5 Tips to be Happier in your Vista Residences Condo Unit

Mar 20, 2021

The International Day of Happiness is an annual event organized by the United Nations to promote the idea that feeling happy is a global human right. It is celebrated every 20th day of March and the said day is dedicated to spreading well-being, promoting positive emotions, and making people happy.

The theme for this year’s International Day of Happiness is “Keep calm. Stay wise. Be kind.”, which is in response to the pandemic. As people face another quarantine year, this celebration can be an opportunity to find simple, uplifting, and positive ways to look after ourselves and one another.

The theme reminds each and every one of us to stay wise and make wise choices, choose positive actions that support our well-being, stay connected with each other and be kind by helping those who are in need.

This International Day of Happiness, we are not talking about the superficial happiness that we are getting from fancy cars, latest technology, or high fashion, rather, it is about genuine and lasting happiness that brings a sense of fulfillment and strong connection among people.

Have you asked yourself how you can join this happiness movement? Here are some simple tips in celebrating International Day of Happiness that will make you happier in the condo.

Make someone smile

What could be the simplest but the most perfect way to celebrate this day than to make a neighbor smile or someone within your condo community? Put a smile on someone’s face today, be it an acquaintance, friend, stranger, family member, or anyone from the condo community or building.

This can be done by simply letting them know how much you appreciate their help, complimenting them, or by surprising them with a simple treat.

Make yourself smile too!

Sometimes it is easier for us to make someone smile than to make ourselves happy. Now is the time for you to make yourself smile too! Think of what you want to do in the condo or how you want to treat yourself - do you like to indulge in food, declutter your condo unit, get your nails done or reward yourself with aromatherapy? Have a few mindful moments in which you can ponder on your life and think of your happiest memories, in the comfort of your own home.

Reflect on your happiness

If you are alone in the condo, it might be the best time for you to reflect on who you are, what makes you happy, and where and when you are the happiest. Keep a journal of your reflections. This will serve as a reminder for you that you should be putting value to these people, places, and things in your life in order for you to be genuinely happy.

Do not forget to inspire other people about your learnings and reflections which you can now easily share on social media.

Display items that bring back happy memories

Displaying items around your condo that bring back happy memories will surely make you reminisce about those good old days, leaving a smile on your face every time you look at those items.

If you have time and would like to be creative on this project, you can DIY using various materials available at home.

Bring in some plants

Research shows that being out in nature boosts happiness levels. Bringing in plants to your condo can also help boost our sense of well-being. Houseplants eliminate stuffy air in the home, reduce stress, and boost our mood.

Start increasing your happiness at home by picking your favorite houseplant and displaying them in your condo unit.

Convert your bed area into a sleep haven

According to studies, sleep has been linked to happiness. People who get more sleep have a higher sense of well-being than those who get less sleep.

You can easily boost your happiness in the condo by simply turning your bed area into a sleep haven. You can do it by installing a good set of curtains or blinds, getting the best mattress and pairing it with high quality bedding, and buying soft pillows that you can also hug at night.

Everyone is happier in the morning after they have had a good night’s sleep, so be happier in your condo unit by making sure that your bed area is conducive to good sleep.

Declutter your condo space

Clutter makes our brain think that our work is never done, making us feeling stressed, anxious, and sometimes creating feelings of guilt.

Increase your happiness at home by decluttering your condo space. In her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, Japanese organizational expert Marie Kondo recommends that you declutter your living space by picking up each item and asking this question - does this bring joy?

She recommends that you only keep those items that spark joy and make you happy. Once you are done decluttering, store everything that is left in drawers, arranging all items in such a way that everything can be seen at a glance.

Get fit

Regular exercise can boost your mood and increase your happiness. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that are associated with relaxation and improved mood.

Make yourself feel happier at home by doing a quick workout. There are a lot of virtual fitness classes that you can watch or subscribe to. You can also try Wii dance games, which is a sneaky way to get you to exercise more while entertaining yourself.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate International Day of Happiness. But always remember that being happy is not about enjoying and experiencing the luxuries of life. It is about increasing the happiness and well-being of yourself as well as others.

If making yourself happier means rewarding yourself with lifetime investment, then investing in a condominium is the perfect treat you could give yourself.

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