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Nov 16, 2021

One of the main selling points of condo living is bringing work closer to you. Condominiums from Vista Residences are strategically constructed in popular business district centers to cater to workers who want to avoid lengthy travels from home to work and vice versa. In addition to this is the convenience of your workplace and condo being a five to ten-minute walk from each other. 

Conversely, you can be in your condo right now looking for a job. After sending your application and CV to a few companies, one company took interest in your application and has contacted you for a job interview. 

From there, you are now on the advent of landing a job. But interviews can cause some apprehension. In worse cases, it can be nerve-racking. Albeit tense, this is a necessary application process for the employer to understand your experience, skillset, and personality. 

But at the end of the day, being confident, liked, and understood will be the key indicators to your success in getting hired. 

So use anything in your condo design to prepare for this interview. Here are some ways to ace your upcoming interview and land the job

Do company research

If you are applying to a certain company, the first order of business should be knowing the company. As an applicant, you should know how to describe the company and what it does in a single sentence. To add further, look for the company’s goals and achievements. Finally, you might want to know the working environment; how employees are generally treated. 

Websites, social media, and in-print materials will most likely contain the specified information. If that is not enough, ask your job recruitment correspondent about the company. This will show that you are truly interested in the company. 

Dress appropriately

Your job interview outfit will set the interviewer’s first impression of you. If you look clean and hygienic, then the interviewer probably has a good first impression of you and now you just have to build on that. Conversely, a bad outfit and being unsanitary might turn your interviewer off before the interview even starts. 

If you do not know what to wear, you can add to your research how current employees dress, wear what you deem appropriate, or just ask your job recruitment correspondent what you should wear. 

A final reminder, the goal of your outfit is to be neat, not extravagant. There is no need to show off expensive clothing and accessories. 

Do not be late

This cannot be stressed enough. Be late for your job interview and you will be in for a rude awakening. This will be a horrible look on you. 

That being said, the ideal time to show up for your interview is around fifteen minutes before the said time. If you are uncertain of the location and traffic situation, use online apps to determine the location and travel time, respectively. 

It is fine to show up a tad too early. Just wait somewhere and review your notes and compose yourself. What you would not want to show up late. 

Keep it short but sweet 

While this interview is for you to express yourself a bit more, this is not a platform for you to keep talking and talking. For example, if prompted with, “tell me about yourself,” this does not give you the license to ramble on about your childhood. Instead, use this opportunity to highlight your strengths and goals. 

Having succinct and straight-to-the-point answers not only saves time but the interviewer will also be impressed by your ability to answer questions in a few words. Just do not be short on information. 

Be honest 

No application is perfect but lying will not hide your application’s inadequacies. Also, nobody appreciates a liar trying to look good. 

There should be no reason to lie. The company reviewed your CV and granted you an interview in spite of your gaps and weaknesses. Therefore, stay true to yourself and do not make anything up. Highlight your merits and acknowledge your shortcomings. This way, the company will commend your ability to work around your weaknesses.

Do not oversell

For instance, the interviewer asks, “why should we hire you?” This is not your chance to show off or embellish your strengths and achievements. Being the company’s messiah is not an image you should strive for. Similarly, boastfulness and arrogance are negative traits among employers. 

To give a reason on why you should be hired, talk about skills—especially soft skills—and perhaps former experience. From these, explain how you can be an asset to the company. 

Do not be in a rush

When faced with a tough question, do not be compelled to answer immediately. Rushed answers tend to be confusing and on worse scenarios, inappropriate. 

If a question seems too difficult to answer, take a deep breath and take a few seconds to really form a well-thought-off answer. This will show how composed and organized you are in times of pressure. 

Stay calm

As aforementioned, you will get apprehensive and tense. It is a conversation with someone you do not know set professionally. While the nerves are more or less a given, how you handle your nervousness will make your interview stand out. 

Sit up straight and smile. Stay calm and do not fidget around. Speak loudly and confidently. Maintain eye contact. It will look good on you if you can conceal your nerves. 

Many factors that could play a role in your eventual hiring or rejection include the personality of the interviewer and the company you are applying to. However, equipping yourself with the eight tips above gives you a vivid idea of how you can conduct yourself in an interview to at least give yourself a shot at getting hired. 

If you attain mastery over the eight aforementioned tips, despite the nerves of any typical interview, you can say that you are ready to take on any interview. 

And once you are officially part of the company you are applying to, then you can start thinking about adjusting your life to your work, like purchasing and moving into a ready-for-occupancy condo near your workplace. 

But while that is not available yet, you must continue to practice and master being successful in interviews. Then let the results of success follow suit. 

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