Spooky Fun Halloween Decorations and Themes For Your Condo

Sep 19, 2021

The witching month is just around the corner! Whether you’re hosting a mini-Halloween party in your condo unit or just doing a little condo decorating project, it’s time for you to get spooky with your Halloween theme.

Bear in mind that you don’t have to choose a scary theme to decorate your condo. This year, you may want to consider a fun and unique theme instead.

Time to get in the Halloween spirit amid the pandemic and decorate your condowith these tips.

Ghosts, bats, and black cats

These elements and creatures are commonly associated with Halloween so incorporating them into your theme this year is a great idea.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying these, it’s actually easy to DIY them using construction paper and white sheets or fabric. Be creative and use your imagination in crafting them!

Think spooky but fun

Spooky fun doesn't have to be scary - it can be playful, colorful, and fun. Think using candy corn and displaying them in Halloween-themed mason jars or having skull-designed scented candles in your condo. You can also be creative and resourceful by decorating some empty wine bottles to make ghost-like candle holders.


While the Jack-o-lantern is a classic Halloween decoration, you can make it even more unique and artistic by painting the pumpkin in a different color, exploring new cut out options, or even adding some accessories to lessen the spooky vibe.

Go color crazy

For a modern and elegant take on Halloween, you can try a colorchange in your condo to show off your Halloween style. Try simple changes like using jack-o-lantern wine cups, hanging black curtains, using orange throw pillows on your couch and putting out pumpkin-shaped or pumpkin-designed coasters can turn your condo into a charmingly spooky Halloween place.

You can also place spooky or Halloween-themed wreaths on your door. You can be a little more creative by decorating it with anything from skulls to bats to whatever your imagination can think of.

You can also try adding a spooky doormat outside your unit too! There are a lot of online shops that offer quality yet affordable Halloween home decorations.

Friendly alternatives

If you’re not into scary things this Halloween, you can still be creative and decorate your condo!

Consider using friendly alternatives such as fall-themed decorations. Think hay stalks, synthetic dried corn and leaves.

Giant Spiders and Cobwebs

Aside from ghosts, black cats, bats, and skulls, giant spiders and cobwebs are also common items we see during Halloween. Nothing is scary than a giant spider dangling from your front door! If you don’t want to buy one at the store, you can also DIY using a few craft items.

Time travel

This Halloween, travel back in time and use vintage Halloween decorations which include witches, black cats, pumpkins and devils.

You can check your favorite local thrift shop or purchase unique items online and decorate them with old lace doilies and antique photos.


Who says you cannot do anything with lights? You can make things a little more fun this Halloween by switching out the light bulb to a different color or by adding some flickering artificial candles to create a spooky effect!

DIY Spellbooks

Use books that you are no longer using and you don’t mind destroying. Transform these books into a witch’s library and add some crumpled tissue paper and paint for a more Halloween vibe.

Add condo balcony Halloween decorations

Halloween decorating should not stop inside your unit, why don’t you extend this fun activity to your balcony?

The balcony is a great place to be creative and go all out with your decorations. You can create a spooky scene complete with skeletons, bats, witches and more! You can also try adding some glow-in-the-dark elements in the balcony window or hanging floating witch hats or skeletons

Halloween is for more than just trick or treating, it can be enjoyed by both kids and kids at-heart. With so many fun party decoration ideas, you can mix and match different items to be able to come up with suitable elements that represent your chosen Halloween theme.

If you want it to be a full experience, you can also reflect your theme with the food and drinks that you will be serving. Don’t forget to use fun Halloween themed table cloth, put some fake creepy crawlers between the dishes or add some fun mini pumpkins to the table.

Halloween is always such a fun time of the year, especially if you’re fond of decorating. Whether you're into super spooky or fun decorations, there are a lot of things that you can do and so many fun creative ways you can explore to decorate your condo space.

With just a little effort and imagination, you can transform your condo into a spooky fun space. So, go ahead, go nuts, have fun and most of all – have a Happy Halloween!

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