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How to Create a Sanitation Area in your Condo

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The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed our lifestyle. Going out is not as easy as before in the fear of getting the virus and the spiking cases. Wearing face masks and bringing hand sanitizers when leaving our homes are now part of our essential duty to keep ourselves protected from the virus. Doing the bare minimum is not enough to not catch the disease.

As the spread of COVID-19 has driven us to stay indoors, our homes have practically become our office, gym, restaurant, and many others. However, if we plan on making our homes a safety zone from the virus, it is important to keep them clean and healthy for the unforeseeable future.

Face masks and hand sanitizers are only part of the new normal’s fundamental practices. Keeping ourselves and our environment clean when we reach our homes is an essential practice in preventing and protecting our health during a disease outbreak. It is vital to practice extra precaution for our safety as well as the safety of our loved ones. One way to do this is to set up a sanitation area to get everyone to disinfect and sanitize before entering their homes.

Ideally, the sanitation area should have everything that you need when you leave your homes and when you come back later on. Some of these things should include disinfecting products such as a disinfecting mat, face masks, face shields, your change of shoes, etc. These products should help keep our homes clean and safe from the virus by washing, sanitizing, and disinfecting areas that we have touched and also common surfaces in our homes such as doorknobs, switches, gadgets, etc. Normalize having these home essentials in your households to create your sanitizing station.

So how do we create a coronavirus-free home? Here are some tips on how you can create a sanitation station in your condo.

Place your sanitation area at your entrance door

As a condo user, it would be ideal to have your sanitation area at your entrance door. The first thing to avoid contact with the virus, we should now allow it to enter. Placing your sanitation area at your entrance door will keep everyone disinfected before they enter your home. Also, it will serve as their reminder to sanitize before and after socializing outside for necessities. This is the safest and most convenient way of accessing the area without needing to enter your room first.

Store essentials in a cabinet

The area also should be accessible and spacious enough to store the essential things that you will be needing. Say, for example, a mini cabinet where you can store your alcohol, disinfectant products, masks, and gloves. Put all the essential products in the cabinet and organize them properly so accessing them would not be a hassle. Also, this will make sure that your essentials are properly arranged and safe from sunlight, especially for alcohol.

A cabinet is also essential for the ones with toddlers or kids in middle childhood inside their homes. You can make sure that your loved ones will not utilize it for fun and so they are safe from the hazard of these disinfectants.

Use dispensers

You may also purchase sanitizing dispensers and disinfecting wipes which you can use to wipe the doorknobs, your gadgets, and other areas that you have touched since entering your condo. Do not forget to put a waste bin on the side to properly dispose of used masks and other trash.

Dispensers will also make your lives easier. All you have to do is to refill it with alcohol or any essentials and it’s easy to use. Also, you can avoid using more bottles which can lessen your trash at home.

Place a separate laundry bin

Going outside might put you at risk of being in contact with the virus. If you are coming home from a high-risk environment, remove your clothes and put them straight into a separate laundry or into your washing machine. It is important to remove the clothes that you use before you enter your home, as you never know if you had contacted someone who might have the virus.

It is also essential to prepare your clothes before going outside and place them inside your essentials cabinet so you can change your clothes immediately.

Put a disinfecting mat

You should also put on a disinfecting mat just before entering your condo. Make sure to clean the mat before and after using it. It is also important to have a designated place where you can drop off your shoes when you get home. The main purpose of this is to not spread the dirt that your shoes have accumulated when you went out. Afterward, you may use disinfectant wipes or other solutions to make sure that your shoes are clean.

With many of us leaving our condos for work and errands, it is important to choose a particular space in our homes wherein everyone can disinfect and sanitize before entering. Having your sanitization area in your condo provides you the essential things that you need in a pandemic.

You may choose to decorate and organize your sanitation area according to your preferences to make it functional and easy to maintain. Most importantly, this is one way of practicing self-care and setting your place up as a healthy environment to live in. Remember, you will be spending much of your time at home during the pandemic, so it is essential for you to keep your surroundings clean, organize, and hygienic.

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