Best Destinations for a Romantic Getaway Near Your Condo

Sep 13, 2021

Since the pandemic, we can all admit that there are quite many restrictions to follow when traveling. But of course, that won't stop couples from taking a few escapades here and there with their beloved. Travelling will always be a fun adventure for partners as it can create lasting memories that strengthen the bond between them.

With that said, don't let COVID-19 hinder your plans to travel locally to the Philippines. As long as you follow protocols and limit exposure to people, it is totally fine. However, for those of you who are health-conscious, with all the right reasons to be, don't worry because there are still places you can stay in the Metro or nationwide without having to mingle with many people.

Renting or buying a condominium would solve that problem for you. Not only will you be safe while spending quality time with your loved one, but you will also get that trip you've wanted to take to spend some quality alone time with your partner. Vista Residences offers luxury condominiums that will undoubtedly redefine city living. They have a condo in Manila, a condo in Cebu, a condo in Cagayan De Oro, and many more places you can visit!

On that note, we will help you decide where to go on your next couple's vacation in this article. Without a doubt, the Philippines offers a lot of great places nationwide, so let us narrow down the options for you. Happy reading!

Baguio: Cuddle Weather All Day, Every Day

Baguio is one of the most visited places by couples who want a break from their usual routines. Not only does Baguio have the best cuddle weather, but it can also be reached by car, which makes it accessible to many people. Moreover, there are a lot of places you can go sightseeing in this city of pines. 

Burnham Park, The Mansion, Mines View Park, and Tam-awan Village are just some of the breathtaking views you can expect to see when staying in Baguio. To add to that, the city also offers quite several romantic restaurants for you and your partner to try.

La Casa Bianca will be excellent if you are on the lookout for a cozy and serene cafe. They serve an all-day breakfast menu that will not disappoint your appetite. Indeed, great food plus a fantastic view and interior design by the restaurant will surely make you feel like you are in another world with your significant other.

But if you want a more private and intimate date with your better half, then go to Foggy Mountain Cookhouse in San Carlos Heights. This Mediterranean restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience with marvelous scenery. 

Indeed, Baguio is one of the gems that we hold here in the Philippines. And with Vista Residences' condo in Baguio, you can assure yourself of a fine stay in the chilly weather of the city of pines. 

Cebu: The Fastest Growing City Outside the Metro

World-renowned Cebu is now considered the fastest-growing city outside the Metro. It is no wonder why tourists all around the globe are marching towards Cebu's finest beaches and native food. With that said, you should certainly include Cebu in your list of places to visit here in the Philippines.

If you're the type of couple who enjoys riding with the waves and watching sunsets by the beach, then the Queen City of the Southern Philippines will never disappoint. Some of the famous beaches to visit are Virgin Island, Santiago Bay, and Paradise beach. Not only that, but Cebu is also rich in waterfalls that will surely take your breath away. 

For those adrenaline-junky life partners, jumping off a 50-feet high waterfall would certainly sound enticing. With that, going to Kawasan Falls would be the perfect activity to do while in the area. 

With an ideal place to stay in Cebu City, you will surely experience the getaway of a lifetime. Thankfully, Vista Residences has got you covered on that part. The company has a quintessential condo in Cebu for your next staycation or residential home to settle in. 

City Destinations: Around the Metro

Indeed, walking hand-in-hand outside with the city lights surrounding you is truly one of the most romantic things to ever do as a couple. With many malls and classy restaurants to try, of course, Metro Manila is also added to the list. The city is filled with condos and hotels for you to lodge, but Vista Residences gives you the chance to stay in a perfectly safe and exquisite place that offers many amenities. Whether you want to stay in their condo in Pasig or their condo in Mandaluyong, Vista Residences has got you covered. 

As we all know, Makati, Taguig, and Quezon City all have the most excellent malls like Greenbelt, Venice Grand Canal at Mckinley, and BGC. Whether you enjoy simple activities like bowling, riding the boat at Mckinley, or a simple dinner date, the Metro has everything for you. And since Vista Residences has the perfect condo for you to stay in, you no longer need to think about where you'll end your romantic evenings. With the company having a condo in Taguig, a condo in Makati, and a condo in Quezon City, you'll find it convenient to go from one site to another.

However, if you want a quick trip down memory lane rather than going to malls, there are museums for you and your beloved to visit. In addition, you will find historical sceneries around Intramuros, where you can enjoy looking back and getting in touch with your patriotism. 

With this, we end our little guide to help you plan your next staycation with your significant other. Whether you want to roam around the city for a few days or visit our treasured provinces here in the Philippines, we hope that our article has helped you decide where to head on your next adventure. But of course, let us all follow the community guidelines about COVID-19 wherever we go, to ensure a covid-free, and fun escapade. 

Vista Residences is the condominium arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., which offers ready for occupancy and pre-selling condominium projects in Manila and Quezon City that are strategically located within inner-city areas, in close proximity to premium universities and developed business districts.

At Vista Residences, unit owners can take advantage of the property’s centrality. The properties of Vista Residences are strategically located near the country’s premium universities and CBDs, making them an attractive investment for both local and foreign investors.

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To continue its mission in providing condominium homes for Filipinos and investors, Vista Residences is now offering a premium condo living in the other areas away from Metro Manila. You can experience a warm and relax condo vibe in its condo in Baguio – Pinehill, Canyon Hill, and Brenthill. Now in the south, Vista Residences has Suarez Residences, a pre selling condo in Cebu; and The Loop, a ready for occupancy condo in Cagayan De Oro.

Living in Vista Residences enables you to enjoy convenience, where everything is pretty much within walking distance or a few minutes away from the property; comfort because the project features and amenities are designed to deliver comfort at all times, which makes condo living a worthy investment; security that is 24/7 and CCTV monitoring, which makes the residents safe and secure within the property.

In line with Vista Residences’ thrust to offer convenience among its residents, it also features an All Day Convenience Store and Coffee Project in all its projects.

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