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7 Simple Mother and Daughter Bonding Activity in Your Condo

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As they say – parents are superheroes. They give everything that we need and will keep doing their best to provide us a comfortable life. They are also our shoulders during our downfalls and failures, and our supporters on our happiest moments and achievements. Not to mention their flexibility as they can be a cheerleader who will motivate us to do our thing, a stage parents who will support us in pursuing our passions, and a best friend whom we can talk to every time we need someone who will listen without any judgment. Indeed, parents are just like superheroes, they will be there when we needed them.

For some, it is a blessing for having a mother and father beside them. Apparently, not everyone can have a chance to experience a complete family. Fortunately, some people can stand to be a parent or a guardian. Guardians are parents, too, as they can also do what parents can provide for their children.

Usually, our parents have different important roles in a family. Fathers are in charge of providing the necessities of their children and the needs inside the home by working outside. Meanwhile, mothers are usually staying inside their homes to do the household chores and to take care of the family. However, these roles connote a negative meaning for some as it stereotypes the roles of women and men. With that, some fathers these days are also in charge of the household chores, and some mothers are also working outside to provide for the family nowadays. It only shows what parents can do just for the welfare of their children.

This month of May, we are celebrating the hard work and the role of women through Mother’s Day. This day can also be our chance to give back to our mothers for all the sacrifices that they have done for us. However, moms can also prepare for a celebration with their children. This can be through a family gathering or bonding with their children inside the comfort of their condominium.

A mother hopes for less than nothing but safety and security for her children, especially in this time of the COVID Pandemic. And now that kids are not allowed to go out and are currently homeschooled, this is the best time to think of activities that moms should be doing with their kids in their condo. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, now is the best time to plan something that will also surprise your children. It will also be a good opportunity for mothers to relax and get to know more about the recent experiences of their children in school, or outside their homes.

Make this Mother’s Day memorable for moms and your families even if it means celebrating in the condo. If you are having trouble coming up with creative ideas, here are a few suggestions to connect with your daughter inside your condo during this pandemic:

Take an Interest in What She loves

One of the things that help build a stronger mother and daughter relationship is to bond with them and giving them all of your attention, especially during their free time. And the best way to be able to get to know your children more is to simply get to know as well the things that catch their interests at the moment.

Taking an interest could look like going outside to play with their new friends or neighbor, going for a walk in a park, shooting slow motion videos of their newly found tricks, watching and helping them practice their skills, and even teaching them how to play potential physical sports.

No matter what kind of activity may it be, all that really matters is to give your child the best time of their life so that they can have something that they will forever cherish and remember when they grow up and miss the feeling of being a kid at heart.

Have a Silly Asking Question

Asking questions is a fun activity that people love, but it is more fun when silly questions are being added to what’s supposed to be a casual conversation, that eventually turns into a more amusing one.

This activity can be viewed as a very random thing in most situations, but it can actually help you get to know your child more by simply knowing what she thinks about a certain topic. It can help you learn and get to know her character as well by asking things that seem very uncommon, but somehow still something important to consider.

Read a Book Together

Reading is such a fun activity because it gives you something common to talk about by sharing ideas and life lessons learned from the book that you both have read. It also helps children improve their imagination more and possibly flourish into very creative minds.

Teaching them what to expect in real life and what are the best ways to respond in many situations can make it easier by letting them read a book with your full guidance so that you would be able to explain a few curious questions that they would ask while reading.

Start a Mom and Me Journal

Writing can turn unvoiced thoughts into a more powerful message that is still worth paying attention to and can also be such a great way to bond with and learn your daughter’s heart. Sharing a journal is especially helpful if you’re experiencing challenges with communication.

Allowing them a safe space to write and draw their emotions is both helpful as a way of practice in letting go of some feelings that aren’t good for her innocent mind and just simply having her little world.

Have a Standing One-on-One Date

It is important to set aside time for your daughter to be able to build more memories with her, especially during her childhood life. Doing fun activities like playing board games, teaching them how to bake or cook, watching their favorite cartoons, and any other inside-the-house activities can give you a one-on-one moment with them that will also add to your priceless moments in your whole condo living experience. And since it’s pandemic, you can have a makeshift movie house at the comforts of your ready for occupancy condo and even other activities that your daughter wishes to do while in quarantine. You can also make your balcony into an outdoor activity area where you can set up a table and design it just like you are on a date.

It is very recommended to take this kind of opportunity to spend time and play with them given the situation because she will wholeheartedly depend on you not just as a mother, but also as her playmate, best friend, teacher, and role model. So, make sure you make the best out of it!

Play a Board Game Together

Board games are the best bonding time with your kids. And you may be surprised that playing board games is actually good for our mental health. They help with our cognitive functions, help reduce stress, and even keeps our brains young.

Playing board games with your kids can help them bring out their competitive side and it can also help them practice their decision making, critical thinking, problem-solving, and even increase a higher level of strategic thinking. This activity might also help them discover their potential talents or even a simple hobby that they would like to do during their free time.

Overall, playing together with your daughter will for sure make both of you enjoy and appreciate these kinds of moments in your mother and daughter bonding, especially when you chose a right and fun game to play that is suitable for her age.

Ask How You Can Help

It’s good to always do a little check-in with your daughters. See if she all has it under her control, or maybe compliment her with the task she’s doing and then ask how you can help her out. Small moments like this are being taken for granted by most parents because they always seem occupied with their jobs and just focusing on how to finish their work early so that they could rest during the weekends.

But it is very important to still check and ask even a simple “how are you?” or “is there anything I could do to help?” kind of questions because any kind of support is very much appreciated. It is a reminder that it is okay to realize and accept the fact that there are things that are not meant to be done alone. And that it is okay to call for help when things get rough or if you feel tired and about to give up.

Showing your support and love as a mother gives so much strength and motivation to children. It is always very far different when accepting support and motivation from other people compared to when it comes to your family.

Show your care and support even in simple ways you can to make her feel loved, special, appreciated, and worthy. Love with no limits.

Making room to connect with your daughter is a joy and a privilege but should never be overwhelming. Making things simple and fun while your condo living is your only priority.

These fun ways to celebrate mother’s day can also be done to all the single fathers out there who stand to be a mother as well for their children. Just also know that your doubled hard work to provide for the needs of your kids is so much appreciated.

Our celebration to commend our mothers may not end on a day. Make every day an opportunity to appreciate the hard works of all the moms. As they say, the role of a mother inside their homes never ends for a certain time, so let’s make time to reach out to our mothers and to show our unending love for them.

Celebrate the role of women in a new condo. It is a perfect place for families who are planning to surprise moms and celebrate in resort-like amenities such as in condominium properties. Also, you can freely utilize the function room for activities and games or their swimming pool for an outdoor celebration. You can have it all with Vista Residences.

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