asked yourself what condo trends will rule this year? We’ve got our eyes set on what this year has in store for you. Our crystal ball of condo trends says 2021 is going to be all about these exciting trends.

1. Plants, plants, and even more plants

If you thought the trend on living plants has been an unconditional hit of 2020 only, think again. 2021 is seen to bring us in close harmony with nature with “more-plants-into-our-condo” trend.

Are you ready for more vivid tropical motifs and floral prints this year? Brace yourself for a greener and more tropical vibe that will surely bring life to your condo unit this 2021. Indoor house plants like philodendron, fittonia and succulents will still be in this year.

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2. Textured walls

2021 is all about texture, texture, texture. This year’s condo interior design will surely ramp up the texture through the use of natural elements such as stone and wood that will draw in nature’s proximity.

Textured walls are said to help bring depth, dimension, unity, and mood to a condo space. Thus, if you have a smaller condo space, adding texture to your walls will make it look larger.

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3. Open shelves and gallery walls

It’s time to remove those cabinets and try having open shelves! This 2021, condo kitchens will see even more open shelving to display and make it easier for condo unit owner to access beautiful pieces of glassware and dishes.

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4. Sustainable condo living

We couldn’t be any prouder with sustainable and low-waste condo living! 2020 has made a lot of people become aware of reducing their environmental impact and we can’t wait how this trend will continue to be thought about and applied into condo living!

From the use of sustainable condo furnishings, many people have also learned and explored the concept of “thoughtful consumption” which is focused on second-hand finds, eco-friendly products, and suppliers with transparent and sustainable practices.

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5. Bright palette

One of the main color trends to watch out for this year is the emphasis on light and fresh colors and bright palettes which can be translated in the design of furniture, lamp, and condo accessories.

This color trend brings a big advantage of reflecting a lot of light that makes a condo space feel warmer and more spacious. This 2021, the classic white will still be in style as well as light gray tones.

6. Minimalism in condo design and décor

Minimalism is expected to become a bigger trend this 2021 which entails using fewer elements and simplistic designs to furnish condo interior. This trend will surely make your condo unit look clean, classic, and organized. It will also make your living space feel bigger and more open.

This year, a new concept of minimalism is taking over the world of interior design – Japandi. 

Japandi is the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design sensibilities that combines clean lines, bright spaces, and light wood as well as natural elements. This trend is inviting us to get rid of the unnecessary and adopt a more authentic and relaxing condo interior and vibe.

7. New buzzword: Cottagecore

A new and exciting trend has emerged as more and more people are choosing to stay at home these days.

Cottagecore is the latest condo trend which is all about making your condo space cozy and artistic at the same time. Try applying this trend with the use of vintage elements such as carefully chosen antiques as well as comfortable pillows and other textiles to make your condo space relaxing, calming and aesthetic.

There are a lot of ways to make your condo interior on-trend this year but nothing beats making it as welcoming and comfortable as possible.  You can always use the trends as guide to make your condo space more aesthetic but always remember that the best way to dress it up is to adjust it according to your taste and personality. 

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