How to Create a Condo Home Office

Jul 19, 2021

Many people prefer condo living, especially those who are used to city life. Condo units can be designed like a typical home and although these are not that spacious, they may still contain different parts of the home that you may need such as a mini-library, a station for online classes, or a home office. 

When it comes to decorating a condo unit, finding a way to make room for a home office is quite challenging. And with a lot of people working from home now, a home office has shifted from a nice-to-have to a must-have part of the home, even in a condo unit.

When it comes to your condo home office or work-from-home space, you have to make sure that it takes up minimal floor space, which means choosing condo furniture and decor that help you maximize your space. 

Think about having a bookshelf that doubles as a computer desk or stacking floating shelves that make use of your vertical wall space. It also means that you will have to be more creative when it comes to your interior design approach. 

Creating a workspace in a small condo unit is possible. It does not matter where the workspace is but optimize it in such a way that it will inspire you to work smarter and get inspired throughout your day. 

It may sound like a little bit more work, but don’t worry. No matter what your space is, we have a lot of condo decorating ideas for your work-from-home space to be! 

A Small Place to Create

If you live in a one-bedroom condo unit, one condo home office idea that you can try is to integrate your little workspace in the bedroom. This will give you a workspace in a private setting that is separate from your entertaining and lounge area.

A Dual-Purpose Workstation

Do you need more ideas on how to make the most of your bedroom furniture? Why not try placing a small desk next to your bed for that dual-purpose workspace that can also serve as your nightstand.

A Modern Home Office

Are you looking for studio space decorating ideas? You might find it difficult (or impossible) to create a condo home office in an open space that is used for living, dining, and working. You can resolve this by having smart furniture arrangements that use both your horizontal and vertical spaces. 

A Corner Desk

Get a chic take on your corner desk by having a functional yet modern approach. Why not have a mid-century style desk to give you that vanity first, work surface second, and nightstand last function. You can also play around with varying neutral tones that provide a monochrome palette to make your small space feel cozy. 

An Office Nook

Who doesn’t love an office nook? If you are living in a studio condo unit, you can have your office nook by the window. You can use a modular unit to create an organized home office in a sunlit corner of your living area. 

An Entryway Office

If you have small spaces, you have to be very creative and innovative when it comes to design and layout. Beat the convenience and function of your studio unit by utilizing your entryway. 

You can make use of your vertical space, choose bar-height options that could occupy a smaller footprint, and ensure durable foundations. 

A Collaborative Work Space

If you are looking for a design idea for your small living area workspace, why not try a makeshift coworking floating desk in your condo unit? Imagine having a small home office that can also serve as a breakfast spot.

A Floating Condo Home Office

When decorating small condo units, floating or suspending your condo home office area can be a smart and stylish solution. 

When you are out of wall space, integrate a functional office space into a small condo design where it is part of the living area.

A Statement-Making Workspace

Are you looking for a bold and elegant way to create an office space in your small condo unit? Get a shelf desk that can be both functional and chic. 

You may find that a built-in desk on the bookshelf can be a space-saving home office hack since it does not take up any additional floor space.

An All-in-One Condo Space

Imagine this as your ultimate condo space where every square footage needs to be optimized for living, sleeping or working. A small condo space that needs to do it all!

We hope this article helped give you simple design ideas for your condo home office. Whether you live alone or share your space with somebody, there is a way to find peace, quiet, and focus when you create a space to call your own. 

Remember, your condo home office should be conducive to getting your work done and at the same time, it should be a place where you feel inspired, focused, and motivated. Best of luck in setting up your condo home office!

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