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5 DIY Halloween Decorations for your Condo

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After just setting up light Christmas decorations, it’s time to strip them off again, making room for thrilling and spooky designs.

Whether condo-owners are looking for ways to spice up their ready-for-occupancy condo or rent-to-own condo, Halloween decorations are condo-owners best bet during the first week of October. From cutting out paper bats to lighting up pumpkins and having a family or friends get-together Halloween party, there’s still a chance to add in dramatic colors and designs during the first week of October. 

If condo-owners don’t want to add anything extra and take the easy way out, they could just place Halloween decorations around their condos. There are endless possibilities for making a bit of spooky decor. With all the variety of options for adding in Halloween decor, there’s still a chance for condo-owners to create their unique designs. To spark some ideas to revamp the condo for Halloween, here are fast and easy Halloween condo designs anyone can make inside their homes:

Lighting up Pumpkins

Nothing welcomes November or Halloween better than using its signature color - orange. And what is the signature spooky orange fruit? Pumpkins!

One of the ways to add in Halloween decorations would be placing pumpkins in different areas of the condo, creating a striking effect when turned on. From having blonde female pumpkins placed in the hallway and bedrooms to black and white cat pumpkins placed near kitchens and home theatres, different types of pumpkins can create unique looks for condo living. It’s best to place them near windows so condo-owners can enjoy looking out while sitting down or just taking a stroll.

If condo-owners have friends and family around, pumpkin-carving is the best way to spend the month of October. Children can be given pumpkins and let loose to create their designs. If children are afraid of cutting off their fingers, parents can do the carving while children paint. This way, parents can supervise them while having fun at the same time.

Cutting Paper Bats for Halloween Decorations

Another great way to add in Halloween decorations is by making paper bats. All condo-owners would need are black ink, white pencils, and an old newspaper. With these items, condo-owners could make their own spooky customized bats, which can be placed around or inside condos. Other great Halloween decorations include making a spider web and hanging it inside the condo. With a little white paper, the most basic of Halloween decorations are created. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work to have this done, but it sure does add to the atmosphere easier than any other type of Halloween decor.

When making paper bats, there are numerous ways on how to make them: First, make a paper bat and draw the design on it. To make sure the image is very clear, place it next to a black light and look at it under the black light. Once the image is clear, use colored markers to fill out the shape, or use black paper instead. The next step condo-owners want to do is use double-sided tape to stick the paper bats on their walls, or use strings and tapes to hang them from the ceiling.

This can also spice up the condo design through these small details. This can also be easy to do since family members of friends can collaborate in making this one, this does not only create a bonding but it would also make the condo living experience more meaningful. 

Making DIY Spider Webs

Halloween is more fun when it’s touching everyday objects. And what is the most spooky grey color object that could be used for this? Spider webs!

There are many ways condo-owners can improvise their spider webs: using paper, yarn, or cotton. When making spider webs out of paper, condo owners can get themselves big cartolinas, magazines, or old newspapers that they can piece together making one big sheet of paper. The next thing that they would do is to fold the paper in a cone shape, and cutting it, making a big Kirigami spider web. 

If condo-owners are scared of spiders, they could use colored markers to fill out the shape of the spider web. If condo-owners want to make the spider web a bit more realistic, they could also use black paper instead. The next step would be to tape or use strings and tapes to hang the spider web from the ceiling.

Spider webs as part of Halloween condo design would make the condo look more spooky, and creepy.

Hanging cheesecloth ghosts

This Halloween DIY condo design is a no-brainer. If condo-owners can buy cheesecloth in a nearby mall or grocery, hanging friendly ghosts are a fun touch and will not frighten the little ones. These can be hung above the dining table or doorway entry. Cheesecloth ghosts are like paper bats, making an easy DIY decoration to do. If condo-owners can buy finished white paper, they could just cut out the black part of the finished paper, leaving space for the ghost to be placed. However, if they are trying to use natural materials, painting is just more convenient.

Blowing Halloween balloons

One of the easiest things to do these days is to buy balloons and fill them with your favorite colors. Then they can be stood up around the balcony so the intention is to create a 3D effect. A look-out point with a bang can be created by blowing air into the color balloons, giving unmissable decorations to the condo owners. Designing the balloons with silly ghost faces will make anyone’s Halloween festive and fun. 

Revamping the condo design to a Halloween-inspired theme for November would not only turn your condo spooktacular, but it will also create a great experience with family and friends, which then level up your condo living experience. These wide selections of Halloween ideas would also allow condo-dwellers to mix styles according to their desired condo design. Nothing should hinder one's creativity because any theme for condo design is achievable even with the limited resources inside the condo. All it takes someone for a Halloween-themed condo is the courage to start making decorations and sparkling it with some spooky ideas.

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