10 Ideas for Your Summer Staycation in the Condo

Apr 27, 2021

It’s already mid-summer and those who usually take this time for travel and leisure are probably feeling stuck and lonely. With travel restrictions and protocols that are being set, it only means that we cannot go too far.

No beach trip happening soon. No local or international travel. No outdoor adventures. There is nothing we can do but to stay at home and keep ourselves and family safe. That’s why a staycation in the condo is the best option to take this summer.

Running out of ideas on what you can do in the condo this summer? We have enlisted some activities to keep your condo staycation fun and memorable.

1. It’s swim time!

Nothing says “vacation” like a little downtime poolside. As condo pools are slowly opening up, with social distancing measures and protocols in place, you can finally enjoy some swimming time without having to leave the building.

Pack a towel, lounge by the pool for the day, and take a dip whenever you feel the summer heat.

2. Food trip or chill?

Who says you have to go too far to go food tripping? Who says you have to go out to go food tripping? Whichever your preference is, you can enjoy a food trip without the hassle of going to places.

As restaurants open up, you may want to spend a lazy afternoon enjoying your favorite latte, and snacks  while reading your favorite book in the nearest cafe or you can simply order food and have it delivered to your condo to satisfy your cravings. After all, there's no better feeling than knowing you don't have anywhere to go or anything to do but enjoy yourself.

3. Look at the stars

Pick a clear night and just look up at the show. You can use Sky Guide to help you identify the planets, constellations and satellites – all you have to do is to point your phone to the sky to get the scoop on the stars you are looking at.

If you are the traditional type, stargazing from home would not always mean apps and tablets. You can see plenty by using binoculars - even a cheap pair! If you will be stargazing from inside through a window, make sure the area is free from clutter, turn off your lights, and get comfortable in your spot.

4. Create a balcony sanctuary

Look no further than your condo balcony for your own little getaway!

Why not set up a comfy couch in your outdoor space and dress up your balcony to get a beachy kind of vibe? It’s time to bring out your favorite book and put together a great summer playlist. The challenge here is to make sure that when you close your eyes, it would be easy for you to imagine that you are at the beach or at a dock on the lake.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

5. Schedule a virtual museum tour

There are a number of museums you can visit from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

You can check out some local museum tours from Guide to the Philippines and discover the events and influences that shaped the country’s contemporary culture. These museum tours will also let you immerse in the local art scene and history. What an exciting educational tour that can be conveniently done at home!

6. Outdoor eating is in!

Aside from transforming your balcony into a unique sanctuary, setting it up as a picnic area can also be a fun idea! Just make some yummy food and prepare your favorite drinks and enjoy them on the balcony.

It’s one cool way to enjoy outdoor dining without actually leaving your condo unit.

7. Taste some wines

Wine and cheese, anyone? These days, you can do wine tasting without the need to go to your favorite bar or hotel. There are a lot of online wine tasting workshops where you can learn more about wine appreciation and food pairings.

These online workshops also include wine tasting sets that can be delivered to your doorstep for a hassle-free and memorable wine appreciation experience. 

If you are the type who loves DIY, you can also organize your own wine tasting in the condo! There are a variety of wines available for order online. You can start pairing a sparkling wine with strawberries, rose with soft cheese, lightly-oaked Chardonnay with macadamia nuts, and so on!

8. Research on virtual activities that you can do

You are probably used to searching interesting activities to do as well as the latest trends to watch online. But there are a lot more things that you can enjoy doing - virtually.

Aside from binge-watching on your favorite series, you can also watch live online concerts to make your day. If you are into cooking or baking, there are a lot of shows and tutorials that can help you perfect your recipes. If you are a fitness enthusiast, try different routines and attend virtual classes! You can also join virtual painting workshops to destress and clear your mind during your free time.

9. Look back on your favorite travel memories

We all know that traveling is all about making memories. So check your photos and videos from your previous trips, organize them, and reminisce about those moments.

Your condo staycation can be a good opportunity for you to work on your travel photo book that you have been meaning to put together.

10. Plan next year’s travel

According to studies, anticipating a holiday may make you happier than actually going on one. So why not take time to plan out next year’s vacation? Check out the different places you have been wanting to visit, list down the best things to do and best places to visit. Read reviews and compare prices!

Although it may seem limiting and boring to be staying at home this summer, you can make it fun and interesting by doing any of these ideas. Turn your downtime into an exciting and productive opportunity for you to enjoy your time, take care of yourself and appreciate life in general.

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