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6 Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas in Your Condo

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, now is the best time to plan something that will surprise and sweep your mom off her feet. It will also be a good opportunity for you to let her know just how much you love her.

Make this Mother’s Day memorable for mom even if it means celebrating in the condo. If you are having trouble coming up with creative ideas, here are a few suggestions to help you along.

Cook mom’s favorite meal

Your mom has always been the one in-charge of all the cooking activities at home. Think about all those years of slaving away in the kitchen, making sure everyone in the house was fed all day - this is the right time for you to give back!

No excuses! If your excuse is that you are not good at cooking, then practice as early as now! Search for the best recipes and do a couple of trial runs. Try to make lunch or dinner for yourself for a week.

Skip those instant foods and try preparing gourmet meals in the condo instead. It will be a little challenging at first but trust us, you can do it! The key to perfecting your home cooked meal is practice, so keep on learning and practicing!

Join her in a private workshop of choice

For sure you know what your mom’s hobbies and favorite activities are or what she is curious about. Think of the activities that she wants to try but never had the chance or never gets time to indulge in.

Perhaps, she has mentioned before that she wonders what yoga is all about or what the benefits of essential oils are. Think back and you will have plenty of clues. And because it’s Mother’s Day, pamper her by letting her learn in style, at the comfort of your own condo unit.

As a gift for her, try booking a private class and join her. Enjoy the day together. Don’t forget to take photos or record the private session! It will surely be memorable for you and her.

Set up a picnic by the balcony

Instead of taking her out and heading to the usual restaurant, stay safe at home and set up a special dinner for your mom (and dad) in the condo. You can have a simple set up by the balcony and prepare mom’s favorite dishes, dessert, and drink. Play some jazz music to make it more special and romantic for your parents.

Walk down the memory lane with mom

Have you ever asked your mom about what she was doing and where she used to go before became a mother? What was her hobby? How often did she go out with her friends?

Do a flashback on Mother’s Day! Bond with her by reliving her childhood memories. Get her to share her stories. You would be surprised, she is probably way cooler than you think!

Order her favorite cake and flowers

A beautiful bouquet never fails to bring joy and love, which is why flowers are the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. If you are looking for the best Mother’s Day flowers to send mom, you can check and compare various flower shops in the country that offer deliveries.

There are a lot of specially curated bouquets, plants, and gifts that will surely make mom feel very special on her day.

It is time to add a bouquet of flowers to your online shopping cart and match it with her favorite cake! Make sure to order in advance to avoid the rush and any hassle on Mother’s Day.

Party in comfort and style

If the idea of organizing Mother’s Day is stressing you out because you are busy with work and have no time, then keep it simple and focus on what matters most - mom. Stay safe and stay at home.

Organize an intimate party for your mom. Gather your family, play some music, watch Netflix together, order your mom’s favorite meals, and eat simply and happily in the condo.

Take the time to bond not only with mom but with the whole family. You can play card games, sing-along, or just enjoy the food trip at home. Wrap everything up when you are done and dispose of it properly. No washing required!

Whatever you decide on, know that as long as you take the effort to plan it, your mom (and your family) will surely love it! After all, Mother’s Day is not about splurging on the most expensive gift and preparing the most delicious dishes. Mother’s Day is all about making mom the most special queen of our lives even with the simplest act of love we can show her. Have fun planning and best of luck in surprising mom on her special day!

It may not be the usual Mother’s Day surprise but you can also surprise mom by telling her of your investment plan - be it stocks or another condo investment. She will not only be surprised but also be proud of what you plan to do.

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