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Milk Tea Flavors You Can Make in Your Condo

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Given the limited movement of people in the community during this pandemic, the desire of citizens to satisfy their milk tea cravings has been intensified. This pandemic cannot stop the milk tea craze among Filipinos. According to GrabFood, Filipinos rank second as the highest milk tea drinkers in Southeast Asia. 

But in line with the unprecedented situation going on, only a few numbers of milk tea shops accommodate dine-ins and take-outs, this hinders the cravings of milk tea lovers during this time of isolation. But this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a cup of milk tea while you enjoy your condo living. So let’s spill some recipes of fan favorite milk tea that you can make yourself in your condo kitchen. 

Wintermelon Milk Tea 

It is one of the crowd’s favorites! Wintermelon, or kundol in Filipino, makes a sweet and healthy drink option due to its richness in vitamins and antioxidant content. To quench your thirst for wintermelon milk tea, prepare black tea, wintermelon syrup, milk, tapioca pearls, and ice. When you are done preparing, brew your tea, then add the wintermelon syrup and milk to add some taste. Afterwards, prepare your tapioca pearls and ice in a separate container, and then pour the mixture. Stir it and you’re done! Style your condo kitchen and find the best spot to capture your do-it-yourself milk tea. 

Matcha Milk Tea 

If you are a lover for matcha, then this recipe is a perfect match for you. This refreshing beverage is mixed with earthly flavors that balance out when mixed with sweetener, like honey, and milk. To try this out in your condo, get matcha powder, any type of sweetener, vanilla, creamer, and hot water. The first thing to do is to whisk your matcha powder in a bowl with the hot water. After stirring for a few minutes, you should see a foamy consistency on the mixture. Then, pour it in a cup, and add a vanilla, together with your choice of sweetener. And for the last step, add the milk to the mixture. Stir it thoroughly, and a perfect matcha milk tea is ready to serve. You might want to add your favorite toppings and ice to your milk tea if you prefer to. 

Yakult Milk Tea 

If you have a stock of your favorite Yakult drink in your condo, might as well try this quarantine food experiment and make a milk tea out of the Yakult. You just need to get your favorite tea bag, milk, and a bottle of Yakult. Brew your favorite tea bag with boiling water, then add some milk. After mixing it together, empty out an entire Yakult bottle into your mug. Stir it and taste your masterpiece. You may opt to put some sinkers, like sliced lychee-flavored jelly to add some texture to your drink. This is perfect if you have kids living with you in your condo. This is the best way to give them a new taste to their favorite Yakult drink. There’s no need to bring your kids outside to experience this flavorful milk tea drink. All you need is a little effort to mix your beverages and pour out your love to this recipe!

Coffee Milk Tea 

Are you both a coffee and milk tea lover? You do not have to choose between these two when you can have it both. Level up your condo living experience with this drink combination. Coffee milk tea blends two beverages into one drink that gives you that caffeine drink. All you need to prepare is milk, tea, sugar, and of course, a cup of coffee, brewed coffee is recommended. First, you need to mix the milk, tea, and sugar. Stir it until the sugar dissolves. Then, add your freshly brewed coffee. Make sure that the milk tea and coffee have an equal proportion.You can serve it hot nor cold. You can start sipping your drink in your favorite spot inside your condo while relaxing. 

Strawberry Milk Tea 

If you opt to have a sweet and fruity flavor for your milk tea, then you must try making strawberry milk tea in your condo. If you reside in a condo in Baguio, you get the privilege to have easy access to strawberries in the market. You only need a black or green tea, strawberries, milk, and some syrup. You need to crash the strawberries first, then add your milk, then pour the tea, and then add the syrup. Mix it well and add some ice and tapioca pearls to your drink. 

But if you are not a fan of strawberries, you can get any type of fruits to flavor your milk tea. Just make sure to mash your fruits to extract its juices, and the same instructions apply. 

Brown Sugar Milk Tea 

If you’re up to a sugary concoction, try making a brown sugar milk tea at the comforts of your condo. Just get ready with your dark brown sugar, water, cooked tapioca pearls, tea bag, milk, and ice. In a saucepan, combine your brown sugar with water and bring the mixture to boil. Then, squeeze your syrup on the sides of your cup, and then add your tapioca pearls. Afterwards, pour your brewed tea and then mix your milk. Shake or stir your drink, then you’re done! 

Brown Sugar Oat Milk Tea 

If you’re on a diet but you are torn between satisfying your cravings or sticking to your diet plan, this brown sugar oat milk tea is the answer. This drink is both a sinful and healthy mixture of drinks, which is perfect for any time of the day. Just get a black tea, brown sugar, syrup, oat milk, and ice. All you need to do is combine the brown sugar and water with a proportion of 2:1. Microwave this for 20 seconds, then let it rest. Afterwards, slowly swirl the brown sugar syrup on your cup, then pour your oat milk on the cup. Finally, put some ice on your cup and pour your tea. Rest assured that you will not feel guilty drinking this beverage. 

There are limitless flavor combinations that you can make with your favorite milk tea without risking your health from going out from your condo. Your craving for this thirst-quenching drink will be satisfied with these homemade drinks. The milk tea recipes are spilled! Now, it’s your time to do it! 

Make your condo living extra productive with these milk tea recipes and try to check your available resources in your condo kitchen. If you do not have any stock in your kitchen, might as well get your list done and buy it to your nearest groceries. Condo living is less hassle if you know that you are just near to shops where you can buy your essentials. So if you are still looking for a ready for occupancy condo in your area, consider looking for stores or groceries where you can buy your essentials -- this includes your milk tea ingredients, of course. 

You do not need to spend any more for cups of milk tea during your get-together in your condo, because you can already make a gallon of your chosen drink at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is start experimenting, maximize your resources, and get someone to share your drink with. After all, there’s nothing sweeter than a cup of milk tea shared with someone you love.

Vista Residences is the condominium arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., which offers ready for occupancy and pre-selling condominium projects in Manila and Quezon City that are strategically located within inner-city areas, in close proximity to premium universities and developed business districts.

Vista Residences is the condominium arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., which offers ready for occupancy and pre-selling condominium projects in Manila and Quezon City that are strategically located within inner-city areas, in close proximity to premium universities and developed business districts.

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