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Mobile Apps to Boost Your Productivity in Your Condo

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Productivity is a necessary skill or tool for every individual. Being productive entails that you are being efficient in carrying out your assigned obligations. Productivity is a critical component of economic growth. Increased productivity in industry results in increased output while making the most efficient use of available resources.

In this time of the pandemic, more people are struggling with their productivity in this work-from-home setup. Perhaps because of the lack of balance between one’s personal and work life. Also, more distractions are surrounding them such as the noise from their neighbors, the inevitable sounds brought about by our movements at home, and the unnecessary voices from our loved ones at home.

Despite all the inevitable distractions, you can still be productive inside your condominium while enjoying a premium condo living through your mobile phones.

Now that the technology has caught up with the times, mobile productivity applications have been developed to increase the efficiency of your tasks. Here are the few apps that will help you save your time for activities you perform regularly:


Trello is an app that is dedicated to being your virtual task manager. It provides a variety of flexible project and task management capabilities that enable you to organize virtually anything. It is the software that enables you to arrange everything from corporate strategies to parties to large moves. Trello is a visual collaboration platform that makes project organization and prioritization enjoyable, flexible, and rewarding. A Trello board is a collection of lists connected by cards and loaded with advanced features and automation.

Trello keeps track of what's being done, who's doing it, and where something is in the process. Additionally, the Trello app is visually appealing and has a number of good strong features that are completely free.


This is an app that will help you manage your time on your current tasks. It motivates you to put aside your distractions and focus entirely on the work at hand. It teaches people how to overcome their phone addiction and manage their time engagingly and enjoyably. The software has added a sense of gaming to monitor your time and effort. You are given a “land”, virtually, and for every task that you completed, you can plant a tree virtually and in real life!


From time to time, we get to check our social media and it takes our time for being productive. With Freedom, it helps you stay away from those distractions including social media, shopping, videos, games, etc. It enables you to block specific websites daily at specific periods of the day, ensuring that you remain productive and focused at work.


Evernote is a note-taking, organization, task management, and archiving application. If you're looking for a means to organize your thoughts and execute them effectively, Evernote can be a huge assistance. It assists you in maintaining everything in sync. It enables you to convert your note into a to-do list, bulleted or numbered list, or graphic. Additionally, you may include photographs, audio notes, or data from connected applications straight in your note. You even can exchange notes and whole notebooks with students, coworkers, and family members, ability to set reminders for yourself to various tasks, goals, and projects from within the app.


RescueTime is a monitoring tool that records which websites and applications your employees access while on the job. It includes a dashboard that organizes all your data into handy charts to assist you in managing your own and your team's time. Additionally, it displays the amount of time your employees spend on distracting websites. As the day progresses, it calculates your productivity based on the amount of time spent on productive vs unproductive tasks and displays the results in simple, well-designed charts. It has advanced features such as the ability to track breaks, phone calls, and meetings. Additionally, it has on-screen reminders and a website blocking tool, similar to Freedom, to assist you in remaining focused and on top of your duties.


Todoist is a task management program that assists you in completing changes, initiatives, and objectives. It syncs between Mac, Windows, and mobile devices, as well as via web and browser extensions, and connects with third-party applications like Google Calendar. It allows you to concentrate your efforts on the necessary things, share the workload, combine with your email, calendar, and files to streamline your workflow and prove yourself of your success in real terms. Daily small steps will eventually lead to tremendous accomplishments. Establish daily and weekly objectives and track productivity trends.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks enables you to build a to-do list directly from Gmail on the desktop or the Google Tasks app. You can integrate a task into your Gmail calendar and add details or subtasks when you create one. Additionally, tasks allow you to drag and drop emails into your to-do list, modify their order, and mark off completed tasks. Due in large part to its simplicity, it is one of the most popular to-do lists. It is not always necessary to use a comprehensive project management system to keep track of your activities. Occasionally, simplicity is preferable.

Monday is a project management solution that helps businesses to manage tasks, projects, and collaborative work. It is more suitable for larger teams, more complicated projects, or teams who are juggling many projects concurrently. It enables you to manage projects in a variety of ways, including creating tasks, grouping them, assigning them, and adding due dates. Additionally, team members may use labels to update the progress of their given tasks.


Pocket is an excellent tool for saving all of the fascinating stuff you discover online. It is meant to allow you to quickly store articles, movies, and websites. It stores only the text, videos, or photos, allowing you to create a content checklist of wonderful things to watch later without distraction. Generally, it allows its user to organize pocket reading lists, convert your content into actionable tasks, optimize your pocket reading experience, and share pocket articles.


Done is a habit development software that simplifies everything. Done enables you to establish a goal. It can aid in the development of new habits/activities as well as the cessation of existing ones. Its key features are Goals: in which, you get to keeping track of daily, monthly, weekly, and annual goals. You may even track a habit daily. Streaks: These indicate the duration of new positive behavior. And the big picture: Analyze patterns over a week, month, or year to get a sense of your development.

Indeed, digitalization is a trend and an avenue to hassle-free living. However, these applications are just your guide to have a productive day, as it is always ourselves who can decide when and where to start.

One thing that can also help you to boost your productivity is through rearranging your condo design. You may try different condominium interior design inspirations such as the Scandinavian style and Japandi. It would be more convenient to design your space if you have your unit in Vista Residences.

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