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Top Korean Drama Movies You Can Watch in Your Condo

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At the onset of the pandemic, staying indoors in the safety of our homes and condo units quickly became the norm. With the continuous rise of COVID cases, travels, social activities, and activities outside of our homes took a back seat and forced us to engage in various types of activities that can be done without going outside to keep ourselves entertained.

Even before the pandemic, Hallyu or the Korean wave has been steadily making its way here in the Philippines. But now more than ever, K-Drama series and movies became household staples and are easily available through on-demand streaming services such as Netflix, Viu, and other websites and mobile apps.

Korean dramas gained popularity because aside from the stunning visuals of K-celebrities, these series and movies creatively and masterfully depict a slice of life situations which makes them very relatable to the audience regardless of gender, age, and life stage are in.

If you are thinking of movies to watch on your next scheduled movie marathon or simply looking forward to relaxing in your condo unit after a long day of WFH or online classes, here are top KDrama movies that you should tick off your list:


Premiered at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Parasite received numerous accolades from different award-giving bodies worldwide, including the prestigious Academy Awards or Oscars in the United States. Parasite paved the way by dominating a mostly Western awards night and bagging a total of six awards, including the most coveted Best Picture trophy.

In addition to the powerful ensemble comprised of established Korean actors and actresses, Parasite touches on the social issue of wealth disparity. This movie shows how a poor family infiltrated the lives of a wealthy family by becoming their household employees.

My Sassy Girl

If you are relatively new to the K-Drama universe or one of the OG titas / titos of K-Drama, this movie is a must-watch! My Sassy Girl is a true-to-life mega-hit romantic comedy starting Jun Ji-Hyun, one of Korea’s most famous actresses.

Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and say “awww” at the same time, sit back and relax in your condo while following the adventures and misadventures of the two main characters as they get to know and eventually fall for each other.


Okja is another masterpiece by Director Bong Joon-ho of Parasite which premiered at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Fun fact: this movie received a four-minute standing ovation on the said screening.

The movie revolves around the heartwarming tale of ‘super pig’ Okja, who was transported from the quiet mountainside in Korea to the concrete jungle in New York City. Determined to bring Okja back home, her loving companion named Mija prepared and carried out a special rescue mission to reunite with her.

Tune in for Love

Tune in for Love is a romantic movie that will constantly keep you glued to the edge of your seats. This Jung Hae In (Something in the Rain, One Spring Night) and Kim Go-Eun (Goblin) starrer showcases the story of a star-crossed couple whose paths crossed since they were young kids.

While going through their everyday lives, the movie’s protagonists kept on fighting for their love despite so many misfortunes that came along the way.

Space Sweepers

Song Joong-ki is undeniably one of South Korea’s most handsome faces. If you’re doing a Song Joong-ki binge or simply on the lookout for an entertaining movie to watch in your condo unit, this Sci-fi blockbuster is one that you should not miss.

Set in 2092, Space Sweepers follows a group of Korean space junk cleaners as they make ends meet and solve various issues when they suddenly discovered a very lethal weapon in the form of a child robot.

Along with the Gods

If you are in the mood for spiritual contemplation, Along With the Gods will give you a glimpse of how the afterlife will possibly look like.

Based on a webcomic, this flick teaches viewers the importance of living righteously while showing the journey of a departed fireman as he looks back while his fate is being determined based on his actions and deeds while he was alive.

200 Pounds Beauty

It could be said that 200 Pounds Beauty is a modern-day Cinderella story with lots of twists and turns. Hanna Kang, the main character, is a ghost singer who engages in this type of work due to her lack of confidence to face the world.

The singer then undergoes plastic surgery and assumes a new identity. In this process, she then learns that her charm and beauty are already deep inside her all along.


If you are also a K-pop fan, you will surely enjoy seeing EXO’s D.O. as he showcases his acting chops as one of the characters in this movie.

Unforgettable has this nostalgia-driven narrative that will remind you of the joys and pains of first love. Moreover, through the main characters, this film demonstrates that no matter what happens, friendships, especially the ones that stood the test of time, are some of the most valuable things that an individual can have.

Watching beautifully crafted films not only enables us to not only enjoy a temporary escape from stress and worries brought about by the pandemic but also enables us to learn very valuable lessons along the way.

These top-rated Korean films are guaranteed to let you pass the time and bring some semblance of normalcy by allowing your imagination to travel while you still cannot do it physically. Furthermore, you’ll be able to get rid of boredom and widen your perspective without leaving your condo unit!

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