10 Tipid Tips in Styling Your Condo Unit

Aug 31, 2021

It’s the liberating thought of having freedom that makes people excited to go out into the real world and hustle hard, but once they start to live on their own, while making a living for themselves, they tend to recognize the value of every paycheck they receive. Since they get to live independently, a high percentage of money is invested in condo living. And truth be told, condo living is not as cheap as we think. Hence, the budget in leveling up the condo design should be tracked and managed. Decorating on a budget can be challenging, most especially when starting with a small sum. Setting a budget should not hinder anyone from being more creative in achieving their dream condo design

Living with a limited budget is hard, but here are ten tipid tips in styling a condo unit that will save people from spending a great amount of money for an upgrade of their condo design.

Thrift for secondhand furniture

Many online vintage furniture shops are rising online. They not only offer beautiful old furniture, but affordable ones as well. These thrift stores offer different vintage pieces like lamps, carpets, chairs, drawers, etc. Availing from these secondhand stores will cost less money than buying new ones. This does not only help people style their bare condo design, this is also a sustainable way of condo living. These thrift finds would compensate for a small budget. Others may consider secondhand furniture items as trash, but this will never hide the joy of transforming other's trash as your new treasure. Aside from its sustainability, secondhand furniture will likely be a one-of-a-kind item because it is rarely seen in the market. Using secondhand furniture will also make a condo design look unique.

Buy plants as an accent of your condo design

Plants are one of the cheapest accents that can be bought for condo units. Buying plants is accessible through the online plant stores that have surfaced during the pandemic. With the limited space and budget, maximizing the use for a condo is not only practical, but it also eases the mind. This does not only provide fresh and clean air, plants also help people with their productivity. This hack is most effective especially for people living in a condo in Manila and in other cities, where there is unending hustle and bustle around the area.

Revisit your bodega

Every Filipino home has a rich collection of unused items inside their bodega. Creative juices need to be squeezed in order to make something out from your bodega find. Just search for materials and inspirations online in order to come up with a great idea. Examples of the materials that can be reworked is an old sewing machine. This can be turned into a table, just add a little carpentry on the side and it’s good to go!

Another idea is to turn an old vinyl disc into a wall art. These hand-me-down materials are better to use as an accent to your condo design rather than being stuck and getting dusty inside the bodega.

The magic of the mirror

Aside from aesthetics, massive mirrors have the power to make a condo look spacious. Mirrors add depth to a small area as it reflects the light and bounces it around the room. Customized mirrors are more affordable when ordered from local glass shops. 

If mirrors have magic, so do carpets

To accent a bare flooring, thrift or buy a carpet. Choose a design that would fit the palette of your dream condo design. Neutral colors are the go-to colors if there are trouble choosing what color would fit the flooring. This will make the condo design more pleasing to the eyes. This is definitely a game-changer for condo living. Carpets provide thermal insulation and retain air longer, this is best for people who have a condo in Baguio, since it has an overall warmer feeling.

Make a do-it-yourself decoration

YouTube university is free and accessible for everyone, hence, this can be utilized to search for ideas, like wall decors. Make the condo living experience worthwhile by making DIY decorations with friends and family. Everyone has an artist inside. Creatively and produce decorations that will not cost a lot of money. Just get some art materials, like paint, yarn, colored papers, and anything else you have at home, and just start doing something. You can create DIY yarn art, or frame your favorite photos that you can hang on the wall, or make a quilled letter art, etc. Discover more ideas and look if it fits the desired condo design. For more ideas on do-it-yourself decorations, check this site. 

Purchase multipurpose furniture

Condo dwellers should choose space-saving yet multifunctional furniture that fits that condo design. This will save so much space and will help reduce clutter inside the room. Most of these multipurpose furniture provides storage spaces, which allows your space to look tidy and enhances storage solutions for condo living. This will also be more efficient to utilize the limited space inside the condo unit. With multifunctional furniture there’s no need to purchase multiple furniture pieces since you will have one item that has many functions.

Invest your money on lights

Although ready for occupancy condos already have a good daylighting, it is a must that there is a budget set aside for lights. This does not only give an appealing look in a condo but it also gives a different feel for the condo living experience. This adds personality to your space and gives a more comfortable environment to live in. Buying lamps can be an option to light up dull spaces inside the condo, especially in dim corners. Proper lighting it will be a long term solution to making sure the condo design will not look bland and plain.

Stick with the neutral palette

Neutral colors are easy to work with when planning your condo design. No one will ever go wrong with neutral colors since these are versatile colors that go with everything. To make the area look sophisticated even with a small budget, this must be the color palette in mind. These colors can be partnered with any design, regardless of the desired theme or motif for the condo design.

Spruce up your studio condo with positivity

Lastly, your dream condo design is not only a space where you can sleep and eat but a sanctuary for your tired soul. Make sure that it is sprinkled with positivity to avoid negative energies. This will cost nothing but is the best investment condo dwellers can have. Living in big cities, like in a condo in Manila, condo in Taguig, condo in Makati, condo in Pasig, etc., would mean that coming home from an enticing environment could sometimes be draining. Remember that there is nothing wrong if the sole root of happiness depends on physical sanctuary.

Turning an empty condo space should not make you spend so much money, what is important is that you get to live well and spend smart. These ten tipid tips will hopefully be a guide in achieving a condo design that does not cost a large sum of money. It is always important to double check and think twice before taking out something from the savings. Take these penny-wise tips to be saved from spending too much on unnecessary designs for the area. Always try to make one instead of buying one. Do not take for granted the power of mind to think and get creative in making things done. 

An ideal condo design cannot happen in just a snap; it will take courage to decide what is and what is not suitable for someone. What is important for condo owners in achieving the dream condo design is that they get to live the life they wanted, in a space they would love. After all, condo living is not only about the physical space to rest, eat, and sleep, but it is a space that they should consider as home.

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