Condo Tips: Top Tourist Destination for the Holy Week

Apr 05, 2022

The long weekend is coming as the Holy Week is coming on the town. Are you thinking about where to go on the holy week season? Planning for a perfect getaway with the family? Looking for a holy week destination for the long weekend getaway that is also perfect for summertime? Here are some that should you put on your list of the top holy week destinations in the Philippines.  

Holy Week

It is the most sacred week in some traditions of Christianity. Holy week is an opportunity for Christians and those who believe in Him to reflect on His sacrifice on the cross to save humanity. It is a string of eight days.

Palm Sunday, is the celebration of Jesus’s entry to Jerusalem. The holy week is the week leading up to Easter. Maundy Thursday commemorates the foot washing and Jesus Christ's Last Supper together with His 12 Apostles. While Good Friday commemorates Jesus’ crucifixion and death at Calvary. Moreover, Holy Saturday is the day that commemorates the resting of Jesus’ body in the tomb. And lastly, Easter Sunday is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

Holy week is one of the longest holidays in the Philippines. It is an official holiday so many people are preparing for different activities and adventures. It is also the best time to go up on a summer trip with family and friends. But the downside of this holiday is that almost everyone else is heading out of town. It is good to make plans for a long weekend but the worst nightmare such as traffic, not finding available accommodations, and other worse things that you might face due to different circumstances can able to change your mood to go out on a holiday trip. Fortunately, if you were thinking about where to go on the holy week for your family trip, here are some recommendations of top holy week destinations in the Philippines for tourists and especially even the locals.  


If you want to enjoy your long weekend this holy week season, Cebu is one of the favorite holy week destinations in the Philippines. There’s a lot of fun and religious activity in Cebu. People from Metro Manila love to visit Cebu because of its crystal-clear waters and the historic and prettiest churches the country has to offer.

It is a perfect getaway with family as the whole family will enjoy the activities such as diving, snorkeling, Visita Iglesia which is very perfect and timely for the holy week season, and many more! Here are some of the things that you should see and visit in Cebu, and for sure you’ll going to hope the time to take slow for the experience that the place will offer.

The number one on the list that you should experience is the canyoneering to Kawasan Falls. This is perfect for those family members that craving an adventure for a very long time. Next to that you shouldn’t have missed is to explore the beaches of Bantayan Island, here you can see one of the best beaches in the country. You should also discover on Sumilon Island the Vibrant Marin Biodiversity and try as well Camotes Island water adventures such as cliff diving. Aside from adventures and church visits, don’ forget to go on a food trip especially Lechon in Cebu! The famous Lechon Cebu that loved by all the tourists and local individuals.

Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur 

If you are from Metro Manila, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur are roughly an eight hours drive. These provinces are quite popular for their century-old churches and natural surroundings. This location is perfect for those who are conducting the Visita Iglesia, or the tradition of visiting and praying to several churches. These provinces are also a perfect getaway for the family this holy week as there are many activities that the family can enjoy during their stay.  

Some attractions in these provinces that you must visit this holy week with your family are the biggest church in Ilocos Norte and the beaches in the area that are worth going for snorkeling and scuba diving. You must not miss out when you visit the Ilocos Region on the sandboarding at the dunes. Don’t forget the country’s 4th longest bridge in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte as well as the Bangui windmills that is one of the tourists’ favorite locations in the region. And of course, don’t forget to visit the Unesco World Heritage Site, the Historic City of Vigan.


Batanes is another option for a perfect getaway from the hot weather in the Metro. If your family is truly looking for a place to go this Holy Week, Batanes should be on your list. It is also labeled as the Philippines’ New Zealand with its picturesque sights and serene. It is the best place to reflect and revitalize in time for lent. Chawa cave, Batang Islands, Sabtan, and the Itbayat are some of the locations where you can reflect at the same time enjoy the moments.

Don’t miss the lighthouses of Batanes which are frequented by tourists as well as the Alapad Hills and Rock Formation, Vayang Rolling Hills, Sabtang Island Stone Houses, Chawa Viewdeck, Dipnaysupuan Japanese tunnel, and many more.


This is one of the closest locations in Metro Manila which is also the most visited tourist location in the county during the Holy Week season. Pampanga is filled with religious shrines and historical churches that even people from over the world travel to our country to admire. This is one of the best holy week destinations if you are thinking about where to go on the holy week with your family as there are a lot of things Pampanga has to offer. There are numerous reenactments of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion where you can reflect on Jesus' sacrifices to humanity.  

For those who are looking for more budget-friendly travel and top tourist destination to go near Metro Manila for Holy Week, here are some of the destinations you may enjoy with your family and friends as well.  

  1. Manuel Uy Beach (Calatagan, Batangas)
  2. Sagada (Mountain Province)
  3. Puting Buhangin at Kwebang Lampas (Quezon)
  4. Anawangin (Zambales)
  5. Puerto Galera
  6. Laguna

Above all these, it’s a holiday after all so you should expect that there are other people at the destination you plan to go to. Depart early is highly recommended to avoid the traffic and secure a good spot.

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