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Binge-worth Series to Watch in your Condo This Summer

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Summer this year would be different from the usual due to the inevitable changes in our lifestyle brought about by the Pandemic. We will surely miss the white sand of beaches, the cold breeze of air when hiking, and the warm hugs that we receive from the ones we love during reunions and gatherings. Even those who are fond of indoor activities will also experience adjustments in the way they celebrate this summer season because of the existing restrictions due to the virus.

Due to these unfortunate circumstances brought about by the pandemic, most of our summer vacation plans have been postponed, or at least rescheduled on a different day, expecting that the protocols will be lifted before the year ends.

Despite these challenges, summer vacation can still be exceptional this year, especially for the ones who are living in a condo in Manila, who are most affected of the strict protocols. 

To keep ourselves sane, lots of unusual hobbies have risen, and some have started to do things they don’t usually do on their daily lives. Some have started to plant, create good coffees, and even foster their usual habit such as watching movies.

One of the most relevant hobbies these days is to binge-watch movies available on different streaming platforms. The rise of these platforms becomes timely during Pandemic as people stay inside their homes, running out of things to do just to keep themselves busy and productive.

Instead of sulking over your canceled plans, why not try watching some of these binge-worthy Netflix series in the comforts of your condo? From heart-wrenching period drama to mind-blowing science experiments, these shows will definitely get you at the edge of your seat. Oh and don't forget to order up some food to keep you company!

The Queen’s Gambit

This mini-series has definitely caught the world’s attention upon its release. The story focuses on a young, orphaned girl, Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy), who learned the game of chess by playing with the building custodian. She became a chess prodigy at an early age while struggling with drug and alcohol dependency. Although Beth won her chess tournaments on her own, she had people behind her back, guiding her. Chess is a one-person game, but in the series, the importance of teamwork and seeking help from others was definitely emphasized. This limited series was brought to life by the director Scott Frank, based on Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel of the same name.


This hit series is based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling series of novels of the same name. The story follows the life of Daphne – the eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family. She made her debut in the competitive marriage market of Regency London. As Daphne searches for a possible suitor, along comes the Duke of Hastings, who did not give the best first impression. Lessons about love, relationship, and friendship can be derived from this series. Several plot twists and mysteries in the story would surely keep you glued to your seat. Because of the worldwide success brought about by the series, viewers can already expect not just another season, but until season four!

Brooklyn 99

Good thing that this American television series is also available on Netflix! This American police comedy series revolves around the protagonist, Jake Peralta, a talented NYPD detective, and his colleagues in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct. Each episode is a different story and scenario which would really leave the viewer in stitches. The different personalities of the character blend together to accomplish the tasks that the stern boss, Raymon Holt, gives them. Whether you’re a cop or not, their jokes and antics are very much relatable to the viewers. The first season won several awards which made the extension of the series into several seasons possible. 


This is an American documentary television series that also made its Netflix debut in 2018. Each episode is less than 20 minute-long - fully packed with information about different topics. Some topics covered are Covid-19, stock market, Cryptocurrency, eSports, Tattoo, Astrology, Music, and many more. You will surely find each episode very entertaining as each piece of information is presented in an entertaining way. Some seasons of Explained focused on one topic only and just expanded into several subtopics for an episode. One season covered the mind – which delves into the topics such as memory, dreams, mindfulness, anxiety, and psychedelics.

White Rabbit Project

This Netflix series starring Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and the late Grant Imahara – the build team from MythBusters, was released in 2016. This action-packed and entertaining show features science experiments that are mind-blowing. It is only 1 season long. The team investigates topics such as superpower technology, heists, and crazy World War II weapons. Just a little reminder, do not attempt to do the crazy experiments at your condo!

Whether you’re a homebody or just someone who is currently stuck at home right now, these series are binge-worthy and would keep you entertained for hours long. You can even make your watching experience more especial by decorating your own condominium into a mini-cinema. Through a set of good volume speakers, a wide screen through television or home projectors, and some popcorns and snacks on the side, you can take your movie night hours into the next level for a more enjoyable experience. If you are out of budget and would like to make it still special, you can create DIY or do-it-yourself setup according to your own preference of movie night.

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