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How to Live Healthy in your Condo This Holiday Season

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The Christmas season is here once again: countless parties, endless feasts, and lots of food can put hefty pounds on you at the end of the holidays. So the big question is, how can you enjoy the holidays while still being fit and healthy, while also at the same time— enjoying all the foods around you? Stick around, because we listed some of the steps that you can follow to achieve this goal, on this day that health is the greatest asset we all have.

Prepare alternative foods as the holiday comes closer

If you are the type who loves to eat (nothing wrong with that) because who doesn't like to eat, the world is full of exciting flavors and new dishes to try. The key is to be consistent enough to moderately and within your diet to prepare yourself for the big leagues. Eat salads and/or healthy cuts of meat (e.g. chicken breast) to provide nutrition for you, and at the same time, remove the guilt of eating too much. You can never go wrong with eating these types of food, as it contains zero to little fat.

Do some exercise

It's a no-brainer, your condo living experience can be much better if you work it out in your home or at the gym if you can. But for the sake of this article and if we count the factors of the current pandemic, we assume that you will work out inside your condo. Do some basic crunches, jumping jacks, any moderately tiring calisthenics will do, since it doesn't require any equipment, to begin with. It's just you who's doing all the necessary work. Why not start with a few push-ups and squats, then work your way out into adding even a single new exercise every week. That way, you can stay fit and healthy if you sweat it out. Remember, combined with an appropriate diet, exercise can give you slow, but preferable results. So don't get upset when you don't see any changes right away.

Stay away from sugary foods (for now)

One of the main highlights of Christmas is making those delectable fruitcakes, those chocolatey muffins, and countless sweet delicacies— in short, food with high amounts of sugar in it. If you can't resist it, eat small servings but not every day: remember, the goal is to stay healthy to prepare for the holidays. Why not focus your mind on a new hobby, hold on to the cravings by distracting yourself into learning a new skill? This way, we can avoid binge eating and we can make sure that you are healthy when December comes.

Attend fewer gatherings

This next piece of advice has double purposes. One is to lower the risk of contracting the virus and two, to eliminate at least half of the gatherings you will attend because honestly, once you are in a friend's house or relatives, you can possibly break your promise and eat your heart away. That's not wrong if you'll just do it in a single day. But what if you do it all over again at another gathering. And another, and another one? That's why choosing what place to attend is a great way to stay healthy before, during, and after the holidays.

Avoid alcoholic beverages (for now)

Another prominent thing during the Christmas holidays is the many drinking sessions you can attend— be it at your condo, in a bar, in a friend's home, or any location you can think of. Too much alcohol can send your metabolism to be slower, thus, any food that will pass your system can get absorbed more slowly, leading you to eat more and before you know it, you'll find yourself gaining more weight than ever before. So hold on for now and avoid alcoholic beverages, especially beer because it's infamous for giving someone a beer belly if they consume too much of the stuff.

Cook at home instead of ordering outside food

We know cooking can be a chore most of the time, leading you to order online. But these foods, you don't know how many ingredients are there: salt content, sugar content, how much fat there is, preservatives, etc. However, if you cook your food yourself, you are in control of what goes in and what goes out. You know how much sodium is in your dish, how much sugar, and everything. Try it, and you'll thank yourself later.

Practice meditation

Learn how to fully control your thoughts, to let go of specific things you want in your life, such as eating too much. A healthy mind is equal to healthy well-being. Here's a simple, yet effective way to meditate. Find a quiet spot in your house or condo, then practice some breathing exercises. You can also add some relaxing music or earthly sounds to accompany you in your meditation. Then, you can talk to yourself in mind, focus on your goals and increase your ability to have self-control over your decisions, leaving you with a clear mind, a fresh new perspective, and a mind that is stronger than ever that you can feel in tune with your life.

Learn safety precautions

Of course, we are still in the middle of a pandemic, so we need to be careful of our surroundings. Keep a distance of 1-2 feet away when talking to someone, avoid crowded places, always wash and disinfect your hands after holding something. Don't forget to wear a mask when going outdoors and make sure, if possible, to get vaccinated to lower the risk of you dying from the disease. We want to be healthy for the holidays, and that includes making safety precautions a habit.

So there you go, by following these steps we created for you, you can ensure that you'll be healthy and ready for the holidays to come. Christmas is not only about decorating and designing your home for Christmas, and buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Don't put your health at sake just to have fun.

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