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Best Books to Read in Your Condo This Summer

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This pandemic has changed our way of life. During pre-pandemic, we couldn't make the most of our mid-year because of wellbeing and security limitations to forestall the expanding number of cases in the country. With the expectation that things will get back one year from now, summer plans were rescheduled and individuals attempted to concoct their specific ways to celebrate the hot season.

However, we will still face the same summer like last year. Dejavu isn’t it? Indeed, looking at these challenges with a silver lining, it can likewise be our chance to return to our track and attempt new hobbies that will without a doubt ease our boredom in being stuck inside your condominium.

Summer isn’t over yet, and we are here to take the boredom away by recommending some books that might help you get through this season – indoor! Whether you are a bookworm or not, you will definitely binge-read these recommended must-read summer books:

Malibu Rising

Set in the early 1980, the story is about the four Riva surfer siblings who threw a party that forced them to look back to their past. This is a book that tells the story about family bonds and the exhilarating power brought by breaking free. This novel was written by the New York Times bestselling author of Daisy Jones & The Six, which makes it the more exciting to read!

It Had to be You

The author of The Bucket List – Georgia Clark, comes back with a smart and heart-melting romantic comedy about a wedding planner and her entire coworkers in a series of love stories that are braided into a common narrative. This is an easy read novel that speaks true to modern times.

People we Meet on Vacation

This one is from the New York Times bestselling author of Beach Read – Emily Henry. It tells the story of Poppy and Alex – seemingly different people brought about by fate. Poppy is a wild child, wanderlust and she seemingly has everything that she wanted in life. Alex, on the other hand, is a more reserved type of person. He likes to dress in khakis and likes to stay indoors, with a book in hand. This is a story of best friends who try to rekindle their friendship which has been lost through the years.

London’s Number One Dog-Walking Agency: A Memoir

This book is for dog lovers out there who also like to bring their best bud on vacations. Kate McDougall delivers this funny yet heartwarming story of a young woman who started her very own business of dog walking in London’s elite. This novel does not only focus on dogs but mostly on the human psychology of every dog owner to who she catered. Even if you are not a dog lover, you will definitely enjoy reading this growler.

Nine Lives

No, we are not talking about cats here. This novel tells the story of Mary Margaret Kelly’s coming of age under misty circumstances. Her father, who was a member of the Air Force, died when she was nine. Her mother did her best to provide for the family, while constantly moving to different cities. Mary takes her mother’s advice to avoid daredevil men at all costs. She later married an accountant and had a simple suburban life, until a sudden turn of events occurred. This novel was written by Danielle Steel – who by now is already a household name, among book lovers.

Nothing Can Hurt You

If you would like a spine-chilling summer, you are in for a treat! This novel, written by Nicola Maye Goldberg, is inspired by a true story that explores the aftermath of the sudden death of a college student. The author has wistfully threaded the stories and statements of all the people who were involved in the trial, from the person who found the student’s body, to the victim’s half-sister. Nicola May Goldberg has made this whodunit story with a different twist, that will definitely make you turn pages for hours.

The Weekend

Charlotte Wood delivers this fresh and honest novel about female friendship and how the years would transform their lives. The novels follow the lives of three women who are already in their 70s, who are currently clearing out their friend’s housing after she passed away. As they were gathered on the beach house, the three friends finally confronted their insecurities, bitterness, and secrets between one.


This novel – written by Charlotte McConaghy, is about a woman who has always been escaping her childhood, one is by traveling to different parts of the world – from Greenland to Antarctica. This contemporary novel has been set at a time wherein the world is deemed unrecognizable, which also makes some critics say that it is dystopian fiction. The book only gets better upon every page turn.

Booklover or not, you may want to add these books to your future book references. Once you start reading the first few pages, you will definitely want to know more.

What better way to indulge in a piece of a literary masterpiece, than in your own condo! Reading books in a quiet place will definitely take you places and make your mind wander a little further. You may also set up your own corner and come up with a condo design that will help you focus on reading. 

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