How to be a Responsible Condominium Resident

Aug 16, 2021

A condominium unit is a part of a condominium property, which is individually owned and occupied. Condo unit owners share and own common areas, such as pools, garages, elevators and hallways and gyms, to name a few.

In condo living, you will get to meet and live with different kinds of people within the same floor, and the same building. As a condominium unit owner, you have to know your rights and responsibilities to avoid any penalties, issues or conflicts with the other condo unit owners. You have the right to be the exclusive owner of the unit, vote in matters concerning the condominium corporation, and access common areas and amenities such as pool, fitness center, and function room.

Meanwhile, as a condominium unit owner, you have the responsibilities to maintain the unit itself, pay common expenses like the condo dues, and participate in governing the condominium corporation.

In living in a condominium property, you need to observe good condo etiquette and be aresponsible condo resident in order to enjoy a hassle-free condo living experience.

We have listed some tips on how to become a responsible condo resident in order for you to live in perfect harmony with other condo unit owners.

Watch over your pets

Nowadays, there are more and more condo residents who live with their pets. If you are one of them, it is your main responsibility to make sure that your pet does not disturb your neighbors and other condo residents.

As a pet owner, you should be able to control the noise being produced by your pet and make sure to keep them on leash while walking them along the condo corridors and within the community.

You also have to keep them clean at all times to minimize pet odor. If you go outside your unit, you should always bring a plastic bag in case your pet poops in the lobby. Make sure to clean your pet’s litter immediately, especially if it happens in the common areas of the condominium.

Observe garbage rules

No condo dweller wants his living place full of trash. As a condo resident, it is your responsibility to keep the area clean and dispose of any garbage properly at all times.

Make sure that you know the regular schedule for garbage collection so you will always be on time in taking the trash out of your unit. This will help prevent the possibility of havingpests in the unit and having leftover waste stinking in your unit and spreading to nearby units after a long period of time.

Settle condo dues on time

A responsible condo resident knows how to pay his association dues on time. A good condo resident knows and understands that association dues are being used for the maintenance of condo amenities and facilities, conducting pest control services in common areas, and payment of government permits, among others.

Since the dues are to be settled every month, you have to take note of the important payment dates so you will not miss a payment and avoid landing on the delinquent list of residents in your condo, and being charged with penalty fees.

Control noise at a certain level

One of the most common complaints of condo residents is the noise level. In this case, you have to be sensitive and limit the noise level to a minimum to avoid disturbing your neighbors who live very near you. You also have to think about how they are also sensitive to your noise needs when you want some quiet time inside your condo.

Be aware of parking rules

Condo buildings have different sets of rules including parking. Make sure to know the parking rules that are being implemented in the condo and respect parking spaces, especially those that are assigned to specific condo unit owners.

Avoiddouble parking, and always stay in your own parking space. You should always follow the condo rules on common parking spaces, which also includes waiting times for vehicles. This will help you avoid unnecessary conflicts with other condo residents who also park their vehicles in the area.

Smoke responsibly

If you are smoking, you have to be aware that the smoke can travel to the other units. Show respect to your neighbors by smoking in designated areas in the condo building. Properly dispose of your cigarette butts and do not just throw them outside your window. You should also check the legal smoking areas in your condominium complex.

Regularly attend condo association meetings

As a condo unit owner, you must know that you are a part of a larger condo community. Make an effort to attend the regular meetings of your condo association so you will be in the loop of the latest updates from your condo developer. This will also help you become aware of the important things to address in the condo as well as the immediate plans of the developer.

Use common areas properly

One of the benefits of condo living is the exclusive use and access of amenities such as pool, gym, and function room. You have to remember that these areas are used by every condo resident so make sure to use them responsibly.

As a condo resident, you have to be responsible and mindful of the impact you will create to other condo residents and to the condo community as a whole. You have to always remember that living in a condominium is all about rules, regulations, and mutual respect. By obeying the rules, you can expect a more positive residential experience.

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